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    3x middle school champ

    My wrestler was excited to get a chance to wrestle him finally. Said it was the best :11 he had on the mat all year.
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    Not sure much can top the Peele family response awesome to see Brocks family support and defend both kids. When I first saw Brocks response to his victory I didn't really know what to think, I'm a Brickie to my core but instantly I remebered the class Brock showed in losses to Triana at sectionals and regionals, I also thought he deserves to celebrate such a big win. See the region is really a big family we really stick together rivals at times for sure but at the end of the day 2 great kids going to the state finals hopefully to met again in the finals its Great! Anyone would have reacted after that win hats off to Peele and Triana for being class acts all year.
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    Worst draw

    Great point Jeremy. It aligns with Silas and I's philosophy to a "T". Being fairly new to the sport of wrestling compared to many on this site (7yrs). I would grow a little more perturbed every year as I would hear parents/coaches/wrestlers complaining about draws, or hoping they had an easy road through. I can tell you this......that was rarely an issue with the Doah coaches. Slivka, Gary Jr & Sr each had a "bring it on mentality". Being cut from that similar cloth, is a major factor of our growing so close off the mat as well. I'll only add that Coach Barbosa has carried on that same approach. It comes natural for him being from the south side of Muncie. ? Assistant Coach Walker is no different. The Allred outlook is simple......Those who worry about the draw are entertaining fear & self doubt. Hoping for an easy path is reserved for individuals whose bartering for podium spots. Not for those whose goal is its peak. Cressel & Walton are both very deserving of all the recognition and success they've worked so hard for. They're well coached and their college commitments speak for themselves. However.....these are matches we've wanted all season. But we'll focus on beating Moore Friday night first. Bottom line......We love the draw. Awesome opportunity to make a LOUD statement! And they'll be dealing with a hungry youngster whose well prepared, well studied, unafraid to lose.....and wrestling free with no pressure. The best 182lb'er in the State will stand on top of the podium this weekend regardless of their bracket pairings. And it could be any 1 of 16 young men in the bracket. We genuinely wish everyone competing a great week of practice, continued good health and to just enjoy the moment. Go to war, have fun and score points. Never lose sight of how much of a blessing it is to be there.
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    Overall Rankings are always a heated debate amongst wrestling fans. Over the years we have always locked our rankings before sectional and let them ride throughout the state series. Every year we lose kids due to unforseen circumstances and even the death draws at semi-state. However, they always prove to be quite accurate. This year we had the most ranked wrestlers in 179 or just under 80% in our final rankings. Here is a breakdown by weight and highlight matches to watch on Friday night. 2018- 179 2017- 169 2016- 175 2015- 172 2014- 171 2013- 171 2012- 170 2011- 157 2010- 159 2009- 143 106lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15 Unranked qualifiers: Trey Sturgill - Peru First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Jacob Moran- Portage vs. #7 Wyatt Miller- South Adams #10 Gavinn Alstott- Floyd Central vs. #5 Alex Cottey- Perry Meridian #13 Zachary Todd- Yorktown vs. #11 Colin Reagan- Frontier #17 David Pierson- Warren Central vs. #6 Cole Ross- Evansville Mater Dei #3 Logan Bailey- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #16 Noah Gardner- Edgewood #4 Kysen Montgomery- Brownsburg vs. #18 Harrison Hadley- Lapel #9 Fernando Flores- Goshen vs. #20 Jace Alexander- Wawasee 113lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15 Unranked qualifiers: Joe Just - Carroll (Fort Wayne) First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Brayden Curtis- Yorktown vs. #13 Caleb Oliver- Indianapolis Cathedral #11 Tyler Conley- Avon vs. #2 Jose Diaz- Wheeler #15 Kade Zadylak- Norwell vs. #10 Carson Eldred- Westfield #16 Danny Tolin- Chesterton vs. #5 Blake Boarman- Evansville Mater Dei #4 Andrew Black- New Castle vs. #8 Brayden Shearer- Garrett #6 Andres Moreno- Lowell vs. #12 Alex Petro- Center Grove #9 Devon Casebolt- Castle vs. #14 Ricky Hegedus- Portage 120lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11 Unranked qualifiers: Alex Bautista - Hanover Central Logan Mosser - Adams Central Logan Wagner - Zionsville Tyler Fuqua - Franklin Community Vince Sparrow - Penn First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #12 Logan Boe- Danville vs. #13 Zane Standridge- Carroll (Fort Wayne) #6 Brock