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Fort Wayne Semi State Preview


Fort Wayne is quickly becoming the wrestling hub in Indiana and the War Memorial Coliseum plays host to three of the big events. This weekend the friendly confines will hold the all-important semi-state wrestling tournament. With that comes 56 golden tickets to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.


This year’s semi-state will provide a great day of wrestling with some very good entertainment from start to finish. At both ends, 106 and 285 you have weights that have many close competitors that will battle it out from the first whistle. Look for some hot and heavy action from all the weights as this might be the most unpredictable year in recent memory for this semi state.


On the team side you have the regulars vying for the title with Yorktown looking like a slight favorite over regional foes Bellmont and Delta, along with Carroll and Elkhart Memorial in the mix. On paper Yorktown has the horses and enough ponies to out distance the field, however that is on paper. Never count out Bellmont in big matches, nor look past a solid Carroll squad. Elkhart Memorial and Delta have the potential for a couple champs and could get a few others through to score some points. Overall with about eight weights that are total toss-ups, the team race will also be fun to watch.


As a friendly reminder all you men out there make sure you get your Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and chocolate on Friday so you aren’t getting the “draw of death” from your lady on Sunday.


As with last year, due to many wrestlers from Carroll at the event I will refrain from mostly biased picks on the weight classes.



Don’t sleep in on Saturday, get to the Coliseum early because if you don’t you’ll miss some of the best wrestling of the day. Returning State Streeter…Ben Streeter was a semi state finalist last year, but he’ll be pushed early on by a couple freshmen in Hunter Watts and Kade Zadylak. Brayden Curtis of Yorktown has come on strong this year. Curtis will have to manage a solid quarter bracket to punch his first ticket to state. The mighty little Panther Tanner DeMien is as tough as they come and was on the podium at state last year. The top of the bottom half has some interesting matches with JC Herring of Oak Hill sporting only one blemish on his record, but he can’t overlook the firepower of the Starfire Wyatt Miller, nor the Cougar little man Tanner Schoeff.



Curtis- Jordan Slivka, Seth Horty, Christian Mejia(113)

DeMien- Cayden Rooks, Christian Mejia(113)

Zadylak- Brayden Curtis, Wyatt Miller

Herring- Brycen Denny

Streeter- Gavis Rose, Goeffrey Davis(113), KeeghanOverton

Schoeff- Brayden Shearer, Kade Zadylak, Hunter Watts(2 times)

Miller- Geoffrey Davis(113), Kade Zadylak, Brayden Curtis, Chris Schuller


Early #SlobberKnockers

Tanner Schoeff- Central Noble vs. Wyatt Miller- South Adams

Kade Zadylak- Norwell vs. Hunter Watts- Jimtown


Ticket Round Tussles

JC Herring- Oak Hill vs. Schoeff/Miller winner

Ben Streeter- North Side vs. Zadylak/Watts winner



Moving up to 113lbs we have another SAC favorite in the heralded General Geoffrey Davis. Last year he was the semi state champ and brought back a 4th place medal to the south side of Fort Wayne. The other big name to watch for is the Wildkat Jabin Wright. He was at state last year and comes in with expectations of going back this year. Others to watch are #9 Josh Stephenson and #20 Christian Mejia who both come in as regional champions. Some guys to watch that had a blemish last week include Zach Johnson, Trevor Boyce, and Hunter Whitman.



Mejia- Colin Poynter, Jake Schoennegge, Austin Slates

Johnson- Geoffrey Davis(2 times), Owen Krider, Donavon Johnson

Wright- Jordan Slivka, Donavon Johnson(2 times), Jack Franklin(126), Blake Glogouski(120)

Davis- Skylour Turner, Jordan Slivka

Stephenson- Alec White, Nick Weaver, Matt Gimson, Noah Hunt

Summers- Jabin Wright(3 times), Geoffrey Davis, Alex DeLuna

Whitman- Austin Slates(2 times), Christian Mejia(3 times)


Early #SlobberKnockers

Andrew Wertman- Garrett vs. Nick Liter- Adams Central

Garrett Summers- Marion vs. Trevor Boyce- Dekalb


Ticket Round Tussles

Geoffrey Davis- Wayne vs. Trevor Boyce- Dekalb

Josh Stephenson- Yorktown vs. Hunter Whitman- Jimtown



This weight will feature three wrestlers with state medals along with another one that has state experience. Unfortunately the bracket gods did not separate them all and one will be sent to the showers early. Both Christian Hunt and Blake Glogouski finished 5th last year in the state finals at 106lbs and 120lbs respectively. Hunter Langeloh has had a great senior campaign after placing as a sophomore and qualifying for state last season. Flying Jet Anthony Mosser caught fire last year and made his way to Banker’s Life at 113lbs, but this year he’ll have to punch his ticket by going through Glogouski. This weight should be one of the more open weights with lots of great matches from start to finish.



