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    Kris Rumph of Portage commits to

    Congratulations to Kris Rumph from Portage for signing with Augsburg(MN). He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    I heard Hobart, but not official.
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    I wanted to recognize Columbus North's Brigham Kleinhenz for being awarded the Bartholomew County Male Athlete of the Year award. Brigham is an All-state athlete in three sports: Football, Wrestling, and Pole Vaulting. He represents the model our program will continue to strive for. He is one of the most unassuming young men you will meet. Humble and always looking for ways to serve. Brigham comes from a long line of successful Kleinhenz athletes. He did not start wrestling until his freshman year! I believe all of the brothers wrestled and his sisters were managers for past teams. Super family! Angel Escobedo was the keynote speaker for the awards. Very cool! A big night for wrestling in Columbus as Graham Rooks and Nick South shared the honor of best wrestler of the year. http://www.therepublic.com/2018/06/08/columbus_a_big_winner_when_it_comes_to_fan_support/
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    Columbus North is offering a second wrestling camp on July 9th and 10th in Columbus, IN. This camp will feature Angel Escobedo, Brandon Wright, Drew Hughes, and Mason Parris. The focus of this camp is to develop a relentless offense mindset in wrestlers and to teach them solid technique that will put points on the board. Register now: http://cnwrestle.com/teams/default.asp?u=COLUMBUSNORTHWRESTLI&s=htosports&p=registration&formID=132989
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    Angel will be doing a interview with WJOB tomorrow at 7. I am sure it will be great listen, maybe not as good as their state series coverage but great non the less https://www.facebook.com/WJOB.1230/
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    Cannot wait to see my guy Dudelow. I hope he hasn't taken a better gig in the Chitown radio market! Will he be wearing his winter ear warmers or does he sport the cool golf visor in the summer...tune in!!
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    Carmel USA Wrestling Club is very excited about welcoming the newest member of our coaching staff: Coach Cody LeCount. We are thrilled to add one of the best high school wresters ever in the state of Indiana to coach on our staff! Coach LeCount’s record as a wrestler is well documented. IHSAA State Runner up 2012 IHSAA State Champion 2013 IHSAA State Champion 2014 High Schol Career Recond: 183-2 USA Cadet Freestyle National Runner Up 2013 The talent Coach LeCount demonstrated so frequently on the mat as a competitor has translated well to the room as a coach. In just a few sessions in our club practices, it is evident he has a gift for teaching the sport he mastered as a competitor. He has already already made an impact on our footwork! Please join me in welcoming Coach LeCount to our family! Coach LeCount has starting doing individual drill times and has a summer planned of mini camps! Here is the information on his skill specific mini camps for the summer of 2018 CARMEL WRESTLING CLUB SUMMER MINI CAMPS Who: Intermediate to High School wrestlers When: Wed. / Thurs. from 12:00 - 2:00 June 6th & 7th: Front Headlocks June 13th & 14th: Single Legs June 20th & 21st: Near Wrist from Top June 27th & 28th: High-Crotches / Double legs July 11th & 12th: Stand-Ups and Short Sits July 18th & 19th: Throws July 25th & 26th: Shot Defense / Scrambling Where: CHS Wrestling Room, enter door 21 Cost: $30 per session (checks payable to CUSAWC) Questions: Please contact: Coach Cody LeCount cody.lecount@carmelusawrestling.org Coach Pendoski: ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org
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    UWW Cadet and U23 This Weekend

