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  1. 2017 Fort Wayne Semi-State Preview

    Here...we....GO! The Fort Wayne semi-state has been dominated by the Tigers of Yorktown High the past five years. Will it change this year? Could there be a new sheriff in town? Likely not, but if the Tigers falter there will be others waiting to take the semi-state plaque home.

    The friendly confines of the War Memorial Coliseum will play host to 224 wrestlers with only 56 coming away with a ticket to the state finals at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Look for lots of drama and upsets as this day is always chalk full of it.

    This year we are adding picks to the preview again, however they are those of our Fort Wayne ranking guru Caleb Spires. Good luck to all the competitors this Saturday.

    Team Race
    This is Yorktown’s title to lose at this point. With 12 qualifiers and many of them with very favorable draws they are the heavy favorites to capture their 5th straight semi-state title. However, if they have any missteps there are plenty of teams that will be ready to take the title. Elkhart Memorial has three guys that could win titles, that may not be enough, but they could be near the top. Bellmont always pulls out some upsets none of the prognosticators pick, so they are always dangerous. Carroll could pose a threat as they have three early head to head matches with Yorktown. They would do themselves a HUGE favor by winning those matches. Lastly, you cannot overlook the mighty Panthers of Prairie Heights. The draw gods didn’t do them any favors, but they are battle tested and ready. They aren’t opposed to crashing anyone’s party and cannot be overlooked in the team race. Jimtown is the third team with a shot at making a dent in the team race. They feature two returning state placers in Hunter Watts and Kenny Kerrn along with the Gimson twins that will contend for semi-state titles.

    Early #SlobberKnockers- Early matches you can't miss
    State Street Fights- Ticket round matches that will peak your interest
    #WAYL2- Who Are Your Losses To?

    The head of the class in the lightest weight class is Yorktown’s Brayden Curtis. He finished 7th at state last year and is ranked #1. He has the state experience and is poised to repeat as semi-state champion. He will be pushed however by seniors JC Herring and Fernando Flores. Herring was a state qualifier last year. Garrett’s Brayden Shearer has turned it up during the post season and is a dangerous wrestler from all positions.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 4) - Isaac Weimer (West Noble) vs. Payton Lechner (Western)
    (Bout 5) - JC Herring (Oak Hill) vs. Jon-Matthew Spaw (East Noble)

    State Street Fights
    Brayden Shearer (Garrett) vs. Nick Buchanan (Prairie Heights)
    Brayden Curtis (Yorktown) vs. Isaac Weimer (West Noble) or Payton Lechner (Western)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Brayden Curtis
    2. JC Herring
    3. Fernando Flores
    4. Brayden Shearer

    Herring(1)- Andrew Black
    Flores(2)- Gabe Smith, Danny Tolin,
    Weimer(4)- Spaw, Buchanan(3),
    Spaw(5)- Brendan Mattingly, Tyson Coon, Flores, Weimer, Buchanan
    Lechner(5)- Tyson Coon, Herring(3),
    Sturgill(6)- Lechner, Herring, Ty Haskins, Martin Cruz, Flores, Trevor Penrod,
    Buchanan(6)- Flores(2), Evan Light, Danny Tolin, Weimer, Andrew Black,
    Rupp(6)- Weimer, Logan Boe, Jordan George, Aaron Adkins, Suhas Chundi, Curtis,
    Shearer(7)- Tanner Schoeff(3), Hunter Watts(2), Gabe Smith, Wyatt Miller,

    Last year at semi-state Hunter Watts pulled a couple upsets to make his way to the finals. This year he’ll come in as the favorite. He will have a somewhat easier road to punch his ticket, but he cannot overlook Adams Central’s Logan Mosser in the ticket round. The other big names in this field include South Adam’s Wyatt Miller. Miller has stumbled at semi-state the past two years. This year he looks to be peaking at the right time and has the tools to give Watts all he can handle. The other quarter-brackets are tossups with Joe Just of Carroll and Yorktown’s Zachary Todd banging heads in the first round. Like we said earlier that match could have an important part in the team race. At the bottom, we have two guys that have had breakout seasons in Woodlan’s Chris Schuller and Evan Beasley of Northridge.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 9) - Gerald Pearson (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Travis Miller (Fairfield)
    (Bout 10) - Zachary Todd (Yorktown) vs. Joe Just (Carroll (Fort Wayne))

    State Street Fights
    Hunter Watts (Jimtown) vs. Logan Mosser (Adams Central)
    Wyatt Miller (South Adams) vs. Tanner Schoeff (Central Noble)
    Chris Schuller (Woodlan)vs. Evan Beasley (Northridge)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Hunter Watts
    2. Wyatt Miller
    3. Chris Shuller
    4. Joe Just

    Schoeff(2)- Beasely(2)
    Pearson(2)- Miller(Fairfield), Tyler Bowling,
    Watts(2)- Kory Cavanaugh(2)
    Miller(3)- Mosser, Davaugh Anderson, Kobe King
    Schuller(5)- Mosser, Zakk Atkins, Wyatt Miller(2), AJ Selvaggio(OH),
    Chauhan(6)- Mosser, Pearson(3), Anderson, ??,
    Brooks(6)- Pearson, Anderson(2), Justin Ristin, Just, ??
    Beasley(7)- Schoeff, Wyat Miller, Watts(2), Travis Miller, Brayden Curtis, Fernando Flores,
    Just(8)- Keegan Overton, Brayden Shearer, Evan Lawhead, Brooks Hartz, Kane Egli, Kory Cavanaugh, Sebastian Cortez, Chris Schuller,
    Miller(9)- Brayden Shearer(2), Beasley, Watts, Schoeff, ??, ??, ??, ??,
    Todd(9)- Mosser, Gavin Rose, Jacob Fiew, Logan Bailey, Keeghan Overton, Dylan Phelphs(MI), ??, ??, ??

