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    Pokorney Cadet Greco National Champ
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    It's not talked about here often on this discussion board as others, but Darren Elkins has had quite the UFC career. If you get a chance to watch Darren's last fight, you might be able to understand how tough of a guy Darren really is. I watched the fight from my sofa with my wife, and to be honest. I was hoping the ref would stop it because I can't see a situation where Darren would quit and I was worried for his safety........and 5 min later he knocks the guys out to get what some have called one of the best comebacks in the history of UFC. Darren has his biggest fight of his career this Saturday on Fox if you get a chance to watch a fellow Hoosier as Co-Main event for UFC Fight Night.
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    Silas Allred with some positive press on Flo. 2 away from the podium. A foolish weight cut resulted in drastic underachieving at Freestyle. The days of 170lbs are over.
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    Indiana boys bring home 5 of the 13 titles in the high school individual tournament today. Jesse Mendez 108 Dawson Combest 138 Jacob LaPlace 155 Carson Brewer 167 Brady Shepherd HWT
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    Congratulations to Christian on his commitment to serve our country and attend the United States Military Academy at West Point! Not only has this kid put hours of diligence on the mat but has made leaps and bounds in the classroom. I'll never forget when a scrawny 106 pounder with an indifference to his GPA told me over the dinner table three years ago that he wanted to go to an Academy and wrestle. Knowing the rigors of that decision, I rolled my eyes but said "well let's go to work." Three years later, I stand corrected. Good things come to kids who work hard in the classroom. Congratulations to Christian and his family, and Go Army!
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    Fargo, big pre-season events, and weight shifting will change things a decent amount, but here is their initial rankings http://www.flowrestling.org/ranking/2871-new-faces-new-rankings/2017-07-09/p4p Pound for Pound #9 Parris 106. #20 Moran 145 #2 Brayton Lee (behind Sasso of PA) 145 #16 McIntosh 152 #1 Joe Lee 195 #13 Davison 220 #1 Parris ( initially he was slotted at #2 behind Schultz of CO but was moved up in the revision) HWT #16 Pokorney These rankings could set up a Who's #1 clash between B. Lee and Sasso. It also could make meeting between Parris and Schultz unless Football gets in the way. Indiana is a little light on this list and with little Hoosier movement during the regular season (travel restrictions) hopefully we have some of our top guns participating in some of these spring and fall events.
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    Not much of a dry spell. Jesse Mendez just became Indiana's 12th triple crown winner today competing in schoolboy division at 105 pounds. Side note, Jesse wrestled another Indiana kid(Zeke Seltzer in the freestyle finals). Must be the 2 qualifiers that got him over the hump.
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    Here are your Cadets: C 094 Alec Freeman FS C 094 Carleton Perry FS/GR C 094 Dylan Driver FS/GR C 100 Danny Tolin FS C 100 Alex Cottey FS C 100 Brayden Lowery FS C 106 Colton Drousias FS/GR C 106 Ethan Higgins FS/GR C 113 Camden Spears FS/GR C 113 Devon Casebolt FS/GR C 113 Blake Boarman FS/GR C 120 Jacob Fiew FS/GR C 120 Brock Peele FS C 120 Johnathan Otte FS/GR C 120 Terrance Jones FS/GR C 126 Jace Longere GR C 126 Eli Dickens FS C 126 Alec Viduya FS C 132 Ty Lehman FS/GR C 132 Scott Fitts FS C 132 Matt Lee FS C 132 Alex Masconi FS/GR C 138 Mazona Bryant FS C 138 Carlos Monroy FS/GR C 145 Cooper Noehre FS/GR C 145 Antwan Graves FS C 145 Damon McClain FS/GR C 152 Bryce Bailey FS/GR C 160 Clayton Fielden FS/GR C 160 Jacob Atkins FS/GR C 170 Silas Allred FS/GR C 195 Austin Lane FS/GR C 220 Cade Campbell FS C 220 Grant Warmuth FS C 220 Nathan Bishop FS C 285 Eli Pokorney FS/GR
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    Silas Allred will be wrestling 170 at Freestyle & 170/182 at Greco as a first year Cadet. Other notables I'm aware of, but not yet mentioned are.....Manzona Bryant-Cadet, Lucas Davison-Junior & Eli Pokorney-Cadet. These young men, as well as the wrestlers mentioned in the previous posts have a great chance to bring home All American honors......and potentially even more prominent accolades. Plenty of other very capable studs making the trip as well. Team Indiana will be well coached, and well represented at multiple weight classes.
