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    Happy First Day of Wrestling Season!

    I hope everyone has a healthy and undefeated wrestling season. Good luck everyone and enjoy the season on the mats from whatever vantage point you have.
  2. 8 points

    Need a club to join

    Season starts next week. You can’t go to club and workout with other kids from other schools once that starts (Ihsaa rules). You seem to want to get better and that is awesome. For now you need to go to your practices as much as possible. Hit your weight room. Ask your coaches to work with you extra (if they have time). Most importantly... hit the books. Wrestling means nothing if you don’t make the grades. Once your season is over... get back on this thread. There are some great people on here that will be more than happy to help a great student athlete to achieve their goals. I actually used to be the kids director at the iswa. If you are serious and are making the grades, I will help you find resources to get better (call if you would like). But.. until then put your faith and time into your high school program. Good Luck Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
  3. 7 points

    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    The Walsh Jesuit Ironman is doing a 4-man round robin Junior High exhibition showcase of the best middle schoolers in the country before the finals. Along with Jesse is: -Nic Bouzakis(Lake Highland Prep FL) -Ryan Crookham(Bethlehem Catholic PA) -Gavin Brown(Legacy Christian OH) Will we ever see the travel restriction rule removed so Indiana can get some teams in this tournament?
  4. 7 points
    Congratulations to Cayden Rooks from Columbus East for signing with Indiana University. He is projected to wrestle 125, 133. View full signing
  5. 7 points
    Congratulations to Graham Rooks from Columbus East for signing with Indiana University. He is projected to wrestle 133, 141. View full signing
  6. 6 points
    Congratulations to Blake Mulkey from Brownsburg for signing with Gardner-Webb. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
  7. 6 points
    It feels like saying "you can get hurt walking across the street" or "you can get hurt in any sport" doesn't quite live up to what is really happening in football. I feel like with wrestling being 1 on 1 and having a referee only watching 2 kids at a time, it is astronomically safer than football. I feel a kid can defend himself against 1 other person and the ref can actually stop things before they get out of hand. I believe football is 4 to 22 for refs to kids with no chance of stopping a potentially dangerous situation. Whether its a running back who is getting hit high and low by multiple tacklers or a lineman who is engaged while his teammate gets knocked over on their leg, there is a lot that goes on that a kid cannot possibly protect themselves against. Not to mention how many tackles include someone grabbing a leg and rolling.
  8. 5 points

    Prediction Time

    Up here in the land of steel when da of your kids are playin video games up here we are in da gym. Gonna be another fine year up by da big lake. I know we here about da county and and deem schools in da circle city. And Y2 we like drawin your boys in da first round. But as usual we will bringin plenty of metal back up 65 in feb. THe rat sees at least 5 golds and a plethora of metal dis a year. So when your boys are eatin krispy cremes we will be sharpen da iron. Make no mistake we got da best coaches and some scrapers up here. Happy wraslin season Da RAt Ps - got to have a little fun !
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  10. 5 points
    Congratulations to Oszkar Kasch from Crown Point for signing with Campbell. He is projected to wrestle 165. View full signing
  11. 5 points
    Middle School state should be combined with the Freshman/Sophomore state the weekend after the state finals.
  12. 5 points
    Congratulations to Lucas Davison from Chesterton for signing with Northwestern. He is projected to wrestle 197. View full signing
  13. 5 points