    Brackets https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/e27a5f42-df8e-6381-0bdd-8eacf500ff31 Wrestling will be Friday with Greco and Saturday and Sunday with Freestyle U23 Freestyle 57kg Christian Sharp- Indiana Pride Christopher Sharp- Knights Wrestling Club Devin Schroder- Boilermaker RTC Elijah Oliver- Indiana University Liam Cronin- Indiana University Seth Horty- Indiana University 61kg Jeremiah Reitz- Blue Blood Wrestling Club Kyle Luigs- Indiana University Michael DeLaPena- Indiana University Paul Konrath- University of Wisconsin 64kg Alec White- Boilermaker RTC Breyden Bailey- Indiana University Erique Early- Warrior Elite 70kg Adam Brinkman- Knights Wrestling Club Austin Singer- Boilermaker RTC David Devine- Indiana University Deondre Wilson- Indiana Pride Kain Rust- Knights Wrestling Club Logan Hurley- Knights Wrestling Club 74kg Cole Wysocki- Boilermaker RTC Justin Atkinson- Warrior Elite 79kg Bryce Martin- Indiana University Cory Graham- Indiana Pride Dylan Lydy- Boilermaker RTC Gabe Koontz- Indiana University Ismael Cornejo Jr- Knights Wrestling Club Matthew Burns- Knights Wrestling Club Tanner Webster- Boilermaker RTC Trezdon O`neal- Knights Wrestling Club 86kg Cameron Simmons- Knights Wrestling Club Chandler Updike- Warrior Elite Jakob Hinz- Indiana University Norman Conley- Indiana University Spencer Irick- Indiana University 92kg David Eli- Boilermaker RTC 97kg Jake Kleimola- Indiana University Kobe Woods- MXW 125kg Ethan Bunce- Knights Wrestling Club Fletcher Miller- Indiana University Greco 60kg Liam Cronin- Indiana University 72kg Logan Hurley- Knights Wrestling Club 77kg Ismael Cornejo Jr- Knights Wrestling Club 130kg Ethan Bunce- Knights Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Greco 51kg Devon Casebolt- MCWC 65kg Aiden Warren- Perry Meridian Wrestling Club Ty Lehman- MCWC 71kg Donnell Washington- Portage High School 80kg Christian Carroll- MXW 92kg Austin Lane- Perry Meridian Wrestling Club Freestyle 51kg Daniel Tolin- Chesterton Wrestling Club Devon Casebolt- MCWC 55kg Carson Eldred- Central Indiana Academy (CIA) Jesse Mendez- Bulldog Premier WC Noah Harnish- N/A Stuart Donlan- Indiana Pride 60kg Gabriel Smith- Indiana Pride Sebastien Bryant- Indiana Pride 65kg Aiden Warren- Perry Meridian Wrestling Club Alexander Mosconi- Indiana Pride Matt Lee- Team Indiana Ty Lehman- MCWC 71kg Donnell Washington- Portage High School Terrell Leavell- Indiana Pride 80kg Graham Calhoun- Plymouth 92kg Austin Lane- Perry Meridian Wrestling Club
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    Brooks vs Torres

    Maybe should've went with the Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg slam
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    Wrestlers at the Track State Finals

    Man, there always seems to be a Dibley running track.
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    Brooks vs Torres

    Torres is no joke. I've watch a couple of his fight and he definitely deserves a shot at the UFC. With that being said hopefully Brooks is able to work on some of the areas that cause the last contest to not go his way and start another winning streak.
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    Too bad ol triz still isn't healed up.. best of luck big homie!
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    Jared Williams

    Jared, I want to say Congratulations on a GREAT HEAD COACHING Career Avon, LN, & Zionsville!! You coached numerous State Placers, State Champs, HS All Americans, HS National Champions, NCAA Div. 1,2,&3 wrestlers, Nationals Qualifiers and All Americans. You were the only Head Coach during the IHSAA Dual Team State era to take 2 different Schools to the IHSAA State Championship match (Avon, LN) both finishing 2nd....Never could win the big one (Ha Ha)!! There are many more accomplishments you have achieved in your career, but those are the ones that counted the most & that I remember! I wouldn't be the Wrestling Coach, Husband, Friend, or Father I am today without having you as a friend & mentor! The true greats in any sport are the ones who give back, and leave it better than when they got it. You have done a tremendous job promoting our sport, growing it at every level, at every school you were a HC. I have truly enjoyed every second coaching with you at LN (memories I will never forget) and the battles coaching against you (even though our wives hated those matches) HA HA!!!! You always bring the best out of not only the athletes you coach, but the opponents you coach against. I am going to miss not seeing you on Saturdays, it will not be the same!!!! Enjoy the 1-0 record against me, you will have it forever!!! I can't wait to see you in the Hall of Fame, with all the other great coaches who have given countless of hours away from their families, to do good for others in this sport. Enjoy the extra time with your little ones!!!! I know you will keep giving back, see you on the Pee Wee circuit!! Your Friend, Weimer
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    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    We had a single Greco camp at crown point from the Illinois assistant greco coach and..... I can put money on it that I learned MUCH MORE about positioning and how to execute moves than a takedown camp from around here.
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    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think a few posters have put the triple crown in perspective - it serves to recognize kid's dedication to wrestling over a continuum. Mattyb hits the nail on the head for youth wrestlers and the recognition of the triple crown. Having a 7th grader, the TC has kept him interested in learning more FS & GR (which he gets nightly at Red Cobra after folkstyle is over). It was a very happy day in the house when he said to hell with baseball, I want to do more FS & GR. As for GR, it's great for kids that are bigger and don't shoot a lot of legs. Also, add in the 4th TC for a <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny #paintrain 7th grader who came very close to winning MS State, too..!
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    Coach Seymour