Peele- Portage vs. #3 Brendan Mattingly- Carmel #9 Raymond Rioux- Avon vs. #19 Ian Heath- Leo 126lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12 Unranked qualifiers: Andrew Wilson - Indianapolis Cathedral Kyle Lawson - Bellmont Payne Blackburn - Delta Skyler Gomez - LaPorte First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #2 Cayden Rooks- Columbus East vs. #19 Kaellin Kelly- Crown Point #3 Alec Viduya- Roncalli vs. #14 Tanner Schoeff- Central Noble #4 Colin Poynter- Portage vs. #12 Brycen Denny- Monrovia #6 Ty Mills- Brownsburg vs. #11 Tanner DeMien- Penn 132lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12 Unranked qualifiers: Chris Wilkerson - Mount Vernon (Fortville) LJ Burdon - Plainfield Logan Hill - Penn Ricky Haught - Huntington North First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Graham Rooks- Columbus East vs. #10 Cody Betourne- Harrison (wl) #12 Hunter Cottingham- Western vs. #7 Carter Noehre- Greenfield-Central #18 Alex Barr- Yorktown vs. #11 Jarred Rowlett- Warren Central #2 Manzona Bryant- Culver Academies vs. #5 Eli Dickens- Evansville Mater Dei 138lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15 Unranked qualifiers: Dylan Goudy - Western First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #2 Blake Mulkey- Brownsburg vs. #11 Alexander Strueder- Fishers #4 Zach Melloh- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #18 Noah Hunt- Bloomington South #6 Matt Lee- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #15 Brailen Harrington- North Central (Indianapolis) #7 Bailey Moore- Beech Grove vs. #3 Dawson Combest- Columbus East #8 Conner Gimson- Jimtown vs. #9 Ian Dembowski- Valparaiso #10 Austin Moore- Central Noble vs. #13 Adam Davis- Culver Academies #19 Preston Risner- Penn vs. #20 Bryton Goering- Elkhart Memorial 145lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15 Unranked qualifiers: Jorden Douglass - Attica First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Kasper McIntosh- Portage vs. #18 Scott Fitts- Evansville Mater Dei #10 Dakota Ball- Southmont vs. #15 Giran Kunkel- Central Noble #17 Jon Ruble- Bellmont vs. #3 Jordan Slivka- Indianapolis Cathedral #2 Christian Hunt- Yorktown vs. #8 Hayden Lohrey- Shenandoah #4 Tristan Sellmer- Floyd Central vs. #20 Brock Ellis- Chesterton #5 Antwaun Graves- Warren Central vs. #19 Eliseus Young- Muncie Central #7 Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka vs. #11 Nathan Conley- Avon 152lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13 Unranked qualifiers: Corban Pollitt - Columbus East Jackson Pettigrew - Columbia City Stevie Browning - Franklin County First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #12 Joel Arney- Carroll (Fort Wayne) vs. #4 Derek Blubaugh- Bloomington South #16 Robert Deters- Castle vs. #6 Xander Stroud- Elkhart Central #19 Aiden Warren- Perry Meridian vs. #3 Donnell Washington Jr.- Portage #2 Graham Calhoun- Plymouth vs. #5 Kody Wagner- Zionsville #7 Elliot Rodgers- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #10 Joseph Walker- Mishawaka 160lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13 Unranked qualifiers: Anthony Mosconi - Indianapolis Cathedral Ben Kensinger - Mishawaka Wade Presson - Bloomington South First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #15 Tucker Schank- Southridge vs. #16 Chandler Woenker- F.w. Bishop Luers #2 Jack Eiteljorge- Carmel vs. #20 Malik Hoover- Merrillville #3 Diego Lemley- Chesterton vs. #12 Brooks Davis- Perry Meridian #5 Nick South- Columbus East vs. #14 Ethan Hicks- Carroll (Fort Wayne) #6 Hunter Reed- Columbia City vs. #1 Gleason Mappes- Center Grove 170lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14 Unranked qualifiers: Andy Davidson - Columbus East Drake Guerrero - Portage First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Noah Warren- Perry Meridian vs. #14 Brigham Kleinhenz- Columbus North #15 Delton Moore- Manchester vs. #18 Cody Crary- Munster #2 Zack Fattore- Hobart vs. #12 Brady Wyro- Homestead #3 Carson Brewer- Avon vs. #11 Elijah Mahan- Roncalli #4 Jordan Rader- Peru vs. #19 Mario Traficanti- Crown Point #6 Cody Klettheimer- Frankton vs. #5 Kameron Fuller- Jeffersonville 182lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13 Unranked qualifiers: Brenden Moore - South Spencer Jamari Washington - Hammond Gavit Kyler Funk - Mississinewa First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #1 Nathan Walton- Brownsburg vs. #16 Daniel Below- Perry Meridian #10 Sam Gobeyn- Zionsville vs. #5 Kiave Guerrier- Evansville Central #4 Conner Graber- Northridge vs. #11 Max Chaffee- Penn #6 Aaron Mosley- New Albany vs. #18 Jalen Morgan- Elwood #7 Jonyvan Johnson- New Haven vs. #17 Jeremy Torres- Portage 195lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12 Unranked qualifiers: Dan Wickersham - Northridge Michael Bohman - Franklin County Shane Stits - Center Grove Victor Lee - Marion First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #15 Rockne Hurley- Penn vs. #6 Sam Hansen- Roncalli #19 Luke Smith- Jeffersonville