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    Dominion Hoosier

    Griffith Sectional

    Maceo focused on football now, injuries got him. Great that he gives Bondon praise. Two great kids, best wishes to both going forward. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/columnists/jim-peters/jim-peters-portage-s-maceo-awaits-his-storybook-ending/article_b978920e-0ee0-5ba3-a2e4-04305c602cf3.html
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    Big Matches Tonight

    There goes the Rankings at 138 , Thanks Mike !
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    First Hangout of 2018 at 8:30pm EST

    Link to watch
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    ACAC Conference

    South Adams and Adams central both have four 1 seeds while JC only has 3...makes you think
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    Favorite Excuses

    Made the drive for nothing!
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    ACAC Conference

    Check out the ACAC preview in tomorrow's Decatur Daily Democrat.
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    I've got word the SIAC tourney is still a go.
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    New Uniforms

    In this sense, this change is progress. It’s progress in trying to up the participation and widening the comfort zone. Whether it’s liked or not, times are changing and in order to keep up, things such as the two-piece are introduced in order to progress our sport. Just my 2 cents
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    Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    Garry Burkhart Invite 16 Ranked Wrestlers @INDIANAMAT.com Talented Teams and Successful Coaches Great Match-Ups Could shape up to be a small, but exciting tournament before Sectionals. Any thoughts or predictions? I picked my top guys, but some weights are a little thin. Let’s hear what ya got! 106 Jacob Moran (PORT) #1 Indianamat Andrew Sinkovics (MISH) Ryan Judge (LOW) James Corgan (HOB) 113 Ricky Hegedus (PORT) #9 Indianamat Andres Moreno (LOW) #6 Indianamat Brendon Mark (MISH) Christian Padilla (HOB) 120 Tylor Triana (HOB) #2 Indianamat Brock Peele (PORT) #5 Indianamat Ebrardo Azpeitia (MORT) 126 Colin Poynter (PORT) #5 Indianamat Devin Pineda (MORT) Nathan Schammert (HOB) 132 Reese Rodriguez (MORT) #7 Indianamat ??? Gabe Weeks (MISH) Shawn Hollis (LOW) Alec Luna (PORT) Quentin Gomez (HOB) 138 Kris Rumph (PORT) #3 Indianamat Drew Mason (MISH) Hayden Homoky (HOB) 145 Kasper Mcintosh (PORT) #1 Indianamat Jacob LaPlace (MISH) #8 Indianamat Tyler Turley (HOB) Cole Cervantes (GRIF) 152 Joseph Walker (MISH) #8 Indianamat Zach Nugent (PORT) Michael Hunter (HOB) Abel Verbeek(LOW) 160 DJ Washington (PORT) #2 Indianamat Dante Colza V (HOB)#8 Indianamat Ben Kensinger (MISH) Kevin Hooley (LOW) 170 Zack Fattore (HOB)#2 Indianamat Drake Guerrero (PORT) Robert Miller (LOW) Colin Fee (MISH) 182 Jeremy Torres (PORT) Jacob Vode (HOB) Cody Timmerman (MISH) Zeke VanDeventer (FRAN) 195 Jacob Bondon (PORT) Garrett Sandefur (MISH) Tyler Hunter (HOB) Hunter Rohweder (LOW) 220 Chester Swopes (PORT) #14 Indianamat Jake Steward (LOW) Bobby Babcock (HOB) Alex Matias (FRAN) 285 Alex Faulkner (MISH) #16 Indianamat Chandler Augusten (LOW) Ryan Pisarski (HOB) Ricky Beehn (PORT) Possible Match-Up Talk 106 Moran will likely battle with Sinkovics in the final, Moran is surely the favorite. 113 Hegedus vs Moreno. EXCITING 120 Triana vs Peele. BOOM! 126 Poynter stands alone. 132 Good weight class, could have a few good matches. 138 Rumph, good luck stopping that young man. 145 Turley vs LaPlace, winner gets Mcintosh? This can shape up to be a very fun weight. 152 Tough guys will go to battle. Joseph Walker is the frontrunner. Nugent and Hunter will be chasing right after him. 160 Washington vs Colza? Could be fireworks, should be exciting to see Washington continue his path of destruction or will Colza knock him off course. 170 Can anyone tame the beast in Zack Fattore? 182 Torres may be tested with a couple of strong, tough guys behind him. 195 Jacob Bondon has looked great can he keep it up? Tyler Hunter is not to be overlooked as he was a Harvest Classic Finalist this year. 220 Swoopes looks to sweep the competition. 285 Faulkner still has his best wrestling ahead of him, can he prove that this weekend?
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    NE8 Conference

    It is an hour and a half from Waterloo and Kendallville to Portland...it's probably not entirely feasible with a weeknight event.
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    Qualified Weigh-ins

    Really confused after seeing all of the responses regarding 1 1/2% per week rule and weight management program. So are we all saying that the 1 1/2% rule is merely a suggestion? I get that everyone on here would agree that most high school wrestlers will fluctuate and gain much more than that after they weigh in and then taper back down to weight before their next weigh in. Wrestler weighs in at 144.8 to wrestle 145. Immediately after weigh in he eats and rehydrates himself, competes on Saturday and eats everything in sight on Sunday only to enter his wrestling room on Monday 6-12 lbs over, then spends the week to get back down to weight where he will weigh in once again somewhere an ounce or two below 145. No disagreement...it happens all of the time, but in every aspect of the rule is perfectly legal. But here are two examples of why the rule is in place for fairness of competition as well as health of individual wrestler? 1. On two occasions we have bumped some guys in our lineup to "wrestle up". First time was vs Lakeshore (home team Michigan weights) In many weight classes we gave up weight because we factored the legal weight following the 1 1/2% rule. For example we bumped our 106 to wrestle their 112 lber. To stay within rule for our next weigh in our 106 could weigh 107.59 to wrestle their 112. Our 132 could weigh in at 133.98 or less to wrestle their 140 lber. By calculating the max weight loss according to 1 1/2% rule we stayed within the rule as it was intended. Were we right or wrong? If we had not done that would it have been a "qualifying" weigh in according to rule? 2. Little Johnny (hypothetical) has had trouble making weight so everyone says screw it and Little Johnny wrestles 120 at a Holiday tournament weighing in at 118.5. Two weeks later Little Johhny shows up at the weight he has been struggling to hit which is 106!! I don't know if Little Johnny has a "scratch" weigh in at this weight or not, but if he has spent the first part of the season one or two weights up....would any of his weigh ins be "qualified"? Second part of the question...according to rule is he legal to wrestle 106 at sectionals with documented weigh ins 12+ lbs and 14 days apart? Intent is not to point out any specific deviations with any other individual or team but to merely understand the rule more clearly as it pertains to the proper interpretation for our team to follow as intended. Thanks for your input/comments.
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    Should be a good fight for the title!
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    Favorite Excuses

    Kid after taking 5th in sectionals: If only my FF's had counted in seeding I'd have made it to Regionals.
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    Hoosier Hills Conference

    Let's just have Jerry bring us some Zaxby sandwiches lol
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    Favorite Excuses

    We had a kid burn his mom's house down and he was arrested so he didn't make it to practice. Head coach still tries to convince me it was my fault because i moved practice time ahead an hour (Christmas break morning practice) and he didn't want to get out of bed so he started the house on fire. Seriously.
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    Evansville public and Catholic schools closed Friday. Guess that mean no SIAC tourney this year (unless they can fit it in before Sectionals next Sat?). This after all Evv action cancelled last Sat. Brutal.