Langeloh- Michael Higley(Michigan)

Moore- Blake Glogouski(2 times)

Hunt- Breyden Bailey, Blake Mulkey, Marcus Mejia(126)

Glogouski- Hunter Langeloh

Mendez- Christian Hunt, Graham Rooks, Noah Hunt, David Clayton, Kyle Davis, Dylan Culp


Early #SlobberKnockers

Anthony Mosser- Adams Central vs. Joel Byman- Carroll


Ticket Round Tussles

Austin Moore- Central Noble vs. Hunter Langeloh- Columbia City

Blake Glogouski- Fairfield vs. Mosser/Byman winner



Jon Becker of Bellmont is the only wrestler in this weight with state experience, however it was in 2014. Past him you have a lot of guys with good records and solid resumes, which will make for a very eventful weight to watch. At the top you have a very solid senior in Oak Hill’s Travis Davenport. He has been to semi-state what it seems like about 14 times, this year could be his year to punch his ticket to state. Marcus Mejia is a tough wrestler from Elkhart that was painstakingly close to punching his ticket last year. At the bottom you’ll have the favorite in Homestead’s Jack Franklin, but he can’t overlook a pair of seniors that will want one more week of wrestling in Brock House and Chad Elmore.



Mejia-Brock Hudkins, Blake Glogouski(120)

Davenport- Chris Loy, Jayce Meyer

Franklin- Breyden Bailey, Isaac Gomez, Blake Glogouski(120)

Becker- Michael DeLaPena, Ryan Hardesty,

Standridge- Jack Franklin, Ryan Bigelow, Ryan Hardesty, Michael DeLaPena, Dawson Combest, Drake Rhodes


Early #SlobberKnockers

Brock House- Delta vs. Chad Elmore- Taylor


Ticket Round Tussles

Travis Davenport- Oak Hill vs. Zane Standridge- Carroll

Jack Franklin- Homestead vs. House/Elmore winner



This weight has been one that people have been talking about all season long. This was probably the first weight most fans clicked on when the brackets came out to see the draws. Starting off you had four returning state qualifiers and another that has been knocking on the door. Unfortunately one of the state qualifiers Kobe Raypole has pulled out of the weight, but that still leaves a lot of great matches on Saturday. The top bracket could be interesting to say the least, Drake Rhodes has been on fire this year until he was upended the past two weeks by Owen Doster. Rhodes will be pushed by Delta’s Noah Richardson and Northwestern’s Hunter Kellogg who is having a very good post season run. Fernando Luevano returns to this weight after qualifying last year for the Chargers. He has yet to be defeated and is one that is very exciting to watch. Returning state qualifiers Daniel Gunsett and Owen Doster are both the favorites in their quarter brackets. Gunsett could face one of two wrestlers with only 6 losses in Kaleb Mooney and Drew Clark. Doster will have the winner of Devin Maggard and Dillon Yoder, both who have good wins on their resume.



Rhodes- Doster(2 times)

Doster- Drake Rhodes, Zach Melloh, Chris Donovan(Ohio)

Gunsett- Owen Doster(2 times), Brendan Black

Maggard- Drew Clark, Dallas Dudelston, ???

Kellog- Hunter Haynes, Caleb Archibald, ???, ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

Chase Hissong- Leo vs. Dallas Dudelston- Jay County

Drew Clark- Northfield vs. Kaleb Mooney- Central Noble

Devin Maggard- Marion vs. Dillon Yoder- Fairfield


Ticket Round Tussles

Daniel Gunsett- Bellmont vs. Clark/Mooney winner

Owen Doster- New Haven vs. Yoder/Maggard winner



Last year at 132lbs it was the Sage Coy show, this year seems to be more of the same up at 138lbs. Coy finished a fantastic junior campaign with a 3rd place medal and is eyeing the top step of the podium this year. Others to watch include Riley Rasler who has had a very good year for the Panthers and comes in with only one loss. Joel Arney has come on strong for the Super Chargers the past few weeks after taking some lumps during the regular season. He will have the winner of a tough match between Blade Corpe and Colt Rutter. In the bottom bracket you will have four seniors duking it out for their state ticket. This one is a pick’em and your guess is as good as mine on who advances.