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    Congratulations to Noah Cressell from Wabash for signing with North Dakota State. He is projected to wrestle 174. View full signing
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    Many of the Indiana based teams had kids from other states on them. Hey... its summer wrestling. It's more about having fun and doing stuff with other kids and other teams. You know how it was with Tallented son. Studs like him get to meet cool kids along the way. Just kinda neat to see kids that typically wrestle against each other on state based teams (like scholastics) come together and have fun. I really think that is what the "off season" stuff is all about. With all of that said, Indiana as a whole did very well up here.
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    All of them except Jesse, Zeke, and Cheaney. Not sure if Freeman will be big enough, but all the rest will be making immediate impacts for sure.
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    My son was a part of this team both this year & last year & it was a great experience for him! The cost was really not bad, $550 for both styles, compared to what they are paying for Fargo. As far as who was on the team, many of the names suggested did not wrestle at Freestyle & Greco State. My son was always taught that doing these styles would improve your Folkstyle wrestling. He placed 1st in Greco & 2nd (behind Konrath) in Freestyle at state. In hindsight, he probably would've been more competitive at a weight class lower, but he also had to bump up a weight class half of the matches because we didn't have a 132 pounder! Encourage these "hammers" to compete at the state level so we can have a better team, but don't complain when the kids who won top spots in our state competition didn't fair as well as you hoped. These kids put in the practice & competed at the state level, so they deserved to go.
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    Perry Meridian is very excited to have Coach Wes Gibson back home. He was an integral part of the State Champinship runs the Falcons had a few years back. Coach Gibson was the head coach at Lawrence Central High School and has really turned that program around. He will now be the head Perry Meridian Middle School coach and will look to guide the Mustangs back on top! Coach Gibson will be in the high school room as well helping out at all levels.
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    Cadet AAs: Pokorney, Atkins and Allred, who lit up Fargo with some huge throws. Congratulations, gents
  17. 2 likes
    The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the greatest things in the world due to his ability to show his passion and allow others to show their passion. A few months back he was talking about how he views MMA where he talks passionately about Elkins's last victory.
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    Indiana & Ohio *Ohio Mafia* come together to win High School Division. 8 Indiana wrestlers was on the Team and all wrestled lights out . All wrestlers All-American. Congrats !
  19. 2 likes
    Took out Wisconsin 4th placer also... yes..... he had a solid weekend. Super proud. Lots of kids did well. Thanks buddy. Look for big things from Hall next year. He is got a tank on him. Really nice kid too.
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    Thanks for the update. They put some points up in that match. With his win Indiana finishes in 6th place. 2 points short Pennsylvania in 5th. One of the better Junior Freestyle showings our state has had in recent years.
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    Carr's uncle was in Kentucky, David may have wrestled there for a time. His dad took the head coaching job in NE Ohio a few years ago so he went with him. Davison has Max Lyon, who will be coming to Indiana this fall to wrestle for Purdue. Konrath has Jared Van Vleet of Illinois who was a state runner-up this year. On the consolation side Cressell has Lenardo Tarantino who wrestles for Blair and placed at the Beast of the East Brayton Lee has Kendall Coleman of Illinois who was a state runner-up this year. Jacob Moran has Daniel Rehfeldt of Michigan who doesn't look like he wrestled in their state series.
  22. 2 likes
    My research reflects that the team champs in the middle school and 6th grade and under divisions had Indiana kids on those teams also. Middle school champs had Cheaney Schoeff and Evan Bates. 6U had Big Nate Rioux. All world 3rd grade and under coach Triple B just came up short with the Indiana boys in the 3rd grade and under division.
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    . I thought maybe you were the .5 kid Joe was talking about.................take it easy I am short too buddy !!!
  24. 2 likes
    So would wrestle backs at Semi-state and State
  25. 2 likes
    Just a few names that I know of : Freshman Avon Tyler Conley 106-113 Avon Brady McKivitz 126-132 Avon Jaden Reynolds 132-138 Plainfield Cameron Allen 106 Brownsburg Kysen Montgomery 106-113 Junior Plainfield LJ Burden 138-145 Avon Caden Hubner 220 Avon Mo Aloosh 285 Senior California move to Plainfield Hassan Zwink unsure on weight .
