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    Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I got to say this system is a lot more fairer than the IHSAA the previous team state system. What about the old system when you had two top teams in the same regional, then a top team in the state doesn't make it to the dual meet. For example, you had Brownsburg and Avon in the same regional this year. Since Brownsburg won the regional, Avon would have been out? You have top teams At least this system puts in the best teams into the competition and it also puts the competition at a time that its not competing against the individual state tournament at the same time. Now were arguing about whose 11th and 12th and most likely these last two team wont be much of a factor in the championship. I don't care how you slice it, there's always going to be a last guy out.
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    Dream Team Classic Recap

    Congrats to Ty Mills & all the Indiana wrestlers. Wish I could have attended this event, it sounds like it exceeded the hype.
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    Dream Team Classic Recap

    ^ well deserved for Ty.
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    Dream Team Classic Recap

    I just want to thank Joe and all the other people that put the time and effort to bring this event to Indiana and give our state the publicity it deserves on a National level. All of our wrestlers were very impressive and put up a great fight against the top kids in the country (win or lose). I appreciate Team USA coming to Indiana with a "nothing to gain, but everything to lose" situation. Ty was able to capitalize and take out his opponent and has gotten a flood of national publicity. Without all the work that was put into this, he would have not had this opportunity. We found out yesterday that he was named the National High School Wrestler of the Week by TheOpenMat. https://news.theopenmat.com/blog/2018/04/16/adidas-high-school-wrestler-week-apr-16th-2018/