Rasler- Kris Rumph, Jason Crary, Drake Rhodes

Hall- Joel Arney, TT Allen, Brad Smith

Woenker- Joel Arney, Devin Maggard(132), Austin Ochoa, ???

Corpe- Dillon Humbert, Jason Crary, Trace Manspeaker, Kyle Hatch, Nathan Housholder

Arney- Anthony Williams, Kris Rumph, Sage Coy, Cale McCory, Evan Eldred, Nick Ellis, Kody Wagner

Rutter- Sage Coy(2 times), Brooks Wathen, Austin Ramsey, Riley Rasler, James Pritchett, Jaycob Bechtol(Michigan)

Brown- Sage Coy(3 times), Colt Rutter(2 times), ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

Colt Rutter- Yorktown vs. Blade Corpe- Elkhart Memorial

Nathan Housholder- East Noble vs. Exuse Brown- Muncie Central


Ticket Round Tussles

Riley Rasler- Prairie Heights vs. Skyler Hall- Wabash

Joel Arney- Carroll vs. Corpe/Rutter winner

TT Allen- Kokomo vs. Brown/Householder winner


I’m wiping the drool off my screen just looking at this bracket. First you start with two state placers in Isaac Eicher and Brad Laughlin at this weight. Let’s throw in another state placer in Nathan Weimer for some added spice. What? You say you want MORE spice…well here goes, let’s add a little Kerrn, Kenny Kernn that is! This weight is going to be F-U-N to watch. Even the ticket round matches will be interesting with Eicher having a tough Christian Bratcher or NE8 rival Grant Gutierrez. Kerrn will have a very game Corbin Hetzner of Eastern. Ohhh Laughlin will have Weimer in the ticket round most likely. The bottom quarter bracket lacks the drama, but will be one to watch as there is no clear cut favorite.



Laughlin- Cayden Whitaker(160)

Bratcher- TC Perry, Szhantrayle Roberson

Kerrn- Denzyl Prentice, Triston Rodriguez(2 times)

Capps- Corbin Hetzner, Isaac Eicher, Alberto Solis, Tucker Coffman, Nate Weimer

Weimer - Jamal Scott, Isaac Eicher, Jack Eiteljorge(2 times), Patrick Waugh, ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

Vince Prescott- Winchester vs. Corbin Hetzner- Eastern

Jamal Scott- Elkhart Central vs. Ethan Hicks- Carroll


Ticket Round Tussles

Brad Laughlin- Yorktown vs. Nathan Weimer- East Noble

Szhantrayl Roberson- Kokomo vs. Scott/Hicks winner

Isaac Eicher- Leo vs. Christian Bratcher- Eastbrook



Three returning state qualifiers highlight this weight at Fort Wayne. The head of the class is probably Cael McCormick of Yorktown who has two state medals, but he cannot look past Doug Levitz or Peyton Sturgill on his way to another semi-state title. Levitz will have the toughest route to qualify for state as he will need to avenge a mid-season loss to Hunter Bates. Sturgill will be pushed by a tough Nick Miller of Snider. In the middle you have a very interesting bracket with Cross Dietrich who has two losses to out of state competition as the regional champ. He will have the winner of Brody Hardcastle and Tyler Leonard to punch his ticket.



Dietrich- Kohle Clellan(Ohio), Quintin Smith(Michigan)

Levitz- Steven Lawrence, Hunter Bates, Brad Laughlin(160)

Sturgill- Tavris Evans, Denzyl Prentice, Micah Calhoun, Kassius Breathitt

Bates- Cael McCormick(2 times), Tyler Leonhard, Ethan Stock, Trent Pruitt

Miller- Elijah Dunn, TC Perry(160), Cross Dietrich, ???, ???

Griffin- Doug Levitz, Micah Calhoun, Nick Miller


Early #SlobberKnockers

Tyler Leonard- Jay County vs. Brody Harcastle- Oak Hill


Ticket Round Tussles

Doug Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. Hunter Bates- Adams Central

Nick Miller- Snider vs. Peyton Sturgill- Peru

Cael McCormick- Yorktown vs. Garrett Griffin- Northwood

Cross Dietrich- Columbia City vs. Leonard/Hardcastle winner



This weight is one that will probably have much less drama than most. The favorite is state qualifier Josh Garman of Carroll. After him it looks as if anyone can beat anyone at this weight. One loss Blaney Harrison is the wildcard as he has come on strong this year. Don’t overlook Tony Busse of Bellmont either, he has been battle tested throughout the season. One of the most intriguing matches in the ticket round will be Nick Potter against Jed Levitz. Potter won round one, but this round has much more at stake.



