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    Darrick Snyder

    Melloh and Mulkey

    1.) Congrats to Cathedral. I’m not sure anyone who hasn’t been through it truly understands how hard it is to win an Individual State Title let alone a Team State Championship. 2.) I didn’t cuss or anything like that. I was booted and deserved to be because I left the mat and came back screaming again. I was told that by Mr. Faulkens. 3.) I know I shouldn’t have come back on the mat. Thanks to him for allowing me to stay in back of venue. I lost it and would hope I could keep my compusure in the future. I’ve never been tossed out before that I remember. I deserved it. I’ve already told my assistants to pull me from the mat. I don’t see this situation repeating itself, though 4.) I am not ever going to sacrifice a kid’s dream of a state title. Brayton Lee is the ONLY kid I have ever coached that I told I must have bonus points from at Individual State. Probably the first and last. He’s special. I never worried about my actions causing a team title. We are a family here. I was able to meet with my team since Mr. Faulkens allowed me To stay in the venue. I told them I was sorry I was unable to corner them. (FYI I don’t corner BLee. Ayersman negotiated that.) Lol. Immediately, Nathan Walton said, “Coach you have prepared us and we would want you to do the same thing for each of us.” 5.) I was out of control and returned to the mat after waking off. That equals getting tossed. I have no issue with it. Most people hate me. That fuels me and our program. I have enough friends and I’m not looking to win a popularity contest. As long as the Mishawaka And Brownsburg Wrestlers and fans love me that’s what I care about. Talk to them. I have 100% administrative support here, which I have never had before. 6.) Why did I lose it even though i shouldn’t have? It is NOT an opinion or judgement call. In the casebook - look it up - it literally says the front-headlock position is a stalemate. It’s cut and dry. Not debatable. It was the wrong call. Period. Doesn’t matter if we were snapping or trying to score. Makes no difference. Says stalemate. Watch the film. Blake is my guy. He is facing me in 30 second OT. Im snapping to mat. He does exactly what I tell him to do. I know the rules. Then, it costs him a chance for his state title. I care about my wrestlers. Our system is messed up. I could not care less about a team title then. I care about Blake and his goal. If he and they win, we win. 7.) It is what it is. Cathedral was freaking impressive. Blake’s opponent is a stud and seems like an outstanding young man. Just like Blake. I probably shouldn’t post, but I will. Discussing wrestling I think is good for our sport and my thoughts are always open for anyone. Snyder
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    Nick Dewig

    Boards about to die down

    Consistent updates from your dating experiences
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    Hornet Coach

    Who impressed you the most

    Fattore impressed me the most and it had nothing to do with his wrestling. This young man carried himself like a champion after a questionable call. Nicely done young man!
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    Zach Melloh Family

    Dear 138 pound weight class at state finals, Congrats to all of you, lots of fierce competitors, and you should all be proud! Wrestling is the ultimate teacher of life lessons, so learn what you can from your experience! Kris Rumph You are a great wrestler and competitor and your interview showed some great character. You have overcome a lot in life and I hope you understand that your wrestling achievements can transfer to anything you chose to pursue in life. The Melloh family will look forward to seeing good things for you in the future, and will say a special prayer for Kris Rumph today at church. Looking forward to rooting for you, not against you! Blake Mulkey You are an awesome wrestler. Blake, you have a great wrestling future, and we wish you the best. Sometimes things don’t go your way, it will make you stronger if you let it. Dawson Combest We wish you the best at Uindy. It truly seems like yesterday that you and Zach were battling it out for ISWA state finals. I miss those days already. Uindy is getting a good one and we know you will do great in wrestling and school. Count your blessings son, you have an awesome support group with Columbus East wrestling family! That’s a good group! I will always hold Coach Trapp in high regard..... I saw how much he did for you guys with the youth program. What a great guy and mentor! Lastly, to my son, Zach Melloh With tears of pride, I want to tell you that I love you and I am so proud of you. My sadness only comes from knowing this chapter is over. I didn’t appreciate the ride like I should have while I was living it.......through wrestling, you have helped us grow as a family and expand our faith. So few people know what you have been through to get to where you were yesterday. But God does and your family does, and we are proud to call you our son and your siblings are proud of their brother. Part of trying to live a Christ centered life means that sometimes the target on your back gets bigger. It’s ok, keep fighting the good fight. Keep grinding and doing the right things in life. With a heart full of pride for the young man you have become, looking forward to the next chapter. Your biggest fan club, Dad, Mom, Corinne, Alex, and Cecelia (Nick Melloh)
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    Cosgrove DQ'd at weigh-ins for not wearing a suitable undergarment.
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    Skin check debate