    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I signed Jesse up for Middle School before he had a qualifier for the high school division. To be truthful I did not think he was ready, until after he wrestled in the Grappler. I then attempted to switch him to High School, but they said he couldn't switch divisions because high school was sold out. I sent quite a few emails, but they are strict with their rules. Jesse was bummed when he saw kids he has beaten getting all American honors and in this case winning, but he also enjoyed winning a belt in MS. In reference to Crookham's age, I thought it said he turned 15 at the beginning of this month which doesn't make him much older then most 8th graders. I showed Jesse the negative comments about Ryan and he was upset that people would not just give Ryan props and respect how hard of an accomplishment it is to win Super32(HS) at any age level.
  14. 5 points
    Congratulations to Ethan Smiley from Beech Grove for signing with Purdue. He is projected to wrestle 133, 141. View full signing
  15. 4 points
    As the competition commences for the 2017 year, I first want to say good luck to everyone involved as they embark on their season. Additionally, I just wanted to offer my help/assistance on the "always" important topic of academics (pun intended). After a few years away from the sport as I played football in college, it seems the issue of being a "student"-athlete has improved tremendously yet still may have its setbacks. As a kid, I was fortunate enough to have a support system of family, friends, coaching, etc. that always placed academics first. Nevertheless, I always found myself confused when I would see some of Indiana's top wrestlers drop out of their college of choice due to grades as these were some of the most physically tough guys that I knew. This is why I always disagreed with John Smith's illustrious quote of "once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy" as these skills learned from the mat must also be "learned" to transfer to other areas of life including the classroom. Anyways, I digress and apologize for the long-winded message, but I am helping out at Yorktown before I start my job and want to offer my hand in helping anyone wanting to wrestle at the next level or simply just attend college. While I may be more versed with the football recruiting scene (I may be on the wrong forum), I still have had first hand recruiting experience that ranges from Big 10 to academic elite institutions (i.e. Harvard, Princeton, UChicago, etc.) to D3 colleges to Service Academies. I can answer questions in regards to different schools, ACT guides (what's the cutoff scores for certain schools, how to prepare etc.), tuition/financial aid concerns, and do my best to answer a plethora of other questions. Essentially, I learned a vast amount from Indiana wrestling and want to pay it forward to make sure every other kid has the opportunities they so desire. It has been absolutely awesome to see some of Indiana's best go to the likes of Duke, Brown, Northwestern, Michigan, West Point, among other schools. Let's get Indiana more represented at Harvard and Princeton now :). All jokes aside, this has been an incredible trend and let's keep burgeoning it. To coaches, let's put a significant focus on academics as it starts with you guys. Talk to teachers, set up hourly study tables after practice, obtain progress reports, reach out to college coaches, create highlights and send to colleges early. These are just a few easy things that are simply a function of time but will have tremendous returns on the back end. My name, number, and email are below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any kind of questions. We can set up a meeting, phone call, Skype, etc. One of my favorite sayings is "if you're the smartest guy in the room, you're in the wrong room" so even if I don't know the answer, I will do my best to point you to the older/more experienced coaches in the state of Indiana. I apologize again for the length, but I wish everyone the best of luck in their journey this season! Chandler Carroll University of Chicago '18 (765) 617-8845 chandlerc@uchicago.edu
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    Me personally was good with it, when my son quit football. With that said... I did give him some advice. I told him that he only has one shot at high school. If you have the slightest desire to do something then do it! If you want to play football.. play it. If you think a girl is pretty and nice... then ask her out! Don’t walk out of that school with your cap and gown on, and have any regrets.
  17. 4 points

    Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I understand the anxiety you feel about your son participating in a collision sport like football. About a third of my wrestling team plays football. All season long I am like a worried mother for every game. BUT, we have to always remind ourselves that no matter how much time and effort we put into these kids, we don't own them or their non-wrestling time. Some of Indiana's best wrestlers from out state (David Palmer, David Locke, Randall Hayes at Delta; Spero Karas, Joel Stubblefield, Ben McKenney, Donny Sands at PH to name two schools) played football. But like Danny Struck and others have argued, if we want football coaches to encourage their players to wrestle we need to be willing to make it a two-way street and encourage our wrestlers to play if that is what they want to do. And yes, I have lost my share of wrestlers during the football season. It IS heartbreaking and very hard to take and my selfish instincts tell me to influence the kids to save themselves for wrestling but is the right thing to do for the kids? By the way, thinking this doesn't make a you a bad person, just a concerned parent, coach or both. Dave Cloud
  18. 4 points
    I know it’s out of topic but without the people that serve in the military there is no website! Thank you to all that served and are serving now!
  19. 4 points
    While we can't deny the numbers here point to the fact that specialization of sports leads to more success by your math here, but I do not agree with the methodology to this thought process. I'm not a fan of folding a sliver of fact around an opinion. Using your same numbers, I can also say that the reason there's more 4-timers since 2004 is because they had iphones. The numbers clearly state that since the invention of iphones we have had more 4 time state champions. There are many factors involved in winning 4 IHSAA state titles. We could also use your math to say that it's clearly easier to win a state title since the age of specialization and year-round competition from an early age. Is it possible that Angel Escobedo would not have won a state title as a freshman if some butt kicker cross country kid quit wrestling as a 10 yr old to just train cross country? Ugh. It's been my opinion for a long time that if you play a sport with the aspirations of money you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Play a sport because you like it. Workout because you like working out. If you workout because your going to get a scholarship, then what happens after you get a scholarship? It's over. But if you workout because you like working out, you have long term life habit that will be with you forever. Tom Cameron was my high school coach and the biggest mentor in my life. When I got my first coaching position he gave me a book called Winning is Everything, and Other American Myths. I highly recommend it to coaches and parents.
  20. 4 points

    Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    Wonder why Zionsville 195- Thomas Penola isn’t ranked after his fantastic run at Super 32 ?
  21. 4 points
    My son stopped playing football but still has had issues staying healthy. Let’s face it... these top level kids are tough active kids. Regardless if they play football or tic tac toe.... they are going balls out. That’s the nature of wrestlers. They have little fear and push the limits of their physical ability. If he wasn’t playing football, he would be doing something else bad a$$. Basically, what I’m saying... is it all comes down to dumb luck.
  22. 4 points


    The magazine came out great. Nice job to everyone involved. Hopefully everyone buys a copy and enjoys it!
  23. 4 points


    Great Job on it......Thank's for all your guys hard work and time putting it together. Not an easy task
  24. 4 points


    The pre-season magazine comes out Tomorrow Have your 15 dollar That tomorrow There'll be ranking! Just thinkin' about Tomorrow Clear away last years ranking, And your losses 'The new season has begun! When you see a wrestler That's a stud, And could make state , I just open that magazine And Grin, And Say, Nice pick Ontherise! The pre-season magazine come out Tomorrow So you can’t see if your kid is ranked 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow! And if you don’t see your kids name Tomorrow! Just remember the true state ranking Are only 3 1/2 month A way!
  25. 4 points

    Monday and Wednesday Feature stories

    I'm thinking more along the lines of the crazy wrestling parents of da County starring you, JMill, MattyB, etc.
  26. 4 points
    Congratulations to Mason Parris from Lawrenceburg for signing with Michigan. He is projected to wrestle 285. View full signing
  27. 3 points
    I've tried to raise this subject before, but it seems to go off-topic quickly into best team ever. With college commitments from them now complete, I want to ask the question again: Is it possible that Brownsburg's current senior class is the best graduating class from one school ever? Or at least the best Top 4 from one class ever? Even if they don't all win it this year (which they definitely could), I think there's an argument for them being the all-time best. If they do all win it, I think it would be pretty hard to suggest anyone else has them topped. Lee: Two titles, ranked #1 in the nation, #6 P4P in the nation, D1 commit Mills: 2nd-3rd-2nd, D1 commit Walton: 8-3-3, college commit Mulkey: 3-2, D1 commit Before you say it, I know, I know...Lawrence North had 4 champs one year--they weren't all seniors. Griffith's group was amazing--not all in the same class. EMD's four champs in '03 were also not all seniors. Still, all of those schools had strong senior groups. Did any of them have three D1 recruits?
  28. 3 points

    Prediction Time

    Da rat don't wants to be the richest guy in da cemtary - lot of here retire and end up in a pine box. Lots of wraslin, fishin huntin and spending time wit da little rats.
  29. 3 points
    Clan Campbell