    Last year Christian Mejia had an impressive run at state making his way under the lights. However, he didn't even win semi-state, it was Jabin Wright who ran away with the title. Both return and highlight a deep weight class. Others to watch include Yorktown's Josh Stephenson and Homestead's Blaigh Rushing who both won their respective regionals. Non-regional champs to watch include Dekalb's Trevor Boyce who has been knocking on the state door most of his career.
    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 18) - Jaylyn Yoder (Fairfield) vs. Owen Krider (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
    (Bout 20) - Dane Martin (Leo) vs. Trevor Boyce (DeKalb)

    State Street Fights
    Josh Stephenson (Yorktown) vs. Jaylyn Yoder (Fairfield) or Owen Krider (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
    Jabin Wright (Kokomo) vs. Dane Martin (Leo) or Trevor Boyce (DeKalb)
    Blaigh Rushing (Homestead) vs. Nick Liter (Adams Central)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Christian Mejia
    2. Jabin Wright
    3. Josh Stephenson
    4. Blaigh Rushing

    Wright(1)- Jon Anderson
    Mejia(2)- Colin Poynter, Tylor Triana,
    Smith(3)- Wright(2), ??,
    Boyce(4)- Joe Wright(OH), Sencer Good(OH), Martin, Mejia,
    Stephenson(5)- Justice Cash, Keaton Fisher, Lukasz Walendzak, Mejia, ??
    Rushing(5)- Boyce, Stephenson(2), Lukasz Walendzak, Spencer Cox,
    Martin(8)- Krider, Boyce(2), Rushing, Nick Brady(2), Chase Wilkerson, ??,

    This weight class has numerous storylines and is one that could have a multitude of outcomes. The first storyline is the emergence of Gimson 1. He has had a fine season with only two losses on the season. Then you have the super frosh from Western Hunter Cottingham. Does he have what it takes to punch his ticket to state? He will be a tough out for sure. Back up top you have Garrett’s Dylan DeMarco who had a great regional and could make his first trip to the coliseum a memorable one. Lastly you have three wrestlers that could have a say in the team race in Xayvier Curtis, Joel Byman, and Ryan Rasler. That last quarter bracket will be fun to watch with each wrestler being one that could play spoiler on Saturday.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 26) - Kasey Deardorff (North Miami) vs. William Fiechter (Southern Wells)
    (Bout 32) - Joel Byman (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. Ryan Rasler (Prairie Heights)

    State Street Fights
    Hunter Cottingham (Western) vs. Kyle Davis (Leo)
    Xayvier Curtis (Yorktown) vs. Joel Byman (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) or Ryan Rasler (Prairie Heights)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Matt Gimson
    2. Joel Byman
    3. Hunter Cottingham
    4. Dylan Demarco

    Cottingham(1)- Aaron Castillas
    Gimson(2)- Jon Becker, Graham Rooks,
    Gibson(5)- Jordan Vinson, Cottingham(2), ??, ??,
    Davis(6)- Jon Becker, Jacob Hall(2), Seth Burns, DeMarco, ??
    Curtis(6)- Dalton Craig, Robinson, Jon Becker, Alec White, Jordan Slivka, ??,
    Deardorff(8)- Gibson, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??,
    Rasler(8)- Seth Burns, Dallas Pugsley, Noah Hunt, Byman, DeMarco, Cummings, ??, ??,
    Fiechter(8)- Curtis, DeMarco, Ledesma, Sanders, ??, ??, ??, ??,
    Byman(8)- Dallas Pugsley, Chase Poynter, Carson Willis, Matt Lee, Michael DeLapena, Matt Gimson, Jacob Robinson, Kyle Davis,
    Robinson(9)- Byman(2), Jadon Galvin, Davis, Jake Jenkins(2), DeMarco, Carson Willis, ??
    Demarco(10)- Jayce Meyer, Austin Moore, Zane Standridge, Adam Davis, Gimson(2), Rasler, Noah Hunt, Byman, Davis
    Sanders(10)- Tanner Yenter(OH), Josh Beeks, Cole Houser(OH), Carson Alfred, Larry Evans, Robinson, Jake Jenkins, Fiechter, Curtis, Dylan McClure

    This is another weight where a Tiger will be the favorite. Yorktown’s Christian Hunt has grown into this weight after placing at state at 106lbs two years ago. He is a tough wrestler that is hard to score on and usually scoring more points is how you win wrestling matches. Others to watch here include Gimson 2. Conner Gimson suffered his first loss of the year at regional and will be the favorite in his quarter bracket. Central Noble’s Austin Moore was the one that handed Gimson his lone loss this year. He seems to be peaking at the right time. The most intriguing ticket round battle will be Columbia City’s Matthew Wright against Adams Central’s Anthony Mosser. Mosser was a state qualifier two years ago at 113lbs.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 38) - Jayce Meyer (Angola) vs. Anthony Mosser (Adams Central)

    State Street Fights
    Matthew Wright (Columbia City) vs. Anthony Mosser (Adams Central)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Christian Hunt
    2. Conner Gimson
    3. Austin Moore
    4. Anthony Mosser

    Gimson(1)- Moore
    Mosser(2)- Jack Servies, Hunt,
    Moore(2)- Hayden Lohrey, Mosser,
    Hunt(2)- Breyden Bailey(2)
    Price(3)- Standridge, Wright, Briar Goodwin
    Wright(5)- Kyle Davis, Jon Becker, Reilly Heater(OH), Maxwell Hertensteiner(OH), Austin Roemer
    Morrisett(5)- Tim Wright, Jaylon Gibson, Zach Burrell, Cordell Cowan, Colin Fletcher
    Schliessman(8)- Cainan Schaefer, Gimson, Noah Robinson, Drew Kreitzer, Hunt, Mosser,

    It is looking like a familiar theme with another Tiger being the favorite here. Yorktown’s Eric Hiestand is another great wrestler from the family and has been on a tear this year. He is hard to score on and will be a threat from any position for big points. After him the weight is wide open. You have some great matches and rivalries that could match up in the first round onward. Dillon Yoder and Joe Leazier will renew their NECC rivalry with the winner getting a crack at Hiestand. Others to watch include a ticket round tussle with Ethan Hicks of Carroll and Logan Macklin of Adams Central. Both have had very similar results against common opponents so it should be a fun one. On the bottom quarter there are about three or even four guys with a chance for that last ticket. Most of them are relative unknowns so it will be who wants it more.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 46) - Dillon Yoder (Fairfield) vs. Joe Leazier (Churubusco)
    (Bout 48) - Ben Macias (F.w. South Side) vs. Chaz Boyd (Elkhart Central)

    State Street Fights
    Ethan Hicks (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. Logan Macklin (Adams Central)
    Owen Eveler (Northridge) vs. Grant Gutierrez (Bellmont)
    Lorenzo Trevino (Marion) vs. Ben Macias (FW South Side)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Eric Hiestand
    2. Ethan Hicks
    3. Grant Gutierrez
    4. Ben Macias