    If the issues that are being stated about Elementary Duals are true, it is time we reflect on what the purpose of the event is. Obviously it has gotten way out of hand if we are paying kids or having illegal kids on teams. That kind of win at all costs atmosphere at that age is not healthy for the kids and the sport.
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    2018 IndianaMat Awards

    Coaches of the Year 1A- Chuck Fleshman 2A- Frank Bumgardner 3A- Matt Schoettle Wrestlers of the Year 1A- Noah Cressell 2A- Brayden Curtis 3A- Asa Garcia Mr Gorilla Co-Mr. Gorillas Mason Parris and Brayton Lee 2nd Lucas Davison 3rd Graham Rooks
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    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    This is called doing something to showcase the talent in our state and not caring about a jabroni running a fake national tournament. This event will be showcased and promoted on FloWrestling for the whole country to watch.
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    All Americans

    Here was my best attempt last night.... Took it after you posted in the thread on the college board.
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    Mason Miranda of Avon commits to

    Congratulations to Mason Miranda from Avon for signing with Marian. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    Frosh/Soph State

    Big thanks to Mark Durham and Southport for another great Frosh/Soph State tournament! There was some great wrestling and great mat time for the kids. Congrats to all the place winners and congrats on Back to Back Team champs Warren Central
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    New Castle's Dalton Clouse might possibly be the only person to have a lead on Mason Parris this season. Clouse stepped to the mat, and strategically didn't remind Parris that he hadn't taken his t-shirt off yet. Clouse was awarded the point and the lead. Somehow Parris recovered, but man, what a start for the Trojan senior.
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    Thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you to the IHSAA, IHSWCA, all the workers and people who have ever had a hand in developing the state finals, and of course, the wrestlers who make the finals so entertaining. I have always loved the wrestling state finals, however, this year had a bigger impact on me. My son is now a 7th grader and wrestling for Greenfield Junior High School. As his father and Coach, I preach doing everything the right way. From his grades, to his character, to his wrestling...I constantly harp on doing them the right way. Watching my son listen to the introductions of so many incredible young men who not only excel on the mat, but in the classroom and as men of character, was priceless for me. I love that we celebrate these athletes the way we do for all to see. I know at least my son is watching! Coach Holden
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    Best move under the lights

    Sick inside trip from rader
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    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    The fix to filling weights is to have a good feeder program in place and hook these kids at a young age also getting the kids you have to get friends to come out.. If you look around the State i'm sure you will see the same thing i see in Delaware county. examples Yorktown not a large school but has been able to fill a team. Daleville i don't think even had a full team till now, but if you look at their elementary, middle school and even their high school now are growing. Cowan has a great feeder in place now and is growing fast. Delta is doing well with numbers. Monroe Central had small high school numbers but have the numbers now. Then look at other school with no feeder programs and they are the ones struggling. Is this a fast solution no but if your hurting in number there is no better way to get them then to start a feeder program. It comes down to coaching staff and parents putting the work in and the kids will come. If you have a program in place but still do not have the numbers do something different. Summer trips are great. Do freestyle and greco for a lot of places i have heard they don't teach it because they are worried about it effecting folkstyle. All my kids have done freestyle and greco and it has helped a ton. Yes there is an adjustment period at the start but kids adjust fast. I see 7 and 8 year olds every year make this adjustment so it is not an excuse not to do it. Dropping to 12 weights will only hurt the sport more because the schools that do have the weights to fill the classes now will only have 12 spots. That's 2 less spots and 2 less kids making varsity. Giving 2 kids a reason to want to quit. I just don't see any positives from this.
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    I say just Lake County, some try to claim it but I do not think that is right. Had a kid in college one time say he was from da region, I asked where, and he said Rensselaer, I just said you are not from da region and never spoke to him again.
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    I will come by and broadcast the practice keeps my skills sharp
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    Who impressed you the most