    Prediction Time

    06 got dat roo (rest of us know as rio) boy from da county, 13 ah dats da county or nord east width dose durn muncy suburbs located nord of dat road 70 and east of da road 69; 20 dat maybe da region unless dat burg or national ranked county kid go 20, 26 oh my two da county kids battle for da gold, 32 some more good sudern boys der too, dirty eight and fordy five have more county and sudern boyz, 52 why ders anoder county hammer. those county and sudern boyz just don't stop commin. oh ders anoder couple more county boys up high, and anoda national ranked sudern big boy... maybe double digit da county golds dis year led by da burg, width the rest going to da south and maybe a couple along da nord east, looks like a possible shut out for da region in 2017.....
  30. 3 points
    We have a new team starting up here in Ramsey, IN!!! North Harrison Cougars. We have been wanting and needing this program for a long time. We have an awesome coach and some very motivated kids on the team. Any guidance, assistance, volunteers, etc would be much appreciated. I was a team Mom for a very well established team in California so I don’t know all of Indiana rules, dates, events etc. Anything you can give me to take to our coach or anyway anyone can help out would be awesome!
  31. 3 points
    What is the real likelihood that a high school wrestler will receive a full ride to college that they need to even consider being a one sport athlete? What is the real likelihood that a high school football player will receive a full ride to college that they need to even consider being a one sport athlete? If adults really did not want to sway them one way or another they would just stay away from the discussion altogether.
  32. 3 points

    Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    Congrats to the teams too. Well-deserved honor for Portage and Brownsburg!
  33. 3 points

    Oszkar Kasch of Crown Point commits to

    I'll help him with that
  34. 3 points

    Super 32 updates

    Solid win by 170- Carson Brewer knocking off 19th in the county Zach Glazier of Minnesota 3-0. That kid was the Flo darkhorse pick and beat Peyton Robb last week. #TheCounty
  35. 3 points

    Let the good times roll

    By fur da most rediquoulss question
  36. 3 points
    Congratulations to Tristan Sellmer from Floyd Central for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
  37. 3 points
    Lawrenceburg Coach

    Mason Parris Committing

    Mason is committing tonight around 6:30 on Flo. Congrats Mason. Mark Kirchgassner
  38. 3 points