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    Perry has: Alex Cottey Cadet 94 and Austin Lane Roncalli: Lowery ?, Viduya Cadet 126 and Sam Henson
  27. 2 likes
    http://www.flowrestling.org/article/58346-where-college-coaches-should-be-at-12-01-tonight#.WVaOQIUpCEc Flo currently has Parris #2 on the Senior Recruiting Board behind former Indiana resident Gable Stevenson. Speculation is Oklahoma St and lowa, among other big names, will be hitting Mason up to choose wrestling over football and fill their HWT spot. B. Lee is the #16 recruit. Flo sees Nebraska going after him with the C. Red connection. They also feel North Carolina State maybe pushing heavy for him. Also on Flo's Senior Recruit Board. #13 J. Lee which is pretty locked in to follow his brother to Penn State. #59 Lucas Davison who maybe want to try and follow his brother to Michigan or maybe look at his dads old stomping ground of Wisconsin
  28. 2 likes
    Jesse is a great kid and deserving of all the success he has achieved !!!! His success skyrocketed for sure after being Weisjahn coached at the elementary duals wearing purple for the '16 State Champion Dogs......guess you could say that is when he really turned the corner for sure. Another success story for Fabio's portfolio/resume...LOL
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    Here is the way I remember the evolution of our duals teams (sprinkled with my opinions of why/why not some things changed). The coaches of the duals teams were frustrated on how Indiana teams were made. Up until around 2010 schoolboys/cadets/junior duals teams were made just by placement at ISWA state. I remember giving the example of Andrew Howe, Cooper Samuel, Kyle Ulrey (all IHSAA State champions that year) all showing up at freestyle state in the same weight classes. Because of the way ISWA selected duals teams at that time, only 1 of them could be on the junior duals team. (Here's my opinion)...In the late 90's and early 2000's all of Indiana's duals teams were competitive and all of the hammers wanted to be on the team. But that started to change. In the late 90's NHSCA became a huge tourney. Then add Super 32, FloNationals, USA Folkstyle nationals, MYWAY stuff, Dixie Nationals, Tulsa, etc. This made tournament competition different for USA Wrestling/ISWA. I was involved in schoolboys duals at that time. I asked most of the teams in schoolboy duals how they selected their teams. There were pretty wide examples of how others made their team. I remember Oklahoma's was almost funny. Their state association would select their coaching staff and they would announce the three different tourneys they would attend. If you wanted to be on Oklahoma's SBD team, you'd have to go to that tourney. The coaches would 'select' the kids they saw at that tourney and then tell them what weight they'd need to make! If Billy Badboy was at 100, they would say to him that he would need to make 91 of he wanted to go. I asked the OK coach, "how many parents did you piss off doing it that way"....he replied, "all of them, but we want to be competitive". ha! Back in ISWA board meetings we started the discussion. I remember asking, "does Indiana want the fairest way to make a team, or do we want to make the best team". I said I believed that it is impossible to do both. (back to my opinion)...If we made the dual team only by placement at ISWA state, then we have the fairest way to make our team. No one can complain because they either won or lost to the guy that is on the team. If we have a coaching staff make the team, then we can have a lot of frustrated folks because they could say politics picks our team. I can see the dilemma that the organization had at the time....throw in the concern that HYWAY was going to take over at that time too! A group of coaches got together, came up with the plan to use ISWA state similar as US Open. If you won ISWA state, the spot on the duals team was your's, but you could lose that spot if someone beat you 2 out of 3 at camp. It kept validity to the ISWA state and gave us the option to have flexibility to make a competitive team. The first year we presented it, it was voted down. The next year it passed, but then got voted down a month later. The following year it passed. (back to my opinion) With the competition of tourneys growing at that time (Flo, NHSCA added all HS grades, Disney duals, etc) the "alphas" of Indiana could go to Cadet/Junior duals on a team that was not the best team Indiana had and wrestle in the Purple pool for placement. I understand that we can tell parents, "Come to Cadet/Junior duals and you will get over 10 matches against some of the best competition in the country". I believe that is true.....if we took our best team. We can all check trackwrestling and see the competition that IN teams had these past two months. I agree that PA, OK, MN, IL, OH, etc had amazing teams and it would have been great for Paris, Lee, Lee, Lee, and crew to have duals against those teams. But our team consistently makes the red/blue placement pools and wrestles Utah and Georgia. The alpha parents know that they will get one match against a Gold/Silver pool team and then go wrestle the developmental teams in purple division.
