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    Moves and Transfers

    I’m aware of this, but that Bloomington to Indy drive is a little over an hour give or take traffic. So a little more than 2 hours on the road daily. And if we are think of the same school it’s to attend a very respected private school and historically successful wrestling program. Now compare that to the 2 hours drive from Madison to Plainfield and another 2 hours back home after. Plainfields a nice community and solid school, but I’m not sure anyone is making that drive for the school. It’s was a planned family move since before the end of the last wrestling season. If I recall correctly they actually let their HS son stay at Madison to complete his junior season rather than moving earlier. I’m sure we could find someone’s that has made a similar 4 hour round trip drive on a daily basis for their sport, but that would likely be for some very specialized training and a very unique athlete/family. Now a 2 hour round trip Madison to Columbus commute would be a little more plausible, but I’m going to assume that was likely a family move too.

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