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    This is the most Greco action Indiana has seen in a long time.
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    Kyle Ayersman

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Oh you right my bad, we were IHSWCA state champions, which is also a goal! Team titles don’t grow on trees, they’re pretty hard to come by. We’ll continue to work on folkstyle, which has worked well for our Brownsburg staff, but thanks for the concern Hector!
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    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Your best Greco guy and best all around athlete you have coached has been Steve sandefer.
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    Darrick Snyder

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I have never had any of my teams train for Greco State. I think I went to coach at it once. I went to Fargo a few times as a wrestler. Got 3rd as a Cadet in Greco. I just went to Greco State. Never practiced it before and only did at camp leading up to Fargo. I went to Fargo for the Freestyle competition and just happened to do Greco. I don’t think competing in any kind of wrestling’s bad....however, time and resources are limited. We certainly don’t focus on Greco. My guys can still throw. Pat Day had a decent headlock. Alex White aka LaterAL. BLee nasty cement mixer. We just don’t focus on Greco.
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    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Silas won back 2 back Trips and would have likely coasted through Cadet again this year (no disrespect to other Cadet 195’s). The gameplan was to wrestle Junior 195 for better matches and preparation for a heftier Triple Crown of the National variety. But even with the USAW National Folkstyle Stop Sign on the mantle.......I figured I’d break the bad news. Silas didn’t compete over the weekend due to a slight tear in his meniscus. Surgery is needed and he’ll be out 6-8 weeks post-op. That unfortunately is going to make the OTC Training Camp and Fargo not possible for him. Discouraging......yes, very. But.....thankfully just a bump in the road. Could’ve been much worse. Prayers for a quick recovery is genuinely appreciated. In the meantime......he’ll be getting healthy, hitting the iron pile hard on his upper body......and mentally beginning to set his sights on IHPO and Super 32. Congratulations to all the Champs this weekend. Keep the momentum rolling fellas and go pound some outta towners at Cadet/Junior Duals and especially Fargo!!! The Allred’s will be with you in Spirit!
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    Winamac Super 8 Opening

    Winamac has an opening for our Super 8 on December 1, 2018. Contact Cody Hook (cody.hook@epulaski.k12.in.us) if interested. Current teams: 1. Winamac 2. Frontier 3. West Central 4. Delphi 5. Caston 6. Triton 7. Clinton Prairie
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    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think that the triple crown is very cool for the middle school aged kids and younger. In state, it is about the best that you can do. I believe that we have over 8,000 wrestlers here in Indiana. Only 20 some odd kids actually get this award each year. It is a really cool deal. With that said, I agree with my pistol packing buddy. Once in high school, it becomes a little less meaningful for those kids. While it remains a cool thing to win, the podium at the bank becomes the main focus (in state). Personally my own son won a triple crown this weekend. He really appreciates the ISWA and being able to win it again. With that said, his main focus (in state) is to be on top at the bank. Congrats to all that came away with the ISWA triple crowns today. I know that Contenders had 11 triple crown winners this year. Red Cobra had 3. That’s 14 for TheCounty. Sorry folks had to get that in!
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    Steven "Bam" Lawrence

    Portage High School graduate Steven "Bam" Lawrence has signed his letter of intent to wrestle at NAIA powerhouse Grand View (Iowa). After finishing as a 2x JUCO All-American at Ellsworth (Iowa) he will look to continue his career with the 7x defending national champion Vikings. Thanks for representing Indiana and Portage proudly and wishing you continued success!
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    I see argument with that being said you can say that for lot of kids. Ashton has three kids ahead of him that he has beat with last 8-12 months All kids he majored or more but I feel at the moment for what they have done lately they deserve to be ahead of him and to be honest I only use these rankings to motivate him because they don’t mean anything and there are lot of great kids on the list and lot of great kids not on the list. I’m glad they are on here and sig has spent the time in doing this. If a kid isn’t on the list use it for motivation and have him make a statement at ISWA state.
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    I usually like it when the opposing wrestlers bow down to me.

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