    Absolutely. Not knowing him personally at all, he carried himself extremely well even when faced with that questionable call. I was also really impressed with the attitude of Sam Hansen of Roncalli. He seemed to be having the time of his life, and was very polite. I talked to him for a second after the finals and he was just a very gracious kid.
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    Boards about to die down

    I'd like to see some "Whatever happened to.... ?" articles. Past state champs or even guys that were close. Tell their story about the path they chose after HS wrestling ended, and also maybe what wrestling did for them later in life. Has to be lots of interesting stories out there
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    I know we have talked about this multiple times. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the 126 lb wrestlers for staying at the weight and not dropping to 120 or bumping up to 132. (Obviously some couldn't because they had great team mates at the weight above and below.) Watching all 4 of the semi finalists walk out on to the mat was maybe the most excited I have ever been at the state tournament outside of red vs lee. Then you look on the outside mats and realize there are 4 other guys who are semi finalist/finalist caliber level as well, that came up short. All legends in my eyes. Thats the deepest weight class I have ever seen in my 18 years of watching the state finals. Obviously that is debatable but these guys made a very strong argument and have my vote. That was a blast and this is a sincere THANK YOU! -nick duke
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    Zach Melloh Family

    Nick and Zach We have nothing but the ultimate amount of respect and appreciation for you and your family.. it does seem just like yesterday that Zach and Daws battled as youngsters, Zach always pushed Dawson to be better and share a special friendship.. Zach is a outstanding young man way past being a outstanding wrestler.. Purdue got the total package in Zach .. We will be cheering and following him and his career... Blake Mulkey Thank you for being such a great kid and bringing out the best in the Columbus East opponents (especially Daws) , after the matches were over , you were back to always joking and being a good kid to be around ...We wish you nothing but the best with your next stop ... Kris Rumph The semifinals was the first time that Daws got to wrestle you but of course we had heard so much about your ability and skills , you didn’t disappoint on your showing on that big stage.. Dawson said that was the most fun he ever had in a match , of course I was beyond nervous but you both pushed each to overtime coming up with the win .. Congratulations to you and your family... This weight class was very deep and talented .. Every round , it seemed like we had a ranked wrestler with a competitive spirit to the end .. it was truly a life experience and privilege to be in the mix.. The Combest Family
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    133 Owen Doster- Wabash 141 Chase Wilson- Manchester 149 Austin Bethel- Wabash 157 Kyle Hatch- Wabash 174 Darden Schurg- Wabash 184 Hunter Bates- Wabash
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    NCAA Seeds/Brackets Are Out!

