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    Me personally was good with it, when my son quit football. With that said... I did give him some advice. I told him that he only has one shot at high school. If you have the slightest desire to do something then do it! If you want to play football.. play it. If you think a girl is pretty and nice... then ask her out! Don’t walk out of that school with your cap and gown on, and have any regrets.
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    Oh yeah......specifically keeping his room clean and making sure firewood is split and stacked!!! But in all seriousness.....there's still plenty of imperfections and things he's "not good at". Even as it pertains to wrestling. Reality is, even our top wrestlers in Indiana like Paris, B-Lee & J-Lee have tons of things they still have to get better at before they'll be able to even be extremely competitive at the next level. That reality in itself, is partly what drives my zeal towards the importance of certain decisions.
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    The only person whose opinion matters here is your sons. If you support him in whatever that decision is then you are being the father he needs. Life is short and if your son is truly the one that makes the decision, then he likely will not have regrets. But if his decision is what he thinks you want... You are obviously a concerned parent. Just be careful with the influence you have, that's all I'm saying.
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    WHO You got?

    The last time Gable lost was when Nixon was president.
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    WHO You got?

    He is talking normal, you are just lacking the high level of intelligence to understand English from the Northern part of the state buddy. In your retirement you may want to just stick to things you understand like hanging out with (as you put it) your super hot girlfriend and your two cats. #StillSalty
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    It's not a rivalry if the other guy never wins.
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    Sectional Re-alignment

    If you get the magazine it lists all the changes in each regional.
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    Nick Lee question

    Repeat today in another open tournament: Nick smashes everyone at Binghamton until the final, where he falls 12-7 to fellow freshman phenom, cadet world champ Yianni Diakomihalis.
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    Is there anything Silas is not good at? Lol
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    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Surprised Antknee did not end up taking over the Jimtown program. I know he put a lot of time and effort into those kids and the youth program. I appreciated his efforts in making the Jimtown RTC great. Excited for him to get the head job at Bremen- watch out for those Lions, Antknee will do a great job. Hope he starts an RTC @ Bremen this spring!
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    While we can't deny the numbers here point to the fact that specialization of sports leads to more success by your math here, but I do not agree with the methodology to this thought process. I'm not a fan of folding a sliver of fact around an opinion. Using your same numbers, I can also say that the reason there's more 4-timers since 2004 is because they had iphones. The numbers clearly state that since the invention of iphones we have had more 4 time state champions. There are many factors involved in winning 4 IHSAA state titles. We could also use your math to say that it's clearly easier to win a state title since the age of specialization and year-round competition from an early age. Is it possible that Angel Escobedo would not have won a state title as a freshman if some butt kicker cross country kid quit wrestling as a 10 yr old to just train cross country? Ugh. It's been my opinion for a long time that if you play a sport with the aspirations of money you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Play a sport because you like it. Workout because you like working out. If you workout because your going to get a scholarship, then what happens after you get a scholarship? It's over. But if you workout because you like working out, you have long term life habit that will be with you forever. Tom Cameron was my high school coach and the biggest mentor in my life. When I got my first coaching position he gave me a book called Winning is Everything, and Other American Myths. I highly recommend it to coaches and parents.
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    Gunnar Larson (Army WP) placed 4th going 2-2 (frosh/soph division) at the Southeast Open this past weekend in Roanoke, VA to open up his collegiate career. Brad Laughlin (USMAPS) made it to the final 6 (going 2-2) at the Princeton Open this past weekend to open up his collegiate career.
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    After a nice showing at the Southeastern Open (formerly the Hoakie Open) in Virginia this past weekend, Ben Harvey picked up a little traction in the rankings. Link to Army West Point article below. http://www.goarmywestpoint.com/news/2017/11/7/wrestling-harvey-caywood-ranked-in-national-polls.aspx?path=wrestling
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    WHO You got?

    I hads to use google editer to translate in non rat. Highly disappointed in my Bears_ taut day could pull dis one out today. Tank god wraslin season is here.

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