    Hiestand(2)- Donald Campbell, Zach Melloh,
    Leazier(4)- Hicks(2), Dillon Yoder, Austin Moore
    Macias(4)- Chase Hissong, Leazier, Lorenzo Trevino, Zack Bullock,
    Yoder(5)- Dylan DeMarco, Graham Calhoun, Boyd, ??, ??
    Hicks(5)- Robert Deters, Kris Rumph, Jake Schoenegge, Grant Gutierrez, Joe Leazier
    Trevino(6)- Cody McCune, Matt Wright, Treyven McKinley, Jadon Crisp, Owen Eveler, ??,
    Macklin(6)- Calvin Brown(OH), Blake Hohleer(OH), Matt Laughlin, Derek Blubaugh, Payton Asbury, Eric Hiestand,
    Eveler(6)- Hiestand, Graham Calhoun(2), Leazier, Jayce Meyer, Yoder
    Jones(7)- Leazier, Hiestand, Macklin, Gutierrez, ??, ??, ??
    Gutierrez(8)- Sam Osho, Antwaun Graves, Colt Rutter, Hicks, Jacob Laplace, Brooks Davis, Logan Macklin, Hiestand,

    The theme this year seems to be the finals are in the SEMI-finals. This weight is another one with arguably the top two or even three guys in the same half. At the top we have some interesting match-ups with a quarter bracket that is a virtual pick’em. The wrestler with the least number of losses is the #4 seed, while two guys have 10+ losses. There is no big favorite here, so we’ll see who is ready to wrestle on Saturday. Going down the bracket we will get Wyro and Barr III. They have split matches this year with Barr winning early in the season and Wyro taking the match at Christmas time. Teams in the hunt for a semi-state title will be keeping tabs on this match-up. The bottom bracket will provide some fireworks. Jay County’s fab freshman Mason Winner drew the tough Riley Rasler from Prairie Heights. Winner has only one loss in the state and is as tough as they come. On the bottom side the favorite is Super Charger Joel Arney who will need to get pumped for his potential semi-final match.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 52) - Brady Wyro (Homestead) vs. Xander Stroud (Elkhart Central)
    (Bout 56) - Parker Bates (Adams Central) vs. Cole Ridgeway (Oak Hill)

    State Street Fights
    Eli Elkins (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Carlos Aguirre (Garrett)
    Alex Barr (Yorktown) vs. Brady Wyro (Homestead) or Xander Stroud (Elkhart Central)
    Riley Rasler (Prairie Heights) vs. Mason Winner (Jay County)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Mason Winner
    2. Alex Barr
    3. Joel Arney
    4. Carlos Aguirre

    Rasler(1)- Kasper McIntosh
    Arney(2)- Rasler, Mario Traficanti,
    Winner(2)- Barr, Eric Beck(OH),
    Barr(4)- Wyro, Jack Ferraro, Colby Deberry(MI), ??,
    Stroud(4)- Romeo Hoover, Kassius Breathitt, Haden Hensley, Rasler,
    Young(6)- Winner, Barr, Bates, Owen Conklin, Richardson, ??,
    Wyro(6)- Barr, Aguirre, Winner, Brayton Lee, Rasler, Tristan Lerch,
    Elkins(7)- Kyle Wagner, Chad Rothwell, Ridgeway, Jeffery Closser, Ruger Ranney(MI), Carter Ciscell, ??
    Aguirre(10)- Arney(3), Cooper Abramson, Rasler(2), Grant Gutierrez, Mike Humbert, Malik Hoover, Blake Webb

    We knew coming into this weight there could be some cringeworthy ticket round matches here. The bracket gods were at least partially kind, but they still didn’t make it easy for anyone of the top guys to punch their tickets to state. Three wrestlers here have state experience with the fantastic Jimmie Kenny Kerrn leading the way after bringing a medal home last year. Nate Weimer earned a state medal two years ago at 126lbs and Yorktown’s Colt Rutter was a qualifier last year. Sprinkled in with those guys are tough outs in the Patriot Tyler Leonard, three-time ticket rounder Garrett Griffin of Northwood, an undefeated Christian Bratcher of Eastbrook, four loss Dylan Torbush, and finally the mighty Knight Chandler Woenker. There will be some great matches from start to finish here.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 60) - Garrett Griffin (Northwood) vs. Corbin Hetzner (Eastern (Greentown))
    (Bout 64) - Dylan Torbush (Wes-Del) vs. Chandler Woenker (F.w. Bishop Luers)

    State Street Fights
    Tyler Leonhard (Jay County) vs. Nathaniel Weimer (East Noble)
    Hunter Reed (Columbia City) vs. Garrett Griffin (Northwood) or Corbin Hetzner (Eastern (Greentown))
    Christian Bratcher (Eastbrook) vs. Colt Rutter (Yorktown)
    Kenny Kerrn (Jimtown) vs. Chandler Woenker (F.w. Bishop Luers)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Kenny Kerrn
    2. Hunter Reed
    3. Nate Weimer
    4. Christian Bratcher

    Reed(1)- Weimer
    Kerrn(1)- Kyle Hatch
    Woenker(3)- Reed, Javier Johnson, Bratcher
    Evans(3)- Jacob Suski, France, Bratcher
    Torbush(4)- Leonard(2), Rutter, ??
    Green(4)- Kerrn, Torbush(2), Rutter
    Weimer(4)- Hunter Reed, Kenny Kerrn, Michael Lictenberger, Heiniger(Default),
    Leonhard(4)- Hunter Perdue(OH), Andrew Negangard, Tony Mosconi, Reed,
    Hetzner(5)- Bratcher(3), Clayton Cowan, Reed
    Rutter(6)- Josh Cooper, Adam Hall(MI), Tyler Leonhard, Trevor Reese, Riley White, Robert Deters,
    Griffin(7)- Kyle Hatch(2), Denver Aydelott, Logan Coyle, Sam Gobeyn, Kerrn(2)

    Three wrestlers with state experience will come into this weight and they all seem to have some history with each other. Leading the way is state #1 and nationally ranked Brad Laughlin. He has adjusted to the 15lbs jump from last year and been extremely dominant. He will be pushed by Tony Busse who has had a fine senior year after qualifying for state last year. Both cannot overlook the ever dangerous Jed Levitz who had a defensive fall against Busse at the Al Smith this year. Levitz isn’t afraid to get funky and he is not afraid to headhunt. The last qualifying spot will be tough with three talented wrestlers looking to punch their tickets to state. Nick Potter has lost to Levitz and Busse the past two years in the ticket round. Tykease Baker and Ivan Hemmelgarn are both game competitors that could push Potter for the last ticket.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 72) - Ivan Hemmelgarn (Jay County) vs. Tykease Baker (Elkhart Central)