vs. #4 Draven Rasler- West Noble #3 Thomas Penola- Zionsville vs. #11 Arthur Fowler- Calumet #9 Tremor Bynum- Pendleton Heights vs. #10 Bryson Ford- Benton Central 220lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 9 Unranked qualifiers: Chandler Schumm - Adams Central Isaiah Baumgartner - South Adams Jacob Bolte - Columbus East Jacob Sisk - Pike Central Joey Kidwell - West Lafayette Kyle Simpkins - LaPorte Nate LaFree - Plymouth Gabe Watkins - Marion First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #3 Jacob McClaine- Lebanon vs. #5 Michael Boots- Evansville Mater Dei #6 Ryan Hammond- Whiteland vs. #7 Landan Burton- New Palestine First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers: Chandler Schumm- Adams Central vs. Nate LaFree- Plymouth 285lbs Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 10 Unranked qualifiers: Harley Hillenburg - Bloomington South Jamichael Watts - North Central (Indianapolis) Marcus Stone - Elwood Nick Conner - Elkhart Central Tyler Majors - Lawrence North First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers: #18 Holden Parsons- Yorktown vs. #16 Elisha Tipping- Wawasee #2 Eli Pokorney- Chesterton vs. #3 Dakota Ault- F.w. North Side #8 Jacob Obst- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #6 Riley McCubbins- Monrovia First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers: Marcus Stone- Elwood vs. Harley Hillenburg- Bloomington South View full article
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    Man I hope so! As his dad, I know my son would never lose if “karma” was an actual thing! Lol! Did he overreact? Yeah, maybe. He also immediately felt regret and without prompting took it upon himself (remember a 16 year old kid) to go speak to Hobart’s coaches, Tylor, Tylor’s parents, our coaches, his teammates, his family, and others. You need to remember that Tylor (AWESOME KID AND FAMILY!) and Brock have been very good friends, teammates and wrestling partners for years at RWA. Brock was extremely excited to win against someone he has so much respect for. My son...no I’m sorry....my CHILDREN have been raised to be respectful and humble, and both are. I couldn’t be prouder of Brock, the man he is becoming, the student he is, the friend he is, the brother he is, the teammate he is, and the fact that wrestler doesn’t even come close to the top of the list of great things he is! He also would like it pointed out he squished a bug off his shoulder, not a “cigarette” lol! Man I also really hope your “karma” comes back twice as hard on him this week! Thanks for the motivation too! Love the Peele Family!
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    By STEVE KRAH stvkrh905@gmail.com “We have two from the Patriots of Jay County!” Gaven Hare and Mason Winner are back for their second appearance in the IHSAA State Finals “Parade of Champions.” Once the pre-meet pageantry is over at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis Friday night, it’s time to get down to business for 220-pound senior Hare and 160-pounder Winner. There’s no more “just happy to be here.” Hare was a state qualifier at 220 as a junior. Winner placed seventh at 145 as a freshman. This year, Hare’s postseason path has included runner-up finishes at the sectional and regional tournaments — both held at Jay County — and a championship at the Fort Wayne Semistate. “This year, I know not to go in there content,” says Hare, who is 38-7 for 2017-18 and 120-44 for his prep career. “I have to stay hungry. “I’ve already lost two title matches (at sectional and regional). I know how bad it feels to lose. I’m not trying to have that feeling anymore.” It was Hare’s first semistate title and Winner’s second straight (the sophomore also won sectional and regional in 2018). Other Jay County semistate champions include Glenn Glogas (1982), Greg Garringer (1982), Eric Lemaster (1987), Geoff Glogas (1987), Larry Brown (1988), Casey Kenney (2008 and 2009), Drake Meska (2011) and Eric Hemmelgarn (2013 and 2014). When Hare earned his semistate title, he impressed a number of people in the Memorial Coliseum crowd. “I was getting feedback on both sides of the coin,” says fourth-year Patriots head coach Eric Myers. “I had at least 10 people come up to me afterward and say that he was one of their favorite wrestlers to watch.” It’s obvious to his coach by the smile on his face that Hare is enjoying the challenges of wrestling. “He likes to compete and have a good time,” says Myers. “Gaven is great for the sport. He makes it exciting out there.” Myers, a former Adams Central wrestler and South Adams head coach, is a seventh grade teacher and he first encountered Hare as a junior high student. It was in that seventh grade year that Andy Schmidt recruited the young man to the mats. “He was really raw at first,” says Myers. “But he had this athleticism and this innate sense to compete and to win.” As a freshman, Hare set his sights high and he won a challenge match to take a sport in the varsity lineup. “He’s always set goals,” says