    Here is a quick summary. I may have missed some and if so, my apologies: 125 Luke Welch - Castle/Purdue 14 seed - will face Connor Brown of SD St Elijah Oliver - IU Unseed - faces #9 Ronny Rios (Oregon St?) Brock Hudkins - Danville/NIU Unseeded - faces #7 seed Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley St) - Lamont is a RS Frosh who has had many battles with Chad Red the past few years in the off season, and one against Nick Lee 133 Steven Micic - Hanover Central/Meechigan #2 seed as expected. Could see a 4th match vs Luke Pletcher in the semis. Micic has taken the last 2 after a loss early in the year 141 Nick Lee Mater Dei/Penn St #8 seed - faces Maryland's Ryan Diehl. Lee majored him 22-10 in their only match this season. Could set up a rematch with Josh Alber where Lee won by fall at the Southern Scuffle, late in a very close match. Chad Red - New Palestine/Nebraska Unseeded (this one puzzles me a bit) - faces #7 Seed Brock Zacherl of Clarion. Zacherl is 28-1 and beat Nick Lee in his 2nd match of the year 6-4. Wrestled a defensive style against Lee. Cole Weaver - IU #16 Seed - faces a pigtail winner between Kyle Shoop of Loch Haven and Vince Turk of Iowa. Other Big Ten notes: Illinois Michael Carr who beat Nick Lee at the B1G Championship is seeded #11. I really thought he would jump Lee. Tommy Thorn of Minnesota was unseeded. Thorn should provide a tough opener for #10 seed Mason Smith of Central Michigan. 149 Jason Tsirtsis gets the 10 Seed and will face Dane Robbins of Air Force in the first round. This would set up a match against Northwestern's Ryan Deakin who got the #7 Seed. At least he stays away from top seed Zain Retherford. 157 Lots of Big Ten focus here, but didn't see any Indiana connections. The B1G got seeds 3, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Penn St.'s Jason Nolf gets the 3rd seed. Nolf has only lost once this year to injury default. He wrestled twice at the Big Ten and then MFF to 6th. Seems like a tough penalty to drop the defending champ due to a couple of MFF's that carried the intention to make sure he is healthy for Nationals. The 2 seed is Missouri's Lavalee, who Nolf destroyed in the National Championship last year. Bottom line, if Nolf is healthy and his knee can hold up, no one here will beat him. Though an interesting quarterfinal matchup could loom with Nolf vs. Iowa's Michael Kemerer who got the #6 seed after being ranked #2 most of the year. He also MFF'd to 6th place at the Big Tens after winning 2 matches. 2nd Half coming shortly....... 165 This could be one of the most interesting weight classes (along with 125 and 141 IMO) and is definitely Big Ten heavy, which has 9 of the 16 seeded wrestlers. IMAR gets the #1 seed with McFadden of Va Tech #2. Followed by Joseph (PSU) at #3, Alex Marinelli (Iowa) #5, Richie Lewis (Rutgers) #6, Logan Massa (Michigan) #7, and Evan Wick (Wisky), Isaiah White (Nebraska), Nick Wanzek (Minny), Te'shan Campbell (OSU) seeded 10-13. Keep an eye out for Chance Marsteller (Loch Haven) who is 40-2 on the year and drew a #9 Seed. 174 Ben Harvey - Cathedral/Army Unseeded - Drew into a pigtail match and faces Tyrel White (Columbia? Cornell? Colorado?). The winner faces #5 Seed Myles Amine of Michigan. Dylan Lydy - Ben Davis/Purdue #15 Seed - faces Northweatern's Johnny Sebastian. Sebastian is 2-1 vs Lydy this year. The weight is most likely to be a showdown between Penn St's Mark Hall and Arizona St's Zahid Valencia. Both undefeated, they faced off in the semifinals last year with Hall pulling out a squeaker which included a penalty point for grabbing the headgear. Hall is the defending champion, but the #2 Seed. Valencia beat Hall in a pre-season exhibition, in another tight match. 184 IMO, this class is a battle to see who will face Penn St.'s Bo Nickal in the final. Nickal, last year's champ seems to have solved Ohio St.'s Myles Martin (3 in a row, I believe) but Martin has won before, including in the 2016 NCAA Final. No Indiana ties that I saw here. 197 May be the most wide open weight in the tournament. I'm sure Ohio St fans would disagree, but I don't see Kollin Moore as a heavy favorite, yet he is the favorite. Jared Haught of Va Tech, Ben Darmstadt of Cornell , NCSt.'s Mike Macciavello, and Penn St.'s Shakur Rasheed will battle to try and knock Moore off. 285 Shawn Streck - Merrilville/Purdue Unseeded drew #13 seed William Miller of Edinboro. Like 174, this weight seems to be all about the top 2 and Round 3 between Kyle Snyder and Adam Coon. Coon is a beast and pushes every bit of 285, but moves very well. Many consider Snyder the best in the world but gives up a ton of weight choosing to wrestle closer to his Freestyle weight. Should they make the final like most expect them to, it should be MUST SEE TV! Wrestling begins Thursday the 15th, if I looked at my calendar correctly! Sorry if I missed anyone with Indiana ties!
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    Stevan Micic