    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I expect to see Jesse get some revenge from that loss at GFC!
  39. 2 points
    Really appreciate your perspective and insight. You make great points towards the importance of it being imperative for coaches to try to work together for the good of their perspective programs.....but even more so for the good of the student athlete. Fortunately, I have open dialogue with our football coach, he's aware of Silas' future on the mat, and listens to the concerns of the parents and other coaches closely. He's a real good dude, simply stated. He won't want to lose Silas, and I'm sure would be agreeable to him just playing defense.....as well as potentially sitting out certain games when not necessarily needed. The biggest challenge I see is the allotment of time away for certain tournaments. Most notably Super 32, and to support our own wrestling family at IHPO. Im all for multi-sport athletes. It trains them into well rounded young men/women athletically......and most importantly in my opinion, helps them deal with different types of athletic adversity. However.....I also take the stance that there comes a certain time when your future in athletics unfolds. And if a young athlete is fortunate enough for that to happen. They need to make some tough choices. This is also part of the mental adversity they'll face in life regarding decision making. So in my opinion, regardless of the sport.......if an athlete has been given indication by their performance, high school/college coaches and or scouts/recruiters, that they have a forseeable future in a perspective sport.....it's likely time to begin putting added emphasis on that direction of your life if it's something they're passionate about and align with their personal goals. Especially when factoring in being only 2 yrs away from an "official" college choice. I find it almost contradictory, that so often we as parents and coaches are wanting/telling our kids to grow up and make more adult choices.......then when they are face to face with decisions that can directly affect their lives as adults, we resort back to "just be a kid and play". Let's face it.....as it pertains to early recruiting, the sophomore year is a valuable one. Junior year.....imperative. No athlete whose serious about taking their craft to the next level wants to go into their senior season without a definitive gameplan, and pretty good idea about the narrowed down list of schools he/she is going to sign with. Again......I must stress, everything I've voiced is just my opinion. I don't have all the answers, and I've found many of everyone's input very helpful in gaining added perspective to both sides of Silas' decision making. As well as my own. I was reluctant to share this final bit of info....but I feel it's pertinent and may help give us all more clarity. Silas was blessed to be able to hear from Olympic Champ and defending NCAA Nat Champ Kyle Snider yesterday about this very topic. Incredibly humble young man to say the least. Ironically, he was faced with the same decision Silas' is now entertaining at the exact same time in his life. He chose to just wrestle because it outweighed the thoughts of memories on the football field, even though it was a sport he had played his whole life. Ultimately.....he chose his "future". This obviously was the right decision FOR HIM. He voiced much of what all of us have, and much of what others who care for and train Silas has echoed......It's his choice. No decision is the wrong one. But to continue to realize that with wrestling as his future......proper rest for his body, smart choices to stay healthy and continued development on the mat is absolutely necessary. At this point.....I'm having Silas put any and all thoughts of making a choice FAR behind him. Right now....he just needs to focus on getting healthy to return to the mat, and chasing his personal goals this year in-state, as well as nationally. He has plenty of time to process all the info and advice that's been given him, reflect, internalize, pray on things......then do what he feels is best for him. Thanks to everyone again for all the great feedback. Rest assured, I'll support my sons decision regardless. But as for now......it's wrestling season!!! .
  40. 2 points
    Meeting Minutes: Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 Ben Davis HS I. Call Meeting to Order II. Minutes from Spring Clinic Business Meeting (SAM) i. Sam Riesen read the meeting minutes from the Hall of Fame business meeting and the spring clinic. III. Financial Update/Status of Association (JD) i. JD Minch ii. $9,500 in our account iii. Explained that we would make a good amount at the clinic iv. JD stated that the association was doing “O.K” in terms of finances. v. Membership was roughly over 200 vi. Membership cards would be mailed IV. New Business a. IHSWCA Team State Duals Update (JD) i. 36 teams ii. Fort Wayne Coliseum will be the location iii. 2 years ago the event made a lot of $ iv. Last year was down due to the date v. Discussion took place about possible changes to a permanent date vi. Discussion took place about possible change to location vii. Greg Ratliff mentioned that he sent a questionnaire out to all teams who had participated in the Duals in the past about changing the date b. M.S. State i. Discussion took place about adding a qualifier ii. Discussion took place about a probable change in location for the event next year c. Regional Rep update – (Greg) i. Logansport Regional needed a representative- Tom Miller Lafayette Jeff Volunteered ii. Nick Kraus will replace Sam Riesen as Carroll Regional Representative (took place after the meeting) iii. Pendleton Heights regional needed a representative- Courtney Duncan of Frankton was named as a possible replacement (took place after the meeting) d. Committees i. Greg Ratliff mentioned the need for volunteers for the IHSWCA Committees ii. Jr. Academic All-State coordinator is needed V. NWCA Update (Dave Cloud) i. Discussed NWCA Duals ii. Discussed Indiana having a CEO leadership academy 1. Free NWCA CEO Leadership academy 2. Looking for 40-50 coaches 3. Looking for location 4. Best practices for your program 5. Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania have had one 6. Contact Dave Cloud at dcloud@smcsc.com VI. Old Business a. Membership Update (JD) 1. Covered during financial business VII. Other Business i. Dave Cloud asked about the feasibility of doing a Sophomore Academic All-state ii. Greg Ratliff said it would be on the next survey VIII. Any ideas or “items of concern”? IX. Good of the Order and Adjourn
  41. 2 points
    Gunnar Larson (Army WP) placed 4th going 2-2 (frosh/soph division) at the Southeast Open this past weekend in Roanoke, VA to open up his collegiate career. Brad Laughlin (USMAPS) made it to the final 6 (going 2-2) at the Princeton Open this past weekend to open up his collegiate career.
  42. 2 points
    There are certainly risks involved in football. But, those risks are prevalent in every physical activity. I played multiple sports growing up, including football. The only sport I was badly injured in was basketball. You never know what sport is going to be the one that a person gets injured in. Sports have to be about love of the game. In my opinion, you can't be scared to pursue your passion because it might risk an injury. You can easily be injured slipping on the ice, or walking down the street. Play what you have a passion for - and take every necessary precaution to limit the amount of injury. As you know - my son is having a horrible senior year, injury-wise. He broke his leg playing baseball in June. He worked as hard as he was allowed to, going to physical therapy and doing every recovery suggestion to the letter so that he could be released in time for wrestling. He got released the day football sectionals began. He was really upset that he missed his senior tennis season, but he was ecstatic that he could do his true passion - wrestling. Then, in the third wrestling practice of the season, wrestling with his twin, he broke his leg again and will be out for the entire season. I talked to him about the injury. He is really going through a hard time emotionally being done with wrestling. But, he said he doesn't regret trying to wrestle. That was his goal, and it didn't work out. Silas' situation is different because, as you said, he wants to wrestle at the next level. So, the question would really be - does his passion for football trump his desire to be the best wrestler he can, for as long as he can? Knowing you guys, you'll make the decision that is best for your situation. Can't wait to see what this season has in store for him.
  43. 2 points