    State Street Fights
    Jed Levitz (Prairie Heights) vs. Javier Johnson (F.w. Wayne)
    Delton Moore (Manchester) vs. Tony Busse (Bellmont)
    Nick Potter (New Haven) vs. Ivan Hemmelgarn (Jay County) or Tykease Baker (Elkhart Central)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Brad Laughlin
    2. Tony Busse
    3. Jed Levitz
    4. Nick Potter

    Laughlin(1)- Burk Van Horn
    Moore(3)- Evan Jeubehussen, Micah Calhoun, Nate Weimer
    Levitz(3)- Laine Frazee, Gleason Mappes, Laughlin
    Busse(4)- Carson Brewer, Levitz, Chase Wilson, Draker Guerrero,
    Potter(5)- Busse(2), Sam Hauke, ??, ??,
    Hemmelgarn(5)- Michael Baker(OH), Alston Bane, Jonyvan Johnson, Busse, Laughlin
    King(6)- Ethan Stock, Josh Gee, Moore, ??, ??, ??,
    Johnson(7)- Potter(3), Weimer, Dru Berkebile, Busse, Carson Brewer
    Lone(7)- Lentz, Micah Calhoun, Brenden Montgomery, Micah Wray, Jordan Siddons, Baker, Levitz
    Baker(9)- David Sheley, Dalton Heintzberger, Travis Sloffer, Laik Minnick, Bryce Baumgartner, Lucas Scott, Quentin Moore, Levitz, Tavonte Malone

    Three returning wrestlers with state experience headline a loaded 170lbs class at Fort Wayne. Tristan Goering made the move from South Bend and is the only one with a state medal. Bryce Baumgartner has made three trips to the Bank, but never has made it to Saturday. Peru’s Jordan Rader was a state qualifier in 2015. All three were at the Al Smith this year, with only Goering making the medal stand. Look for all three to be contenders for a medal next week.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 74) - Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) vs. Isaac Cornewell (F. W. Bishop Dwenger)
    (Bout 78) - Coye Blodgett (Prairie Heights) vs. Brody Hardcastle (Oak Hill)

    State Street Fights
    Jonyvan Johnson (New Haven) vs. Brody Hardcastle (Oak Hill)
    Bryce Baumgartner (Bellmont) vs. Quentin Moore (Manchester)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Bryce Baumgartner
    2. Jordan Rader
    3. Tristan Goering
    4. Brody Hardcastle

    Baumgartner(1)- Zack Fattore
    Rader(2)- Tristan Goering, Thomas Penola,
    Goering(3)- Jonah Hays, Ismael Cornejo, Conner Graber
    Hardcastle(4)- Eli Stock, Silas Allred, Rader(2)
    Johnson(5)- Baumgartner, Joe Mazero, Tanner Webster, Caden Friedt, ??
    Moore(6)- Rader(2), Conner Graber, Colten Schuler, Hardcastle, ??
    Pease(7)- Jake Orschell, Heintzberger, Eli Stock, Justin Miller, Hunter Gulden, Baumgartner, conner Brown
    Cardwell(7)- Chirstopher Adams, Trizton Carson, Rader(2), Hardcastle, Moore(2)
    Minnick(8)- Blodgett, Sloffer, Hayden McGee(OH), Patric Keown(OH), Johnson, Hardcastle, Cornwell(2)
    Edwards(8)- Tevonte Malone, Evan Jones, Tanner Webster, Thomas Penola, Sloffer, Goering(3),
    Hemmelgarn(9)- Rylee Schindler, Javier Johnson(2), Sam Smith, Dylan Hicks, Andrew Meyer(OH), Tucker Wallace, Baumgartner(2)

    This weight is going to be another one that you will see some slugfests in the ticket round. Returning state placers Jacob Gray and Joey Blakeley headline this group. Gray’s only losses this year are to #1 and former #800lbGorilla teammate Nathan Walton. Blakeley is currently 1-1 this year with Conner Graber of Northridge who has had a breakout season. However, Graber will have to get past the amazin’ Apache Noah Cressell for a chance to see Blakeley for a third time. If you snuck ahead and read the #WAYL2 you will see that Cressell’s only loss this season is to Graber. Others to watch here is the Saint Stephen Nix who will have to fend off a tough Brave freshman Caden Friedt...weird there have been approximately 8,374 Friedts in the history of Bellmont.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 84) - DaShaun Barbary (Kokomo) vs. Jaxson Savieo (New Haven)

    State Street Fights
    Joey Blakeley (Prairie Heights) vs. Blaney Harrison (Oak Hill)
    Stephen Nix (F. W. Bishop Dwenger) vs. Caden Friedt (Bellmont)
    Noah Cressell (Wabash) vs. Conner Graber (Northridge)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Jacob Gray
    2. Conner Graber
    3. Joey Blakely
    4. Stephen Nix

    Graber(1)- Blakeley
    Cressell(1)- Graber
    Gray(2)- Nathan Walton(2)
    Harrison(2)- Cressell(2)
    Nix(3)- Jacob Hendrich(2), Cameryn Smith,
    Blakeley(3)- Lucas Davison, Graber, Cameryn Smith
    Barbary(6)- Graber, Evan Stambaugh, Isaac Fruits, Harrison(2), Cressell
    McCann(6)- Blakeley(2), Cressell, Cole Houtz(MI), Scott Sutton(2),
    Friedt(7)- Joey Szydlo, Jacob Bondon, Tyler Schlegel, Tevonte Malone, Anthony Cicciarelli, Gray, Savieo

    This weight has a little bit of both state experienced wrestlers and others waiting to break out and make a name for themselves. Leading the way is two-time state placer David Eli who has all the tools to challenge the top guys in the state here. He cannot overlook recent St. Francis Cougar commit Caleb Hankenson who was a state qualifier last year. Before Hankenson takes his skills to the gridiron next fall he will take care of some unfinished business on the mat. Others to watch in this weight is a relative unknown in Wayne’s Dalyn Hart. He could play spoiler this Saturday if he is overlooked.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 90) - Tony Fuller (Oak Hill) vs. Draven Rasler (West Noble)
    (Bout 95) - Gavin Herrera (Kokomo) vs. Codey Shafer (Prairie Heights)
    (Bout 96) - Kelly Watson (Yorktown) vs. Devonte Brown (New Haven)

    State Street Fights
    Dalyn Hart (F.w. Wayne) vs. Tony Fuller (Oak Hill) or Draven Rasler (West Noble)
    David Eli (Elkhart Memorial) vs. Isaiah Baumgartner (South Adams)
    Gavin Herrera (Kokomo) vs. Kelly Watson (Yorktown) or Devonte Brown (New Haven)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. David Eli
    2. Caleb Hankenson
    3. Dalyn Hart
    4. Gavin Herrera