Myers. “ I’m going to be here by such and such time and usually he’s achieved those goals.” Myers has watched Hare experience some ups and downs in his senior season. He took two losses and narrowly avoided a third at the Carroll Super Dual and suffered setbacks against South Adams senior Isaiah Baumgartner in the sectional final and Adams Central senior Chandler Schumm in the regional championship match. Those only served to re-focus him. “He’s been pushing himself just a little harder than he did before,” says Myers. “He was banged up going into state tournament series so he backed off and that showed in his results.” At semistate, Hare edged Baumgartner 5-4 in the semifinals and pinned Central Noble junior Levi Leffers in 1:58 in the finals. A three-sport athlete, Hare is also a two-way lineman in football and right-handed pitcher in baseball. He has worked as an umpire and would like to explore coaching, something he has discussed with his Jay County head coaches — Myers in wrestling, Tim Millspaugh in football and Lea Selvey in baseball. When he’s not playing school sports, he is likely competing with friends or family in basketball, wiffleball, bowling or something else. “I’m a sports fanatic,” says Hare. Between all his other sports, Hare has found time to make it to off-season open rooms and works out in practice with assistant coaches like Bryce Baumgartner, who placed seventh at 182 as a Bellmont senior in 2017. “These older guys give me a good pounding,” says Hare. “They show me more technique and the moves that will get me through the tough matches.” Myers has two paid assistants in Jeff Heller and Bruce Wood and three volunteers in Baugmgartner, Jon Winner and Chad Chowning. Bellmont graduate Heller was a Myers assistant at South Adams and is also his brother-in-law. Wood and Chowning are Jay Country graduates. Jon Winner is a former Monroe Central wrestler and the father of Mason. The son of Molly Robbins and Zack Hare and middle sibling between Destiny Hare and Corbin Hare, Portland resident Gaven says he would like to pursue one or more sports in college. As self-described academic slacker his first few years of high school, Hare pulled a 4.0 and 3.8 in the first two grading periods this school year. “I’m trying to catch up,” says Hare, who has drawn some interest from college wrestling programs and will wait to see what unfolds this spring on the baseball diamond. Winner, who is 44-2 on the season and 83-6 for his career, has been around wrestling almost non-stop since he was a second grader. He has traveled extensively with the Indiana Outlaws and trained with the best at CIA and Pride centers and attended Jeff Jordan’s camps. “He’s a year-round grinder,” says Myers of Winner. “He immerses himself in the sport and so does his family.” Winner, who topped Fort Wayne Bishop Luers senior Chandler Woenker 3-0 in the semistate finals, is always looking to make himself better. That’s why he started running cross country in sixth grade. “It’s whether you want to push yourself or not,” says Winner. “They say that wrestling is 90 percent mental. It’s whether you want do to it or not. You have to push yourself — in running or wrestling.” Winner has a way of pushing himself and his opponent. “He’s an in-your-face wrestler that will keep coming at you,” says Myers. “He’s got a quality that is hard to implant in kids. He’ll keep going until he gets what he wants. He’s hard-nosed and mentally tough. “He has the confidence to keep going after it.” Mason also draws inspiration from his family. Jon and Kimberly Winner have three children — Mason, Mitchell and Mallory. Mitchell is a freshman and also runs cross country. Fifth grader Mallory competes with the Jay County Wrestling Club and also plays softball. The Winners are Ridgeville area farmers and have about 50 head of Charolais cattle between their property and that of Bill and Sandra Winner — Jon’s parents. Both of Mason’s paternal grandparents were too ill to attend semistate. “I’m wrestling with so much more emotion,” says Mason. “My grandpa has Alzheimer’s (disease). He’s my hero. “It would mean so much to me to win a state title for him.” Two Patriots — Geoff Glogas (98) and David Ferguson (105) — reached the top of the State Finals podium in 1987. Jay County’s state placers: • Glenn Glogas (second at 112 in 1981; second at 119 in 1982). • Greg Garringer (fifth at 155 in 1982). • Kurt VanSkyock (third at 145 in 1984; third at 155 in 1985) • Larry Wilson (fourth at 167 in 1985). • Geoff Glogas (state champion at 98 in 1987; fifth at 103 in 1988). • David Ferguson (state champion at 105 in 1987). • Shawn Jordan (sixth at 152 in 1997). • James Myers (seventh at 125 in 1997). • James Brewster (seventh at 215 in 1999). • Casey Kenney (second at 103 in 2008). • Eric Hemmelgarn (third at 285 in 2012; fifth at 285 in 2013; fourth at 285 in 2014). • Kyle Garringer (sixth at 195 in 2013). • Andy Kohler (sixth at 182 in 2016). View full article
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    3x middle school champ

