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    This week Coach Mike Steele of Westfield Middle School announced his resignation as head coach for the Shamrock middle school wrestling team. Coach Steele has been the head wrestling coach at Westfield Middle school since 1992. During those 26 years he saw Westfield grow from a 2A school of less than 600 students to a 6A school of over 2200 students. He has impacted hundreds if not a thousand or more young men in the Westfield community. His teams were always very successful and did things the right way. Thank you Coach Steele for 26 years of service, coaching, and mentoring, young men and women in the Westfield community. The impact you had in the wrestling program and the school is remarkable.
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    Why are you even bringing up Masons name? He is not even wrestling in this event. Plus we could give a shit what you think.. Don't bring his name up again Fabio or I might have to make a trip to Brownsburg!!!!
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    Congratulations to Bryton Goering from Elkhart Memorial for signing with Presbyterian. He is projected to wrestle 149, 157. View full signing
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    My brakes are fine. It's not what was said, I think Gable is one of top high school wrestlers of all time. If you would have said the same comment I would not have a reply, I don't know you. Fabio has had some digs on Mason in the past, I think if you know someone on a personal level you shouldn't take shots at them. I would never say Brayton is not on the level with someone. Called respect!!!
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    Isn't it obvious? The journalist is a former basketball player, only possible explanation
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    Not sure why throwing the wrestling info into a story about a person doing something dumb is relevant in this case. Not saying the story isn’t worth reporting, but I don’t see why it’s work in thewrestling info is relevant (or if did any college sport). Seems we should be seeing a lot more national stories about dumb former college athletes, cause I’m sure he’s not the only one making some dumb choices. Since this isn’t related to the sport and he’s not know nationally as a notable representstive of that sport it seem like poor choice to include it in the article.
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    I have nothing but respect for Mason, Mark. I was trying to make that apprent. Dudes better than I have ever hoped to be. When you talk matchups someone wins and someone loses. I'm sincerely sorry if I offended you or Mason wasn't my intention. I'm big enough to sign my name when I post stuff for those reason I'm not trying to hide or take jabs. The wolverines got a blue chipper and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be on the podium during his career. What ifs are just that, speculation. I'd be more than humble and happy to be proven wrong . Best of luck to Mason in the coming years he is one of the best all around athletes in the state. And Again I sincerely apologise if I rubbed you guys the wrong way.
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    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Just a little extra info on the Hobart job Middle school record in duals 64-0 in the last 5 years Hobart Wrestling Club is one of the longest and largest running (78’) non academy clubs with typically 50-60 wrestlers and several state placers at the ISWA levels. As well as wrestlers Training with RWA,Elite,and Bulldog Elite Hobart Wrestling Club also acts as a booster for ALL of Hobart wrestling. This year a beautiful new mat was purchased...new singlets. HwC hosts 2 open tournaments drawing a combined 800 wrestlers plus Golf outings and other fundraising events. The Hs is less than 10 years...old great wrestling room,fieldhouse, and gymnasium...already expanding weight and cardio rooms and building a new pool. New Athletic Director that seems to really have his eyes on what the program could be. Former wrestler and CP coach Jake Rodriguez as an Assistant Pricipal which is nice to have understanding people in the Administration. RTC host as well as IHSAA regionals host..To go along with a great tradition...and community support...could be a great job for someone who wants to pump some new energy into this program and take it up to yet another level!! we have some young hungry Brickies coming up !!
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    Congratulations to Brailen Harrington from North Central for signing with Wabash. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    Steven "Bam" Lawrence

    Portage High School graduate Steven "Bam" Lawrence has signed his letter of intent to wrestle at NAIA powerhouse Grand View (Iowa). After finishing as a 2x JUCO All-American at Ellsworth (Iowa) he will look to continue his career with the 7x defending national champion Vikings. Thanks for representing Indiana and Portage proudly and wishing you continued success!
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    Congratulations to Cade Girgenti from Chesterton for signing with Wabash. He is projected to wrestle 184. View full signing
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    Fabio Jr.

    Indy Star Sports Awards

    Brayton Lee wins Wrestler of the year award. Other finalists were Brayden Curtis and Mason Parris Other Nomanees were Asa Garcia Graham Rooks Lucas Davison Noah Warren Hunter Watts. Some good public exsposure for some of the best in the state.
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    Congratulations to Malik Hoover from Merrillville for signing with Wabash. He is projected to wrestle 157, 165. View full signing
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    Chandler Woenker

    I have watched him wrestle several times before I knew his name. I kept referring to him as “leg rider kid”, he is amazing on top. Great wrestler!
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    Best Incoming class

    Wherever Jesse Mendez is going automatically has the best freshman class, he is going to be a stud and competing for national titles. Future 4 time state champ for sure.
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    Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    Can you record him discussing why his coaches think a cradle is a poor wrestling maneuver?
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    26 years of coaching middle school kids should earn him some kind of medal of honor! It takes a special person to do it that long.
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    He shall now be called Grandmaster B
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    Early is in the finals as well!!!
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    Was that before or after you cooked the ground hog?
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    Just for clarity's sake: 2015-16: Cathedral ties for 9th at Team State and finishes 3rd at IHSAA state (They then finished 11th in Team State qualification before losing out in the vote-in process for the 16-17 event) 2016-17: Cathedral finishes 3rd at IHSAA state again and finishes 3rd in Team State qualification, rejecting its automatic bid for 17-18 (based on season results and IndianaMat duals ranking, they finished as arguably the 7th best duals team in this 16-17 season, meaning they were a few slots better than their 11th-place Team State qualification score from the end of 15-16 that left them on the outside looking in) 2017-18: Cathedral wins IHSAA state and finishes 1st in Team State qualification, suggesting they're the favorite to win Team State in 18-19. They accept their bid. (based on season results and IndianaMat duals ranking, they were arguably the 3rd best duals team in the 17-18 season, in line with where their qualification score at the end of 16-17 projected they'd be)
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    Best Incoming class

    I believe he’s just in 7th grade this year.
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    Indiana Pride is taking 20+ athletes to the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, from youth to the Senior level athletes, looking to repeat on a pretty good showing we had last year. Just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we arent making noise Best wishes to all the Indiana wrestlers over the next few months.
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    Dream Team Classic Recap

    Wow... we're very humbled by the recognition Ty's received this week. Without all the folks involved with the Dream Team Classic, all of this would have never been possible. While the recognition is nice, I don't want it to overshadow all the other great matches of the night. Every Indiana kid out there battled their hardest and it's awesome that a week later, this event is still being talked about. I think Brayton won the popular vote for this award and so we don't want to undercut him, but it's awesome that the Brownsburg program had 2 wrestlers in contention for this award. Thank you to all the coaches who's helped him become the wrestler he is today.
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    Ty Mills is quite popular these days, he got the USA Wrestling Wrestler of the Week honors to go with The Open Mat's honor earlier this week. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Athlete-of-Week/2018/April/20/Ty-Mills-named-USA-Wrestling-Athlete-of-the-Week