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    U23 Trials

    The new U23(under 23) trials are this weekend, Indiana has some reps going at it in all styles http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275309009 Greco 71kg Sidney Logan- Sunday Freestyle 86kg Shabaka Johns- Sunday 97kg Riley Lefever- Sunday Women's 58kg Kayla Miracle- Saturday
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    Fabio Jr.

    Who's #1 (B.Lee & J. Lee)

    I asked for permission lol
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    U23 Trials

    Alo gave it a go in the 2nd match, but Miracle prevails 11-3. Kayla Miracle will be the US representative at the U23 worlds.
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    Just got this today: October 3 UpdateINDIANA HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TOURNAMENT SERIESJanuary 5 Regionals- North Maconquah High School, Bunker Hill- South Edgewood High School, EllettsvilleJanuary 12 State- Lawrence North High School, Indianapolis

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