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    If you want the state team to be that good then get your "studs" to do these events. Don't start bashing the kids who went out and gave their best because they wanted the experience and to represent. Some kids didn't even wrestle their normal weight. I noticed you have poynter at 126 and Stephenson at 132 but following on track those two rotated those weights meaning they were both giving up weight to begin with let alone against some of the best across the nation. These were the kids who wanted to go and dedicate themselves so live with it and don't bash them and how someone else could have done better. In the end there is almost always someone who could do better so praise the ones who try
  31. 2 likes
    Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you. Yorktown should be very proud. Three back to back to back. Cael, Brad and now Christian.That is a great reflection on the Yorktown program and Coach McCormick. Cathedral has sent the Harvey brothers, Brian has graduated, Ben is still there. Lowell has sent Colton and Avon has sent Gunnar. Can't wait to see who is next. Congrats agian to Christian.
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    I know from a coaching standput I think getting guys like Angel and Kendrick involved would do wonders not only are they best of the best but Are really good at communicating with the kids and relating to them. Not to mention they are pretty good at wrestling.
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    The best recruiter for the wrestlers are the other wrestlers. These guys know each others twitter, instagram and sometimes even phone number. They keep up each other and talk to each other all the time. If they start selling each other on the idea of a tough team that can compete then we will have one that can compete. If they feel the cause is worth of the effort then I'm sure they will train more to adapt to Freestyle and find a way financially to go. However right now the drive is just not there for many of our solid wrestlers to justify that type of summer effort or financial commitment. Currently they don't know much of a team will actually show and are not sure if they want to commit the effort and fund raising to be there. The state is just recovering from a dismal decade of writing off The Olympic styles all together which isn't helping either since many of our top guys have done very little wrestling in the spring over the last several years. 7-10 matches against top national talent shouldn't be to hard to sell especially if these guys know they are going to be on a good team. I'm sure some big name coaches calling guys early in the process and talking it up would help but getting their peers to take a leadership roll will be the best selling point. I remember hearing an interview with the Oklahoma guys a year or two ago where they said the wrestlers selling the idea of buildings a mega team team to each other was one of the reasons they were able to get so many top guys to commit and also hold each kther accountable to improving their Freestyle ability.
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    Wawasee is selling 6 full size mats. Willing to sell as whole mats, or individual sections. Prices range from $400 per section, to $1000 per section. If interested contact Frank Bumgardner at 260-578-7022.
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    Elkins win with a split decision. Decent amount of action both standing and on the ground. Elkins clear winner of round 1. Second round was debatable but two judges give it to Elkins. Bermudes gets the 3rd round. Elkins should be able to move into the Top 10 Rankings with the win.
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    He is listed at the top of the thread as "fighters who didn't wrestle." Yes very much a stud at lightweight in the early years of WEC. Unfortunately, he ended up suffering some tough loses just before the UFC started merging the WEC talent into their fold.
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    Noehre and Davison into the quarters. Cressell still in the wrestlebacks.
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    Brooks is on the Jones vs Cormier under card on the 29th vs a VERY good shelton.. should be fire works
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    111 schools have had All-Americans, here is the list by school Rank Count School 1 23 Perry Meridian 2 19 Mishawaka 3 16 Evansville Mater Dei 4 16 Lawrence North 5 14 Beech Grove 6 12 Griffith 7 12 Hanover Central 8 12 Indianapolis Cathedral 9 12 Merrillville 10 11 Muncie Southside 11 10 Portage 12 9 Bloomington North 13 9 Bloomington South 14 9 Chesterton 15 7 Delta 16 7 Martinsville 17 7 Monrovia 18 7 Warren Central 19 6 Ben Davis 20 6 Franklin Community 21 6 Jeffersonville 22 6 Mooresville 23 5 Crown Point 24 5 Fishers 25 5 Hobart 26 5 Jimtown 27 5 LaPorte 28 5 Penn 29 5 Princeton 30 5 Whiteland 31 4 Bellmont 32 4 Carroll(Fort Wayne) 33 4 Center Grove 34 4 Indianapolis Arlington 35 4 Jay County 36 4 Jennings County 37 4 New Castle 38 4 Warsaw 39 4 Western 40 3 Anderson Highland 41 3 Brownsburg 42 0 Carmel 43 3 Columbus North 44 3 Concord 45 3 Decatur Central 46 3 Delphi 47 3 Eastbrook 48 3 Indiana Connections Academy 49 3 Noblesville 50 3 South Bend Adams 51 3 Winamac 52 2 Avon 53 2 Brebeuf Jesuit 54 2 Calumet 55 2 Crawfordsville 56 2 East Chicago Central 57 2 Evansville Central 58 2 Frankfort 59 2 Franklin Central 60 2 Garrett 61 2 Hammond Bishop Noll 62 2 Hammond Gavit 63 2 Harrison (WL) 64 2 Highland 65 2 Kokomo 66 2 Lake Station Edison 67 2 Lawrence Central 68 2 Lowell 69 2 Milan 70 2 New Palestine 71 2 Northwestern 72 2 Owen Valley 73 2 Plainfield 74 2 South Bend Riley 75 2 Sullivan 76 2 Union County 77 1 Andrean 78 1 Bishop Luers 79 1 Brazil 80 1 Cloverdale 81 1 Columbia City 82 1 Danville 83 1 East Noble 84 1 Eastside 85 1 Elwood 86 1 Floyd Central 87 1 Fort Wayne Snider 88 1 Gibson Southern 89 1 Glenn 90 1 Greencastle 91 1 Hammond Morton 92 1 Harding 93 1 Indian Creek 94 1 Lake Central 95 1 Logansport 96 1 Madison 97 1 Muncie Northside 98 1 Munster 99 1 North Central 100 1 North Knox 101 1 Pendleton Heights 102 1 Pike 103 1 Richmond 104 1 Roncalli 105 1 South Bend LaSalle 106 1 Tipton 107 1 Tri Central 108 1 Wawasee 109 1 Western Boone 110 1 Westfield 111 1 Zionsville
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    Wow Lucas Davison put up 92 points on his way to Fargo AA.