    Hankenson(1)- Andrew Davison
    Eli(1)- Andrew Davison
    Sedwick(2)- Tyler Moser, Herrera,
    Hart(3)- Ben Stewart, Hankenson, Victor Lee
    Rasler(5)- Eli, Dylan McCune, Tyler Moser, ??, ??
    Herrera(6)- Trenton Bixler, Cole Slavens, Fuller, ??, ??, ??,
    Fuller(6)- Cavin Beavers, Nash Brunner, Herrera, Sedwick, ??, ??,
    Baumgartner(6)- Jacob Elkins, Cordell Camp, Jayden Elwood, Hankenson(2), Levi Leffers

    The light heavies will be knocking heads early. If you peak down to the ticket round matches you will see all four will be doozies. The two wrestlers in this bracket with state experience could face off for a ticket to state. Last year Corbin Maddox had a great year finishing 7th at 195 and Garrett’s mighty Railroader Beck Davis qualified for state at 195. In the top you’ll have a rubber match between NECC rivals JT Kilgore and Austin Evans, no better way to settle your differences than in the ticket round. Nick Fox and Gaven Hare could also have a great match, both are built very similar and both have the experience to punch their ticket to state. On the bottom half of the bracket you’ll have Trenton Bixler who has put up a fine season facing the Charger Tyler McKeever.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 99) - Nick Fox (Kokomo) vs. Austin Amstutz (New Haven)
    (Bout 104) - Beck Davis (Garrett) vs. Max Clark (Northwestern)

    State Street Fights
    J.T. Kilgore (Churubusco) vs. Austin Evans (Lakeland)
    Nick Fox (Kokomo) vs. Gaven Hare (Jay County)
    Trenton Bixler (Northridge) vs. Tyler McKeever (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
    Corbin Maddox (Daleville) vs. Beck Davis (Garrett) or Max Clark (Northwestern)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Corbin Maddox
    2. J.T. Kilgore
    3. Tyler McKeever
    4. Nick Fox

    Clark(1)- Fox
    Kilgore(3)- Hare, McKeever, Evans
    Evans(3)- Bixler(2), Kilgore,
    Davis(4)- McKeever(2), Evans(2),
    Fox(5)- Joey Myren, Jacob McClaine, Dalton Clouse, ??, ??
    Hare(5)- Wyatt Hillard(OH), Jared Brinkman, Blake Ripperger, Zach Klostrman(OH), Maddox
    Bixler(5)- Watson, Devonte Brown, Kilgore(2), Cordell Camp(2),
    Amstutz(7)- Ethan Bailey, Joe Myren, Jaden Elwood, Kilgore(2), Davis, Ryan Leslie,
    McKeever(8)- Tahji Irving, Cordell Camp, Kilgore(2), Riley Peterson, Justin Akers, Michael Boots, Eli Pokorney

    From the beginning of the year we have known this could be a fun weight class to watch. Evan Ellis is the only one with a state medal in the group while Owen Perkins has been to state twice. Carroll's big man Jessie Lawson has had a fine season, but suffered some hiccups along the way. If he's consistent he might give Ellis a good match. Jacob Rhoades had a great season last year, but suffered an injury and was not able to wrestle the state series. He will have a really good ticket round match with Perkins. Don’t overlook the BIG Brave Braiden Shaw, he is a very formidable opponent that has some impressive wins this year. The bottom quarter bracket is a virtual pick’em with Ault and Conner being the favorites to wrestle for a ticket to state.

    Early #SlobberKnockers
    (Bout 106) - Avery Jones (Peru) vs. Vince Yoder (Fairfield)

    State Street Fights
    Jacob Rhoades (Yorktown) vs. Owen Perkins (Oak Hill)
    Evan Ellis (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Braiden Shaw (Bellmont)
    Nick Conner (Elkhart Central) vs. Dakota Ault (F.w. North Side)

    Caleb's Concrete Calls
    1. Evan Ellis
    2. Jessie Lawson
    3. Jacob Rhoades
    4. Dakota Ault

    Rhoades(2)- Rickie Clark, ??,
    Lawson(3)- Rickie Clark, Robert Samuels, Shaw
    Ault(3)- Lawson(2), Ellis,
    Perkins(4)- Ellis(4)
    Conner(5)- Lawson, Gio Murillo, Alex Faulkner, Isaiah McWilliams, ??
    Shaw(6)- Brett Henson, Tyler Selm, Rhoades(2), Robert Samuels, Steve Woolbright
    Jacobs(7)- Yoder, Conner(2), Elisha Tipping, Watson, Nick Fox, Rhoades,
    Yoder(8)- Chase Leeper, Conner(2), Alexander McBee, Contreras, Jacobs, ??, ??
    Camp(8)- Yoder, JT Kilgore(2), Max Steward, Brian Fuller, Chase Leeper, Ault, Lawson
    Contreras(9)- Chanlder Austgen, Lawson, Shaw, Conner(2), Ault, Yoder(2), Jacobs

    • 02/10/2017
    • by Y2CJ41
  2. 2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Wrestling Preview Spectacular!!

    Before we get into the good stuff, let’s cover what’s important:

    The following PSA is brought to you by Markio:

    Ford Arena info:

    • Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com
    • Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here.
    • The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy.
    • Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets.
    • There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots.
    • There is no public Wi-Fi.
    • Tickets are $10 cash at the door. Premium loge seats are available for purchase now and on event day. They are $40 pre-event and $30 if you show up and want them day of. They include a $15 concessions voucher.There is an ATM in the lobby if you need to get some cash out.
    • Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Banker's Life would you? lol
    • The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at lower level hallway.
    • If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle.
    • We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome)
    • There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes.
    • Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool.
    • Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school.
    Thanks Markio!

    Our next celebrity is Evansville owns HookandHalf and his better half Hookticia:


    Republic Aviation built the P-47 Thunderbolt—terror of America’s enemies—in Evansville, Indiana to support the allies’ WWII effort. 224 Thunderbolts will find their way to the mats at the Ford Center, this Saturday…

    Hook's Recommendations:

    Friday night- Hit historic Franklin Street; this one is a no-brainer. Tie on the feed bag at the Gerst Haus and enjoy 50 beers on tap. Smitty’s is an authentic Italian steakhouse. Sportsman’s Billiards is a 1920’s style pool hall with great bar food. The Tinman, Lamasco, Leroy’s….the list goes on and on.
    Saturday morning- Go to Rosie’s Diner! You will not be impressed with the neighborhood; you will be impressed with the wait staff and food.
    Saturday night- Angelo’s is two blocks from the Ford Center. You can thank me later. Enjoy Chicago-style pizza at Franklin Street Pizza.
    And, as always, when attending ANYTHING at the Ford Center—bring your wallet. You will need it.

