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    Jimtown RTC tomorrow Night 3/20 @ 5:30pm, Must have USA Wrestling Card. We have had a great room the past two weeks with 30-50 scrappers each night. Have seen at least 10 different schools represented from all over the area come join in and get yourself to the next level. Enter Door A2 Next week: 3/27 Our Guest Clinician will be Coach Kevin Lake of Manchester University
  4. Happy birthday bubba, seems like yesterday we were riding our bikes around the neighborhood?be safe out there tonight✊? @_yrnjj

  5. RT @LittleDPecker: Most accurate one yet. https://t.co/FoZZjStbUG

  6. RT @NathanZed: the day we collectively start respecting tobey maguire and what he did for us is the day we start making real progress in am…

  7. Mike Smitson - Thoughts & Prayers

    Prayers for a speedy and full recovery coach
  8. RT @sza: For you there might be a brighter star

  9. RT @Rye_May21: Lady in a sandwich shop showed me this video of her son today??? https://t.co/siKcVHwKpJ

  10. RT @DavidRoads: Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

  11. Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    We will be back tomorrow night 6-7:30. It has been a solid group of 30 or so the first week!
  12. RT @LatoraLegs: What is the best reason to attend the Latora Leg Camp?

  13. Best Collegiate Career

    I think Kelvin Jackson was from Anderson Highland rather than Anderson Madison Heights, but true that he was an NCAA champion while at Michigan St.
  14. @SethPetar @Snyder_man45 He was born November 20, 1995. That makes him 22.

  15. RT @amberdawnbooth: you will only agree if you’re old enough to be on Twitter https://t.co/9uXXAArJZ4

  16. 4x state champion Blake Maurer will run tomorrow's session for our first RTC. He is a great technician and it should be a lot of fun.
  17. NCAA Nationals

    Good tournament for Indiana kids. Poor results for IU. Again. Top talent in state continues to leave. See Lee, Davison And Parris this year.
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  19. NCAA Nationals

    I’m super high on him, had some good wins this season and I swear he got the first takedown in every match he wrestled. He was hurt this year and held out for a little while. Coming out of high school he was on the same tier as Hidlay who was runner up. Hopefully he can make a jump
  20. @ManceWarner Check your DM inbox!!!!!!

  21. Yesterday
  22. RT @Bhonis31: Well now you have nothing to watch since Syracuse just handed you that L https://t.co/i5oEjstbxT

  23. Best Collegiate Career

    Howe was a true freshman (2nd), soph (1st) and jr (3rd) then double redshirt Sr (2nd). I believe everyone else was a redshirt their freshman year. Tsirtsis was a redshirt freshman champion. Esco a redshirt soph champion.
  24. RTC Update: this week 3/21 we will be having former Warsaw State Champion, FS Fargo Runner-up, and current UFC fighter Jarred Brooks in the room showing some technique, and then rolling with our guys. Joining Jarred is NCAA D1 National Qualifier, NJCAA National Champion, and 3x Michigan State Champion Freddie Rodriguez. Going to be a GREAT room, look forward to having everyone there and getting better! Warrior Tough
  25. Dream Team Opener Duals

    The way it was worded confused me .. wasn't "trying" anything
  26. Best Collegiate Career

    Were any of them true frosh ?
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