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  2. Jeffersonville Sectional

    It is almost criminal what they have done to this Sectional.
  3. 12/09/2017

  4. Illegal equipment

    And you absolutely should. I however, am going to listen to the personal conversation I had with the assistant commissioner of boys wrestling for ishaa executive staff. Again, if you have questions, concerns, or need clarification I would encourage you to contact the ishaa. They were very helpful and easy to talk to. The white sleeve (which also comes in black) that was presented as illegal IS legal..how is that not misleading?
  5. Big 8 Results

    After seeing Willis last weekend, I am not sure I would hope to face him. That kid is loaded for anything that gets in his way.
  6. 12/30/2017

    Trey Sturgill
  7. 12/16/2017

    Cambridge City Lincoln
  8. 12/30/2017

    Andrew Sinkovics
  9. 01/18/2018

  10. 01/16/2018

  11. Big 8 Results

    Should See Graber (Washington) Vs Overton (Boonville) II in Sectional Semifinals at Castle. winner will almost surely face Willis (Castle) in Sectional Finals.
  12. 01/09/2018

  13. 12/02/2017

  14. Illegal equipment

    Sorry, I’m going to listen IHSAA Officials on this site/forum before I listen random poster on this subject . Obviously you only heard what you wanna hear on the phone. Its pretty clear they have banned the Knee Sleeve, Elbow Sleeve. The Officials on this site wouldn’t mislead on a Rule.
  15. 12/16/2017

    Columbus North
  16. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I would have to say caliboy as well. If you are loved by few and hated by/annoy many you are doing something right!!! Also always enjoyed a good post by ancient elder
  17. Stupid question. Why are they yammering on on the floor, rather than just voting on the darned legislation?… https://t.co/C3iKtqsZgQ

  18. 2018 Northeast 8 Conference

  19. 11/29/2017

  20. 01/20/2018

    Sam Richard
  21. Big 8 Results

    Chase Wilson Broke his jaw at Connersville is what i was told by my coach
  22. Big 8 Results

    106- Hall (Mt.Carmel) over Dike (Mt.Vernon)(Fall) 3rd- Allen (Vinciness Lincoln) over Forfiet 113- Sutton Boonville over Keepes Mt.Carmel (6-3) 3rd- Eckstein (Jasper) over Dail (Vinciness Lincoln) Fall 120- Wood (Mt.Carmel) over Mullins (Vinciness Lincoln) (14-4 I believe) 3rd-Davis (Boonville) over (Kid from Jasper) Fall 126- Graber (Washington) over Overton (Boonville) (4-2 OT) 132- Luke Dunn (Princeton) over McNeely (Vinciness Lincoln) (5-2) 3rd-Fulks (Boonville) over Critchfield (Mt.Carmel) Fall 138- Critchfield (Mt.Carmel) over (Unsure but it was a fall in the 3rd at the end) 3rd- Mayes (Boonville) over (Jasper) 145- Bies (Jasper) over Hust (Boonville) (8-3) 3rd- Berberich (Mt.Carmel) over Mccrary (Vinciness Lincoln) 152- Deffendol (Vinciness Lincoln) over (unsure of who it was, but it was a fall in the first) 3rd- Shelby (Mt.Carmel) over (Mt.Vernon) 160- Miller (Vinciness Lincoln) over (Mt.Vernon)(not sure of his name) (unsure of score as well) 170- McGennis (Mt.Vernon) over Price (Vinciness Lincoln) (4-2 i believe) 3rd-Flynn(Jasper) over (Mt.Vernon) 182- Coomer (Vinciness Lincoln) over DeRossett (Boonville) (Pin in the second period, not sure of the time) 195- Farrar (Mt.Carmel over Rydberg (Jasper) (10-3) 3rd- Malone (Vinciness Lincoln) over Krantz (Boonville)fall 220- Heuring (Boonville) over Buck (Princeton) (7-3) 3rd-(Mt Carmel)over Smith (Vinciness Lincoln)(14-2) 285 York (Vinciness Lincoln) over Weeks (Boonville) (4-2) 3rd- Collins (Princeton) over Popp (Jasper) Fall
  23. 01/20/2018

    Sam Richard
  24. Illegal equipment

    I have always enforced this the last two years when they have started wearing them, we pass the word to all of the officials, show them pictures and have presented this at rules meetings with coaches and officials present. This is considered special equipment and must be presented at weigh in to be checked for legality. Not when reporting to the mat just prior to wrestling.
  25. Illegal equipment

    I think I can help clarify here. I just got off the phone with the ishaa. I was told that this ruling is not coming from them. The rules are as they have been and you CANNOT wear a FULL compression sleeve going from ankle to singlet or full compression pants. However, you can wear knee sleeves. I called for clarification because within these posts we were told we could wear sleeves 3-4 inches above\below the knee which happens to be the white sleeve in the pics which is being presented to us as illegal on this forum. The black sleeve pictured does indeed go to the ankle and above the thigh and therefore I assume illegal. I was told by the ishaa not to listen to anyone about this topic on this forum. Those of you worried about covering knee braces you should be good with a legal sleeve. If you have questions or concerns I would go straight to the source, and call the ishaa
  26. Trophy Chasing

    You did not bring a team and thus you don't get to add comments in this thread any longer. Next yr if you can bring a team you can then resume adding comments to this thread. Just like you will never make the HOF due to Y2 putting you on a "Time out" you can not comment on the "trophy chasing" thread for 1 yr.
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