    Hook’s Dirty South All-Name Team

    Logan “Sport” Stephenson, Owen “Wilson” Sego, Sam “I am” Sego,
    Camden “Oops, I Did It Again” Spears, Will “Purple” Hays, Drake “Soup” Campbell
    Ray “De Janiero” Rioux, Dayton “Deer” Hunter, Devon “Lightning” Casebolt
    Logan Boe “A Constrictor”, “Captain” Morgan Smith , Noah “The Vegetable” Gardner
    Asa “Andy” Garcia, Brooks “Achy Breaky” Hartz, Joey “Flash” Gordon, Jay “Bird” Orman
    Kane “Scrambled” Egli, Aaron Adkins “Diet”, Jake “The Snake” Wilson,
    Camden Rose “Has Its Thorn”, Victor “Goes the Spoils” Antunez, Alex “High Octane” Petro
    Seth “Rogen” Rohrbach, Keandre “Elementary” Watson, Evan “Breakin’ The” Lawhead
    Seth Horty “Hears a Who”
    “R” Cayden Rooks, Brycen “Grand Slam” Denny, Hunter “Uncle Ben” Rice, Ty “Sugar” Mills
    Justin “Time” Ruddick, Neal “The Real Deal” Bealmear, Zane “E” Sullivan,
    Eric “Harpen Yes” Harpeneau, Steven “Duck” Weddle, Trenton “Richie” Cunningham
    Eli “Whitney” Dickens, Justice “League” Cash, Lane “Wishing” Wells, Alex “Willie” Mosconi
    “Welcome” Matt Lee, Zach “Turning” Lane, Gabe “Arm” Pitzulo, Dalton “007” Craig
    Noah “Rabbit” Hunt, Cameron “Bass” Fisher, Jonathan “Straightnen” Kervin
    Peyton “Manning” Pruett, Austin “Fry” Cook, “Peter” Parker McNeely, “Teddy” Graham Rooks
    Carson “Whatchu Talkin Bout” Willis
    “Sweet” Kyle Luigs, Noah “Jim” Morrison, Carson “Black &” Deckard, Mason Miranda “Rights”
    David Teague “Of Their Own”, Ethan “Rooster” Hensley, Brett “Michaels” Smith, LJ “Heavy” Burdon
    Matt “Johnny” Kincaid, Noah “Ben” Franklin, Donald “Duck” Campbell, Tristen Dowell “Rod”
    Derek “Red Ball” Blubaugh, Nolan “Double” Weidner, Jake “Arnold” Schoenegge,
    Levi “Strauss” Miller, Drew “N” Dearing, Brandon “Pencil &” Penegar, Ryan “Bam Bam” Bigelow
    Tristan “Buy Less” Sellmer, Dexter “Lab” Grubb, Colten “Bananas” Foster, Adam “Sapple” Anderson
    Robert “The Jeweler” Deters
    Curtis “Tom” Collins, Brayton “Bruce” Lee, Austin “Texas” Heckman, Corban “Bernson” Pollitt
    Tony “Bologna” Mosconi, Luke “What The” Fleck, Harley “Race” Gorman,
    Joe “Don’t Worry B” Happe, Ethan “Hair Beginning” Wigand, Sam “Oh No” Osho
    Brooks “Trout” Wathen, Blake “Spider” Webb, Evan “No” Bullock, Logan “Spring” Coyle
    Josh “Anderson” Cooper, Timmy “& Lassie” Burton, Zach “Michael” Myers,
    Austin Bethel “I Hear You Callin”, Tucker “Shaw” Schank, Zach “Fig” Newton,
    Clay “Almond Joy” McNutt, “Notta” Trace Thomas, Kye “Cabinet” Fehrenbacher
    Wyatt “Earp” Dalton, Andy “Harley” Davidson, Denver “Colorado” Aydelott
    Zane “Meineke” Beineke, Shawn “P Diddy” Coane, Ethan “Beef” Stock
    “Car” Chase Wilson, Carson “Master” Brewer, Elliston Ross “Geller”
    “Jackie” Gleason Mappes, “Umbilical” Korde Weber, Macartney “Band on the Run” Parkinson
    Devon “Yikes” Stikes, DeShawn “Walking Tall” Buford, “Blue” Jaylen Adkins
    Jesse “James” Hunter, Jacob “Old MacDonald” Farmer
    Conner “Moreno” Brown, Anthony “Fusilli” Cicciarelli, Andrew “Dice” Chapman
    “I Like” Ike Murrell, Burk “Enstock” Vanhorn, Wyatt “Field Marshall Bernard” Montgomery
    Joe “Folded” Creasey, Chris “Tipper” Spiller, Carson “Cougar” Mohler “Camp”
    Jonah “And The Whale” Hays, Kameron Fuller “House”, Eli Stock “Market”
    Micah “Rock” Keller
    Jeremy “Mount” McKinley, Sam “Hungry Like The” Woolf, Eyan “Smoldering” Coldren
    Jake “Gimme Some” Moore, Jaden “Here Comes The” Sonner, Andrew “Dean” Koonce
    Camryn “Was in Egypt’s Land” Smith, Jacob “Jimi” Hendrich, Thomas “Sharpie” Dull
    Danny “Zuko” Reams, Will “Priestly” Nunn, Brigham “Young” Kleinhenz
    Nathan “Bill” Walton, “Tail” Gunner Williams, Karl “Shed” Hauser
    Kiave Guerrier “& Ives”
    Jack “Russell” Michel, Luke “I’m Your Father” Smith, Grant Goforth “& Prosper”,
    Will “Rockin” Rolley, Bradley “Empty Pan” Philpot, Destin “Florida” Hardy
    Holden “On” Abshier, Ryan “Green Eggs &” Hammond
    Kurtis “Call Of The” Widerman, William “Iphone” Seri, Greg “Brady” Brown
    Aaron Breivogel “Electric”, Deion “Sanders” Cooper, Chris Barclay “Center”
    Abel “Geraldo” Rivera, Clayton “Flat &” Scroggs, Dalton “Pencil Ground” Pinaire
    Brennan “Stormin” Norman, Gunnar “Bayonet” Larson, Aaron “Amsterdam” Hollen
    Payton “Place” Halbig, Josh “Wine” McCorkle, Michael Boots “Are Made For Walkin”
    Tyler “It’s” Allgood, Austin “Powers” Scheckles, Tanner “Hide” Christenberry
    Isaac “Spice” McCormick
    Harley “Von” Hillenburg, Cory “Reef” Heinrichs, Alex “Trebeck” Lichlyter, “Mai” Ty Sorg
    Jordan Headdy “Lamar”, Silas Goff “Club”, Rickie “You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind” Clark
    Bryce “Is Right” Biddle, Brycen “Tiger” Woods, Dylan “Dean” Cain, “Hip” Wade “R” Ripple
    Brett “Gus” Henson, Nathan Long “Jump”,Kody “Love Shack” Moshak

    Wow, thanks HookandHalf and Hookticia

    How can I be expected to follow that?? We’ll preview all 14 weights. Each weight will feature:

    The Charles Barkley “Turrible” Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!