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    BTW peasants, Anthony Lewis, former assistant at Jimtown, nephew/little brother of THE Darrick Snyder, is now the head man at Bremen! Congrats to Antknee and the Snyder crew! Now Bremen it's not quite Jimtown but it's not quite Brownsburg, it's almost right in the middle... GO LIONS
  44. 2 points
    Coach Brobst

    Michigan state open

    I did watch it as I was grading papers yesterday and I thought the first stall was warranted (in the first period) as Streck backed up a lot and really made no attempt to get back in bounds, but the last 2 in the third period, you could argue that Coon was not allowing Streck back in. Coon would bully Streck to the line, then post hard as Streck tried to push back in. As big as Streck is, Coon made him look small and easily pushed him out of bounds. The official was consistent, calling it stalling every time, but Coon was not trying to score, he was just driving Streck out and it cost Streck a point in Unsportsmanlike too as he looked to have told the official what he thought about his stall penalties in the third. Long way to go, but promising start for him and a lot of Purdue's Varsity Lineup.
  45. 2 points

    Let the good times roll

    One more comment like this and New Castle is OUT of Da Region!
  46. 2 points

    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I don't want to put a complete squash on what is a very impressive accomplishment, but I have read on themat.com that he may actually be 15 yo, which would be closer to a freshman in age than a MS student. With that said he still deserves accolades for winning a big national tournament considering most of his competition would still have been older than him. He’s a straight up stud and will no doubt win some more major events before he’s done. But in terms of promoting the win it doesn't sound like he is of normal 8th grade age And yes it’s going to be quite the set of wrestling matches at Ironman.
  47. 2 points


    No we are putting the final touches on it and planning on Thursday or Friday for the release.
  48. 2 points

    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse has wrestled Nic several times. Jesse majored him The first time they wrestled, then 2 months later Nic beat him in finals at USA Nationals in a close match. Nic then beat him pretty good at grand river rumble. The last match was 2 weeks ago where jesse was winning 11-7 and got cradled. Jesse is pretty excited about wrestling him this quickly Jesse beat crookham in TOC finals 2 years ago. Crookham is a 3 or 4 time super32 champ. Jesse and Gavin have never been the same weight, but Gavin is definitely elite. It should be 3 great matches.
  49. 2 points
    East Chicago SS Heavyweight class is loaded! Now, can we petition the IHSAA to do a random draw of what weight class to start the finals, so heavyweights aren't always wrestling the most important match of their young lives as half the stadium is shuffling out to their cars to beat the traffic?
  50. 2 points
    That's a pretty solid HWY group. That should be entertaining watching these bigs.