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    Well we decided to actually give our hangouts a real name and actually start treating them as podcasts. We are going to have our first one tomorrow(Monday) starting at 8:30pm. Our goal is to have it streamed on YouTube and our Facebook page. I'll post a link when we get it. If you have any questions, post them here and maybe we'll answer them...or maybe not.
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    IN Wrestler Results/Updates

    197-Jake Kleimola IU- 1st place
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    IN Wrestler Results/Updates

    Navy Classic 133 - Kyle Luigs IU - 4th place 133 - Garrett Pepple IU - 6th place 141 - Paul Konrath IU - 3rd place
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    Returners With state Experience (that did not make it in '18) 113 Jake Armstrong Winamac SQ in '17 132 Reese Rodriguez Hammond Morton SQ in'16, SQ in '17 and Finally Freshman Sophomore State Medalist (top 😎 106 Stephan Roberson Crown Point 3rd 106 Sam Hein Harrison 4th 106 Malik Hall Merrillville 7th 106 Isaiah Ponce Lake Central 8th 120 Nathan Hadary Penn 3rd 120 Ethan Kaiser Chesterton 5th 126 Elijah Crague Lake Central 4th 126 Gavin Layman Chesterton 5th 126 Alex Slates Penn 8th 132 Jacob Maldonado Merrillville CHAMP 132 Shawn Hollis Lowell 4th 138 Tyson Nisley LaPorte 7th 145 Elijah Pack Culver Military CHAMP 145 Ryan Breedlove Hanover Central 7th 152 Aiden Sneed Lowell 4th 160 Abel Verbeek Lowell 3rd 170 Evan Bates Chesterton CHAMP 170 Cameron Smith Hobart 4th 170 Jason Streck Merrillville 8th 182 Khris Walton Merrillville CHAMP 182 Hunter Rohweder Lowell 3rd 182 Brock Hueber Warsaw 4th 182 Cody timmerman Mishawaka 5th 195 Garrett Sandefer Mishawka 3rd 195 Zachary Ditmire Culver Community 8th 220 Will Crider Harrison(west Lafayette) 3rd 220 Sam Perez Highland 5th 285 Yehezquel Devault Penn CHAMP
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    Blane Culp

    Blane Culp

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