Garman- Jacob Gray(170)

Harrison- Will Bratcher

Levitz- Jordan Rader(2 times), Nick Potter, Cael McCormick(152), Gage Delong

Perry- Tony Busse, Brad Laughlin(145), Hunter Bates, Cody Widner, Doug Levitz

Busse- Jordan Rader, Tavonte Malone, TC Perry, Blake Dager, Noah Warren


Early #SlobberKnockers

Ronnie Longbrake- Elkhart Memorial vs. TC Perry- Southern Wells


Ticket Round Tussles

Blaney Harrison- Oak Hill vs. Longbrake/Perry winner

Jed Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. Nick Potter- New Haven



As we get to the upper weights the action will heat up with a lot of intriguing matches. You’ll likely see round two of Baumgartner and Gray as long as they navigate the semi state minefield. There are some very good wrestlers including one loss Quentin Moore, returning state qualifier Zach Davis amongst others that they will need to beat in order to meet again. Seven wrestlers sport five or less losses with most of them at the hands of another semi state competitor. Nick Ritchie could be a surprise wrestler as his only losses were at the Al Smith.



Baumgartner- Drew Hughes

Moore- Amere Dozier

Gray- Bryce Baumgartner

Ritchie- Coy Park, Eli Pokorney

Burns- Caleb Partin, Zach Davis, Robbie Bowers(Ohio)

Davis- Caleb Partin, Noah Cressell, ???

Partin- Tate Burns(2), Tykease Baker, Hunter Mote, Zach Davis


Early #SlobberKnockers

Noah Cressell- Wabash vs. Brady Johnson- Prairie Heights

Tykease Baker- Elkhart Central vs. DaShaun Barbary- Kokomo

Caleb Partin- Churubusco vs. Jacob Gray- Delta


Ticket Round Tussles

Zach Davis- Concordia vs. Cressell/Johnson winner

Quentin Moore- Manchester vs. Partin/Gray winner

Nick Ritchie- Elkhart Memorial vs. Tate Burns- Eastside



Before sectional this weight was looking to be really nasty. Even with a couple guys moving up this weight still is going to be one to watch. The bracket gods separated the better guys with no killer ticket round matches. Probably the most intriguing early match will be a rematch of last year’s ticket round between Andy Kohler and Wyatt Clem. Kohler was a state qualifier at this weight last year, while #800lbGorilla David Eli placed 7th. Look for some great matches in the semi-finals and finals at this weight.



Kohler- Caleb Hankenson

Blakeley- David Eli(2 times), Isaac James

Eli- Cam Jones(2 times), Alejandro Castro

Hankenson- Andy Kohler, Rhett Mappes, David Eli, Joey Blakely

Ault- Stephen Nix(2 times), Caleb Blevins, Stephen Possell, Sam Moon

Clem- Andy Kohler, CJ Damler, Hunter Dalton, DaShaun Barbary, Joey Blakely, Stephen Nix

Graber- Jeremy Splix(2 times), David Eli, Joey Blakely, Wyatt Clem, ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

Stephen Nix- Bishop Dwenger vs. Conner Graber- Northridge

Heath Ault- Northrop vs. Joey Blakeley- Prairie Heights


Ticket Round Tussles

Caleb Hankenson- Bellmont vs. Nix/Graber winner

Andy Kohler- Jay County vs. Wyatt Clem- Homestead

Aaron Sedwick- Maconaquah vs. Ault/Blakeley winner



Both Corbin Maddox and Luke Elliott wrestled most of the season at 182lbs and made a late jump to this weight even though they both only had one loss during the regular season. Those two added quite a bit of spice to an already wide open weight. Delta’s Scottie Evans is the only returning state qualifier at this weight and will need to navigate a solid quarter-bracket to punch another ticket to Banker’s Life. At the top you’ll have the last(thankfully for most in this area) of the Davis brothers from Garrett against Austin Evans of Lakeland. The two NECC rivals are 1-1 against eachother with Evans getting the win just three weeks ago. Going down the bracket Corbin Maddox has come on strong, but he’ll be pushed by two Al Smith placers in Nate Williams and runner-up Erik Hobbs. Jarod Hayes won regional last week…his reward is a potential pre-Valentine date with state qualifier Scottie Evans. In the bottom bracket you have one loss Elliott with a couple up and comes Isaiah Baumgartner and Tyson Whitner.



Elliott- Corbin Maddox

Maddox- Andy Kohler(182)

Davis- Erik Hobbs, Michael Leonard, Nick Fox, Austin Evans,

Austin Evans- Jennigns Nickolson, Anthony Neal(Michigan), Beck Davis, Jarod Hayes

Baumgartner- Scottie Evans, Andy Kohler, ???