    The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkerss - Best first round matches!

    Ford Fab 4 - I assemble a regional rep from each regional, myself, and this year a special guest voter (BacktotheMat) and they make their picks and I tally up the votes to assemble our Ford Fab 4.

    [The Built Ford Tough Locks - The rare of the rare, a Ford Tough Lock is a wrestler who garners first place votes from all 6 voters. This year we had an amazing and record setting 7 Ford Tough Locks, and was just a few votes away from having 9.

    The Cam Newton Dabs: Wrestlers who got points, but not enough to make the Fab 4, we’ll give them some Dab!

    Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!

    Edit - I just got done with this and I realized that this year is the year of the semi-finals, holy smokes there will be some doozies! This will set up some murder’s row matches next Friday night in Indy!

    106: Don’t be late, be sure to get to Stoll’s Country Inn early Saturday morning and leave yourself plenty of time to get settled in. “The” Drake Campbell and “There’s something about” Ray Rioux have waged war this year, with Rioux finally grabbing a win last week. Can Devon Casebolt bring drop a lightning bolt on this rivalry or do we see the next battle this weekend? Owen Sego spent a big chunk of the year at 113, he’s been behind Rioux and Campbell, can the Indian Creek Frosh take a big step this weekend?

    This weight features 4 state ranked wrestlers and 2 great Barry Horowitz Curtain Jerkers!!

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Regionals isn’t the best time to have an off day and Mater Dei senior Kaleb Hinderliter might see the light close on his career if he’s not ready right off the bat Saturday. Hinderliter and Rioux will mix it up right off the bat, the team race will also start to develop here as well. Unranked, Contender trained Logan Boe looks to go big early as he takes on Castle Knight Devon Casebolt. Boe has flown under radar this year, can he pull off the first early upset?

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Nothing here really sticks out outside of the aforementioned Hinderliter/Rioux first round matchup.

    The Dab - Terre Haute Senior Logan Stephenson got some love but not enough to get out, but matches happen on the mat, not on the internet!

    Ford Fab 4 - Campbell, Rioux, and Casebolt all got first place votes… but when the dust settled:
    1st - Drake Campbell, Brownsburg. 2nd - Devon Casebolt, Castle. 3rd - Ray Rioux, Avon. 4th - Owen Sego, Indian Creek.

    113: It’s Asa’s world at 113, and everybody else is just squirrels! Defending State Champ and Avon’s Asa Garcia is our first Ford Tough Lock and he’s repping #TheCounty and #AvonYoungGunz. After Garcia 4 other state ranked wrestlers fill the brackets at 113. That means at least 1 state ranked wrestler isn’t getting out, and the voters think another isn’t getting out either

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - This is turrrrible first round draw and definitely deserves a Baker BOOOOO!! Two state ranked wrestlers, two top four ranked SS kids will be going at it right off the bat; Evansville Memorial senior Seth Horty and Brownsburg Sophomore Evan Lawhead won’t waste time in bringing the fun to the Ford Center. The loser goes home, the winner more than likely punches his ticket to the finals.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Not a terrible draw on paper, but #19 (#4 SS) Victor Antunez has had a marvelous season, but the voters like Center Grove’s Alex Petro. The votes were razor thin, this match could be a great one!

    The Dab - See above, don’t be surprised if Antunez is in the finals.
    Built Ford Tough Lock: Asa Garcia, Avon, #TheCounty #AvonYoungGunz

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1 - Asa Garcia Avon. 2 - Seth Horty, Evansville Memorial. 3 - Kane Egli, Evansville Mater Dei. 4 - Alex Petro, Center Grove.

    120: Let’s get this out of the way, no Lock at 120, okay let’s proceed. Team Dark Horses have to be the Columbus East Olympians. Injuries and bad first rd draws could cancel out some Wildcats, Bulldogs, and Orioles. Does that mean Columbus East Hammers can slip through to a very surprising team title? If so Cayden Rooks will need to get the ball rolling at 120. Brownsburg Sophomore Ty Mills has spent 2 years ranked #1 and is returning SS Champ, he hopes to squash Olympic hopes early as him and #3 ranked Rooks should lock up in the semis. This weight class looks lights out on paper w/ 4 ranked and predicted podium placers in the brackets, but also our first true Turrrrrrible Draw!!!

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - There are 2 quarter brackets in the whole semi state w/ no SS ranked wrestlers and 120 features one of those brackets. 3 of the four kids got votes and this quarter bracket should be a doozy, just hungry kids getting after it. Sullivan/Harpenau and Weddle/Cunningham start things off.

    Also 2 Freshman Phenoms that are more like grizzled veterans will engage right off the bat. SS #3 and state #4 Eli Dickens and SS #7 Justice Cash will battle for the right to compete in a (see below)

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Two top 8 ranked kids going at it in the blood round?!?!?!?! Cash Me On the Mah, HowBow Dah??? Should Mater Dei’s Dickens survive some tough Justice in the first round, then he will get to dance w/ Indian Creek’s Alex Mascarpone Mosconi. Sir Charles is def not a fan of this….

    The Dab - Mosconi, and the whole unranked quarter bracket all got some Dab, but not enough land in the Ford Fab 4

    Ford Fab 4:
    1st - Ty Mills, Brownsburg. 2nd - Eli Dickens, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Cayden Rooks, Columbus East. 4th - Trenton Cunnigham, New Albany.