    Jesse mendez won his 3rd middle school title over koontz of Edgewood Sunday(who is really good also) Mendez won 125 I am not sure if he is a first year cadet but it would be nice to see him mix it up with some of the high school qualifiers and medalist much like Boarman did last years.
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    3x middle school champ

    Well I watched Mendez beat Jacob Moran and Raymond Rioux at the Indianamat Hoosier Preseason Open last September. He won it all. Very impressed.
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    Mappes vs South?

    Maybe the ref was aware of some of the terrible calls East has had to endure in past matches at Evansville. There's been some doozy's not go Coops and the crews way over the years (cough Jimmy Fisher cough).
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    I love the drama of the ticket round, it is very intense and a great thing to watch. The season is on the line and you have 6 minutes to move on and punch a ticket or you go home. It is a wonderful thing for sure. At the same time everybody knows that getting a great draw is part of why some kids advance. Example John Doe, who may very well be easily one of the best 8 kids in the state, drew the state champ in the ticket round so his season is over. It does not discredit any other kids win, just helps to ensure the best 16 get to state. Parris is one of those all-time great Indiana wrestlers, but somebody had to draw him in the ticket round. Same with Lee and the list goes on. We have great wrestling in this state, but it can always be improved upon. I am not saying I am in favor of either, just can see both sides of the argument.
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    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Track, golf, cross country, etc
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    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Everyone arguing for wrestlebacks understands the 'beat the guy on the mat with you' concept. Wrestlebacks don't change that, they simply eliminate the 'luck of the draw' from the equation. If a wrestler is truly worthy, he will beat the guy on the mat with him in wrestlebacks. Furthermore as someone stated last week, wrestlebacks aren't needed to protect against upsets. Upsets happen every year & would continue to happen with wrestlebacks. They're needed to eliminate the luck of the draw. Lastly, I hate the idea of seeding the SS's. Way to subjective & as we witnessed yesterday, the rankings are often not accurate.
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    Positive thoughts and Prayers

