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    U23 Trials

    The new U23(under 23) trials are this weekend, Indiana has some reps going at it in all styles http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275309009 Greco 71kg Sidney Logan- Sunday Freestyle 86kg Shabaka Johns- Sunday 97kg Riley Lefever- Sunday Women's 58kg Kayla Miracle- Saturday
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Actually Gio beat him this summer by fall in Chesterton - Rankings mean nothing anyway - they all have to wrestle Lobster Dinner !!
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    113 1. Jose Diaz Wheeler Sr 2. Eli Hickman Rensselaer Central SO 3. Danny Tolin Chesterton JR 4. Colin Reagan Frontier JR 5. Jake Armstrong Winamac JR 6. Ty Haskins/Ricky Hedgus Portage 7. Evan Light Penn 8. Julio Reyes Crown Point SR 113 looks like a deep weight at EC I have all 4 106 returning SQ ranked here But Wheelers first SQ and Medalist is the top guy. The Winner of the Portage wrestle off between Haskins last year Indians 106 and Hedgus who had a nice summer should be in the mix also.
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    Sorry for the short notice but this is a good event and you can stay after to enjoy some good food, entertainment, parade, and rides. Sat. Oct. 7th. Located downtown Seymour at the old Shields HS lot. Right next to the Oktoberfest area. Registration starts at 9am. $40 total (cash) for each team of 2. Tournament will start around 10 and should end right around noon. Just in time to eat and catch the parade. Double elimination. Plenty of people to talk wrestling in between matches. Cash prize and gift certificates for top placing teams. For more info contact Joe Penegar 812-530-6469
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Cardwell beat Diaz last match last year...
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    Girls Regional Locations for Jan 5th 2018. South Edgewood Highschool. and North Macanquah High School. The state finals will be at Lawrence North High School Jan 12th. More news to follow. Gary Myers IHSGW

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