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    Blake into quarters with a 8-0 tf over Hulet in 1:32. Next, he will have Ohio freestyle and Greco champ who also placed 2nd last year at Cadets Lucas Byrd
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    New Feature?

    . @UncleJimmy has lots of curious friends !!!! LOL that guy will do anything for his friends, hey how about some @Wabash Wrestling gear for the #TheCounty Brothers then ??? askin' for a friend
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    Moment of Silence

    Indiana Native (Lawrence North) & 2017 Michigan HS State Champ, Amante Young passed away yesterday due to complications of car accident. If you knew of Mr. Young, had a chance to met with, shared wrestling memory, friend of your kids, in some cases he was a Son to Families. The kid had a heart of gold as most of you know. Take a few minutes and Remember, Pray for the Families of Amante Young if your reading this .
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    Play What If

    Hey ... there's another big man who should probably be in this conversation everyone's forgotten... how about Greg Wagner from Fort Wayne Snider? He was a tough dude! Since Bluechipper started this thing with the Stevenson's at Merrillville... how about staying "in house" for one... Stevensons vs. Strecks? Who's varsity, and who's riding the pine? LOL!