    The family Castle High School's 220 pound wrestler, Jacob Carter, lost their home to fire Sunday. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.
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    Without wrestlebacks, state will never have the best 16. It happens every year in every weight
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    X_R A T E D

    Regional Rankings State Qualifiers

    I thought the same thing. Peru is a category 4 which is shocking to me
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    Worst draw

    I don't mean this to take away from Burdon or even Kreitzer, but I don't think Dickens looked like himself this past weekend. Even in his first match, he seemed a little off. I have no clue why and am not close to the MD program to even fathom a guess. But he seemed a step slow and less sharp than I have seen him wrestle before. The question is, can he correct it for this weekend and give Bryant a true challenge? If not, I think Bryant wins easily. If he's a full strength and ready to go Friday night, that could be one helluva match. I'm rooting for the latter!
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    Worst draw

    If your worried about or game planning at this point you already lost in my opinion. The 182 draw is great in my opinion. Good match ups. Alot of skill in the group. Noah will be ready as well as I'm sure everyone else will be. Good luck to all.
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    Who Should Keep The Bus Running?

    I hate this post. It is unsportsmanlike and Elitist. I hate it every year. Root for your team/wrestler, not against others. And please don't say "It's all in good fun!" That is no better than "It's just locker room talk!"
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    State -- 106

    I still like Moran for the title.
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    Just kids being kids
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    I’ve seen kids go crazy after matches and not get called for anything and have also seen kids get called for very minor celebrations. Officials need to be more aware of the emotions that are running high and the kids might not be thinking as much about their actions after punching that ticket to state they’ve been working their tail off for four years or that championship they just won. I personally enjoy some of the creative celebrations some wrestlers come up with. I think most things should be excepted as long as it is not disrespectful to the opponent, or too over the top. That’s just how I personally see the matter
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    You woke up too early this morning. You must still be super sleepy. Combest says go back to bed bud.
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    How about those wrestlebacks?

    This I can respect. It is why at this point, you won't see me mention any particular weight at any particular SS.
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    How about those wrestlebacks?

    This is where you are wrong. The only way to know for sure that the most deserving on a particular day advance is to have wrestlebacks. All we know is that the best in their particular quarter bracket yesterday advanced.
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    Caleb Spires

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    That’s actually a pretty good way of putting it and for the most part I agree. But it does suck to see wrestlers that would fare better in Indy stay home while the “lucky draw” kids get to move on. But if the IHSAA doesn’t want to do wrestlebacks or seed semi-state brackets to try and separate the best, not much else we can do about it.

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