Hobbs- Luke Elliott, Scottie Evans, Cole Slavens, Chris Kidwell, Jake Kleimola

Eckrote 5- Michael Leonard, Erik Hobbs, Luke Elliott, ???, ???

Scottie Evans 5- Corbin Maddox(2 times), Landon Burton, David Delph, ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

Lane Eckrote- North Miami vs. Austin Evans- Lakeland

Nate Williams- Elkhart Memorial vs. Erik Hobbs- Peru

Tyson Whitner- North Side vs. Isaiah Baumgartner- South Adams



Ticket Round Tussles

Beck Davis- Garrett vs. Eckrote/Evans winner

Corbin Maddox- Daleville vs. Williams/Hobbs winner

Jarod Hayes- Jimtown vs. Scottie Evans- Delta

Luke Elliott- Eastbrook vs. Whitner/Baumgartner winner



All season long this weight has seemed to have three competitors that are ahead of the field. With that said it leaves open a 4th spot that is ripe for the taking. Returning semi state runner-up Evan Ellis comes in undefeated, while Blake Davis is the only other wrestler with state experience in the field. Goshen RedHAWK Derek Paz is as tough as they come and will look to punch his first ticket to state. The bottom of the top bracket will be the interesting one with three wrestlers who can all get to state in Joey Pier, Max Clark, and JT Kilgore. Davis and Ellis should navigate their brackets to setup a semi-finals match.



Paz- Kobe Woods, Trent Bixler, Evan Ellis

Isaacson- Jacob McClaine, Blake Davis, JT Kilgore

Asher- JT Kilgore, PJ Ernst, John Isaacson, Blake Davis

Davis- Braxton Amos(285), Derek Paz, Sam Hipple, Tyler McKeever

Kilgore- Blake Davis(3 times), Tyler McKeever, PJ Ernst

Clark- Trevor Brown, Nick Fox, Tyler Moser, Evan Ellis, ???


Early #SlobberKnockers

JT Kilgore- Churubusco vs. Max Clark- Northwestern

Evan Ellis- Eastern vs. Noah Asher- Concordia


Ticket Round Tussles

Derek Paz- Goshen vs. John Isaacson- Leo

Joey Pier- Yorktown vs. Clark/Kilgore winner



Much like 195, this weight is one that is a pick’em from start to finish. If you wrestle this weight 10 times you’ll get 10 different outcomes. As Coach P said on Tuesday, it will come down to who manages risks the best. Two surprise regional champs are at the top half in Bellmont’s Braiden Shaw and Dwenger’s Landon Campbell. Shaw will be pushed by Braxton Amos in the ticket round while Campbell will have a good one with the winner of Jose Montanez and DeAndre Hodge. In the bottom half Owen Perkins qualified for state in 2014 and will have to go through Carroll’s Jessie Lawson to get another ticket to state. Nick Mammolenti of Jimtown had a great regional and will have to get through a tough Ryan George in the quarters. In a weight usually dominated by seniors, we only have five in the field this year. This could be very interesting not only this year, but next!



Perkins- Garrett Clark

Hodge- Owen Perkins(2 times), Jordan Rogers, ???

George- Jessie Lawson, Braiden Shaw(2 times), Ethan Heffernan

Lawson- Robert Samuels(2 times), Nick Mammolenti, Sean Galligar, Landon Campbell

Amos- Blake Davis(220), Givoni Murillo, Sean Galligar, Ethan Bunce, Nick Mammolenti, ???

Mammolenti- Landon Campbell, Isaiah McWilliams, Givoni Murillo, Scott Fuller, William Vakalahi, Blake Davis(220), Braxton Amos

Campbell- Jessie Lawson, Dakota Ault(2 times), Jordan Libby, Jacob Obst, Nick Conner,William Vakalahi

Shaw- Jessie Lawson, Dylan Schumm, Nick Mammolenti, Sean Galligar, Dan Cutter, Chris Ridle


Early #SlobberKnockers

DeAndre Hodge- Marion vs. Jose Montanez- Goshen


Ticket Round Tussles

Braiden Shaw- Bellmont vs. Braxton Amos- Prairie Heights

Landon Campbell- Bishop Dwenger vs. Montanez/Hodge winner

Owen Perkins- Oak Hill vs. Jessie Lawson- Carroll

Nick Mammolenti- Jimtown vs. Ryan George- Delta

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All the semi-state previews have been great this year, but the #WAYL2 in this one was an awesome addition. As it's been stated multiple times, we really are blessed with how much we get for free on this site.

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