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    Mosconi, Fielden and Pokorney into the semis. Lowery sews up an All-American finish. Freeman and Cottey fall in the blood round, with Cottey scoring 33 points in his 2 losses Cadets will finish with 4 AAs
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    You have to be in a special club. Last year a college coach was "mysteriously" left off the list for "more qualified" guys. My guess is it was revenge for divulging information to certain people.
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    Alec Viduya is 3-0 and facing top seed Joshua Saunders next.
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    One of my favorite segment that Flo offers is Mike Malinconico's Behind the Dirt. In it he breaks down some of the slickest techniques performed as world and national events. Brayton Lee's single from the Junior Worls Team Trials made it onto this weeks edition as Mike spends some time highlighting Fargo contenders. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1224212-stalk-a-single-leg-like-brayton-lee#.WWfR7IUpCEc
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    So the 2 qualifier system is starting to pay off eehhhh???
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    Flo's Junior Lightweight Preview http://www.flowrestling.org/article/58908-junior-freestyle-lightweight-preview#.WWa434UpCEc 100 - Moran picks for 4th 126 - Konrath picked to win 132 - Smiley gets a shoutout.
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    Best of luck to everyone competing. Very interested in seeing how Allred and Pokorney do. Allred has been impressive all year as a fresh, and Pokorney seems to keep improving at a fast rate.
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    I know Braytons planning on going not sure if he's going 45 or 52
  49. 1 like
    I had Schoeff's on there. He has been doing great things, which is why he is the only 6th grader on the list. Brady was killing it this year, sucks that he got hurt because I think he could have won a freestyle national title this month. I am going to make one more update at the end of this month and then start a new one with all the soon to be freshman off the list. @Using
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    I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jason DeLois. I have started an Indiana Girls Wrestling National Team and we are called the Indiana IGNITES. You can find us on Facebook, or Instagram under Indiana Girls Wrestling. We have also started a website and can be found at IndianaGirlsWrestling.com. I have been involved with wrestling for roughly 30+ years and know many of you already. My first coach was Alan Goddard in the mid eighties at Fulton Jr. High School. I then went to Ben Davis and wrestled for Tony Starks, and his good friend Jim Tonte. Following high school I wrestled at U Indy and with Tonte and Schoettle. I have been coaching for 15 years off and on and am currently the Head Club coach at New Palestine High School. My interest in girls wrestling started when my daughter Sydney came home from school one day and asked to wrestle. I guess it was inevitable since she had been around it since birth, but I was still a bit surprised. Since then we have wrestled all over the country and she is currently 3rd in the Nation in Folkstyle and hopefully soon to be 1st in Freestyle this weekend at Body Bar in Texas, God-willing. I would like to thank the ISWA for selecting me as the 2017 Fargo Women's team leader. It is very humbling knowing that I am privileged enough to be selected to such an Elite Core of Coaches and Individuals. I am a very busy person throughout the day and spend all my nights with my family, but I will try to be more frequent on the sight with posting of upcoming news and information pertaining to Indiana Girls Wrestling. Thanks for your time, and have a great day. Please feel free to call or text anytime if you have questions about the team. Jason DeLois Indianagirlswrestling@gmail.com IndianaGirlsWrestling.com 317.201.8700