    Just wanted to show some love to Micic for his BIG title. Hope he keeps it going in a couple weeks!
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    Hopefully coach Myers closes with a seminar on how to grow a great mustache
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    Mason Parris at 11

    I thought this was pretty cool. My students were asking me about state and I was telling them about Mason, so I looked up "Mason Parris" on youtube and this came up. Pretty cool.
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    Here is our first match-up! Mason Parris vs. Brandon Whitman from Dundee, Michigan
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    NAIA National Qualifiers from Indiana

    A few of those guys should be at IU , but Goldman sucks
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    Best state tournament

    This year's state meet was great, as always - but, what is your favorite state finals and why? For me, it was probably Chad Red's senior season. The electricity in the air for that Lee/Red match was one of the coolest things I've experienced in the sport. Last year the most fun was the third-place heavyweight match.
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    Boards about to die down

    What about a Getting to Know article/interview every so often? Find a random school, wrestler, coach, assistant and just ask to interview them? Whether it's video content or even an article, it might help their program get a little more recognition. I mean the people that frequent the board have an idea of what coaches are doing and how some of the top talent is doing, but what about some of the smaller schools or guys that seem to fly under the radar. Or even some video content of Team Indiana practices, road trips and tournaments, similar to that of what FloWrestling use to do. Always fun watching those.
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    Best Career

    Just for technical clarification, getting pinned would fall in that category
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    Coach Seymour

    B Lee class act

    It’s been an honor to coach him, along with his fellow senior teammates in Mills, Mulkey, and Walton. I’ve learned tons from the fab 4 and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in college! They changed the atmosphere at Brownsburg for the sport of wrestling and while it will be sad to walk into the wrestling room without them the mark they made will last for years to come.
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    Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    Slika is very tough on top as evident in his 1-0 win over McIntosh in the quarter-finals. Not knowing the situation or strategy, Hunt was going to need a takedown to win no matter what most likely. If he goes on bottom, it will take a lot of effort and energy to get out. Maybe it takes 20 seconds, maybe it takes 1:59, maybe he doesn't get out. Even if he gets an escape he will still need a takedown to win and would have limited time in regulation to do that. With that said giving himself two minutes to get a takedown or maybe a couple stalling calls to tie it up is probably more likely than getting that escape and then only having a minute to get a takedown in the first overtime.
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    Coach Coop

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Not trying to put any pressure on my kid but he doesn’t even know this messageboard exist. Keandre Watson Columbus North started wrestling last year as a freshman, he is a 2x semi state qualifier. Lost to 8th place finisher Brycen Denny 5-2 this year... lost by decision to Rooks in the sectional and regional finals. Keandre finished 7th at freshman and sophomore state last year and 7th at freestyle state last year as a first year cadet. Teched 2x state qualifier Tanner Schoeff at freestyle state. maybe not on the same level as Rumph but definitely a kid who could be a 2x placer depending on the weight class.
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    By STEVE KRAH stvkrh905@gmail.com When Trent McCormick became head wrestling coach at Yorktown High School, he was a teenager leading teenagers. Over the decades, McCormick turned the Tigers into a mat powerhouse. In his 30 seasons, Yorktown sent many wrestlers to the State Finals in Indianapolis. Fifty-nine times, they headed back to Delaware County as state placers. Six times, they were state champions — Ross Janey (285 in 2010), Devon Jackson (138 in 2012), Rhett Hiestand (160 in 2014), Brad Laughlin (160 in 2017), Brayden Curtis (106 in 2017 and 113 in 2018). McCormick, 50, has announced his retirement and he steps away as the leader of the program with a memorable last go-round at the State Finals. “We were a small team this year,” said McCormick Saturday, Feb. 17 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. “There were a lot of studs on the team. We always like to say, ‘Steel sharpens steel.’ It’s been a long, grueling season and to have four state placers and six state qualifiers, I was very proud of them.” McCormick, a state champion at 185 for Delta in 1986 and an Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Famer, took his boys back to the State Finals after winning the 22nd sectional, 13th regional and eighth semistate of his career. At Indy, junior Brayden Curtis (40-0) bested New Castle junior Andrew Black 6-0 in the finals to become a two-time state champion on McCormick’s watch. “He knows how to plan and he knows how to coach us mentally and physically,” said Curtis of McCormick. “He’s a huge part of my success as well as (assistant) coach (Kenny) O’Brien.” Senior Christian Hunt (48-1) concluded his Yorktown career as a state runner-up at 145. “It was a great honor to go out and represent my school,” said Hunt. “I definitely wanted to come out with a first, but second isn’t too bad.” “As a senior, I wanted to send Coach McCormick out on a positive note,” said McCormick. “I did absolutely the best I could.” Senior Alex Barr (48-3) placed sixth at 132. Senior Zach Todd (42-8) came in seventh at 106. State qualifiers were junior Eric Hiestand (42-4) at 152 and sophomore Holden Parsons (39-6) at 285. The Tigers finished seventh in the team standings. During McCormick’s run, Yorktown has been state runner-up twice and won four team state duals championships. A lay coach for 18 years who transitioned into teaching and has been in the classroom for the past 12, McCormick said he plans to spend more time with loved ones. He also plans to travel and that means going to West Point, N.Y., to see son Cael McCormick wrestle for Army. Cael was a three-time state medalist at Yorktown. “I’m going to spend some more time with the family and not so much time in the gymnasium,” said McCormick. View full article
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    Melloh and Mulkey

    thank you for not letting us all down...... @MD92 showing his true colors with this anonymous post as a huge P.O.S. good to know some things don't change #StayClassy u huge d-bag
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    125 Blake Glogouski- Lake Erie 141 Nick Crume- UIndy 149 Isaiah Kemper- McKendree 285 Dylan Faulkenberg- UIndy Other Indianapolis qualifiers 157 Heath Lange- UIndy 184 Brody Conner- UIndy
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    Not going to lie, I laughed pretty hard at this...while we share the same 219 area code, Rensseltucky is not a part of da region, and proudly so... #CornFedCritter
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    Another great match coming your way
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    Tony McGinley

    Best Career

    They are both phenomenal wrestlers all of Indiana has been lucky to witness. Period. Lee creditials are higher outside of IN b/c Parris was a great football player. Well not b/c... I should say that’s b/c that’s the way life is... Both guys I am glad to have met & spoke to. I think both kids compete in the future for an Olympic medal. Thanks for the memories fellas!
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    They should have a TOURNAMENT OF RUNNER-UPS, would be interesting to see some of the guys that are never given the true credit they deserve
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    He is being heavily recruited by a couple of U of M fraternities that are good at intramural flag football.
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    Who impressed you the most

    My vote goes to Nick South. I knew nothing about him going into E'ville SS. He was extremely impressive that weekend & again at State as well. Beating Mappes in the finals two weeks in a row 3-2 then 9-6. Congats to Columbus East as a whole. They have always been a good program but really elevated to an elite level this year.
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    Boards about to die down

    More articles about current and former wrestlers. More historic type type of information/articles. Rank the top 10 best dual teams in the past 30 years?
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    Best move under the lights

    That snap misdirect by rumph at 38
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    Add to this the notion that there were (2) additional wrestlers at this weight that could have possibly placed if they had not drawn Mills & Garcia in the ticket round at the E'ville SS. Egli of MD lost to Garcia 4-1 & Willis of Castle lost 5-1 to Mills. When you consider that fact that all (4) qualifiers from the E'ville SS placed & three of them (Garcia, Rooks, Mills) finished 1,2,3, it is easy to see that 126 at E'ville was brutal.
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    Caleb Spires

    Sig40 Freshman watchlist

    Checked Mendez’s IHPO run on track and he; pinned a 4th place David Pierson, beat 3rd place Ray Rioux 4-0, and defeated state champ Jacob Moran 5-0.