    126: Blake Mulkey pulled a big semi state upset a year ago when he knocked off Graham Rooks, he then followed that up by showing everybody it wasn’t an upset when he beat him again in the third place match at state. 2 more wins in the off season has Mulkey now 4-0 against Rooks. They are now ranked 1st and 2nd in the state, can Mulkey pull out 5 and 6 over the next two weeks? The voters were split and we had to go to a tiebreaker to determine a winner. 126 features 3 former state qualifiers and some kid from Evansville named Lee, not really familiar w/ that name but here he’s okay.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No SS ranked opponents square off, grab some drink, stretch your legs, and get ready for some Turrrrible draws.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Another Panther, another Turrible draw, Dalton Craig is a returning state qualifier who’s battled tested from his matches against Rooks and Schoenegge a year ago. Mater Dei’s freshman Matt Lee has gotten better and better as the season as progressed. Now they meet for a shot at Bankers Life. Also SS #3 Carson Willis got nipped last weekend by Lee, and for that he gets Rooks in the ticket round. Rooks has been money in ticket round matches, but coach Bob Harmon will have his Castle Knight ready!

    The Dab - Dalton Craig, and Center Grove’s Peyton Pruett both got some love.

    Ford Fab 4:
    1st - Graham Rooks, Columbus East. 2nd - Matt Lee, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Blake Mulkey, Brownsburg. 4th - Noah Hunt, Bloomington South.

    132: Our second Lock comes in at 132, Evansville’s own Kyle Luigs is undefeated and ranked #3 in the state. Outside of Luigs, this weight features 6 other state ranked kids and is one of the deepest weights at the Ford Center. #7 and returning state medalist Dawson Combest, #11 Mason Miranda, #16 The California Kid Brett Smith, #17 Donald Campbell, #19 Noah Franklin, and #20 Caleb Craig all highlight this field.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Well luckily the 7 guys are spread out, no real Curtain jerkers here, Barry can rest. However, that does lead to some…...

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - I mean if there are 7 ranked kids, is there really a terrible draw? Well Combest and Luigs on same side is turrrrrrible but this has been and will be a recurring theme throughout the brackets. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Luigs and Miranda, both are returning qualifiers and only one will be punching their ticket to BLF.

    The Dab - Trips likes both Caleb Craig and Noah Franklin to punch tickets, but I was way, and I mean waaaaaay in the minority.

    Ford Tough Lock - Sweet Kyle Luigs is our next lock, the Wildcat has punched his ticket twice and has one medal to show. He hopes to break through a tough weight class this year to finish as a state champ.

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Kyle Luigs, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Brett Smith, Bloomington North. 3rd - Dawson Combest, Columbus East. 4th - Donald Campbell

    138: This weight class could be dubbed the Revenge of the Wrestlers. 3 of the 4 favored wrestlers left Evansville last year with sour tastes in their mouths. Tristan Sellmer leads this group off, he’s now a 3 time regional champ but was a victim of the worse draw ever 2 years ago and was upset last year. This year Sellmer will look to get through the blood round. Jake Schoenegge (officially pronounced Shun-uhh-gee) suffered a tough loss at last year's regionals to nemesis Dalton Craig and got to watch Craig advance. 2 year's ago Levi Miller of North Posey tasted greatness by making it to Bankers Life, but last year he was sent packing early. All 3 will look to join Nathan Conley from Avon on the podium Saturday.

    I’ll also go on record to say that one of those top 3 kids will ruin the Rumph/Black feud. I think we see Schoenegge and Sellmer under the lights next week in Indianapolis.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Nolan Weidner has been a name that’s bounced around the Mater Dei line up now for a few years. Can the Wildcat play spoiler to Regional champ Derek Blubaugh?!?!?!?

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #19 Ryan Bigelow vs. Levi Miller. Let’s just say this, Levi Miller should be ranked. He’s certainly flown under the radar and with former Wildcat Cody Moll as his coach, he’ll be game. Ryan Bigelow has had a phenomenal year for Derrick Snyder’s Bulldogs, are the 8 losses deceiving? Not the worse of draws, but this should be a great ticket round match on Saturday. Also Derek Blubaugh vs. Jake Schoenegge, Blubaugh is solid, don’t discount him on sneaking one past Schoenegge.

    The Dab - Ryan Bigelow got some votes and is state ranked, but Levi Miller slides by in a tight one.

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Tristen Sellmer, Floyd Central. 2nd - Jake Shun-uhh-gee, Columbus East. 3rd - Nathan Conley, Avon. 4th - Levi Miller, North Posey.

    145: Brayton Lee has been involved in one of the most exciting matches in Evansville Semi-State history and one of the most hyped matches in Evansville Semi-State history, what does he do to top that? Become a Ford Tough Lock and absolutely dominate the field at 145. After Lee, this weight class is literally wide open, expect great matches, upsets and our picks to be waaaay off as 7 other wrestlers garnered votes after Lee.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Both guys were ticket rounders a year ago, this year one of them will be done after round 1. Indian Creek’s Tony Mosconi took 4th in a tough Mooresville Regional last weekend, Columbus East’s Corbin Pollitt showed the magic that he’s starting to get a name for by knocking off season long rival Brooks Wathen. Now they meet for the right to just get to the ticket round!! Insane!!

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Bloominton South’s Blake Webb has had a great senior season, w/ 36 wins and only 4 losses. This regional champ is #14 in the state and will probably have a ticket round match w/ #8 Logan Coyle who has also had a stellar senior year. These guys probably punch their tickets in any other bracket minus Brayton Lees. Unfortunately one will go home Saturday.

    The Dab - Arms will get tired w/ all The Dabs being given out here - Blake Webb, Joe Happe, Sam Osho Fo’Sho, and Tony Mosconi all got votes to get through and will be looking to crash some brackets.

    Ford Tough Lock - Brayton Lee, Browsnburg, no drama, no excitement, the Bulldog will take care of business.

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Brayton Lee, Brownsburg. 2nd - Logan Coyle, Center Grove. 3rd - Brooks Wathen, Jennings County. 4th - Corban Pollitt, Columbus East.

    152: Our next Lock is a familiar name in the Evansville area Joe Lee, the only question at this weight is will this be the last time we Joe Lee at Semi-State, say it ain’t so Joe! The exciting part of this weight is the last quarter bracket w/ no ranked wrestlers. Keep an eye out for the 2nd quarter bracket featuring Tucker Schank, Zach Newton, Clay McNutt, and Trace Thomas. I say FIREWORKS!!

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Outside of the FIREWORK bracket, look out for Josh Foster of Floyd Central and #16 Denver Aydelott of Edgewood, the winner gets Lee, but this should be a great first round match.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Josh Cooper of Jeffersonville congrats on your Regional title, you get …… Austin Bethel in the ticket round!!! Boooooooooooo…..

    The Dab - Tucker Schank, Zach Newton, and Clay McNutt take some dab, bc the voters like Trace Thomas

    Ford Tough Lock - Joe Lee… Please don’t go!!!

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Joe Lee, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Austin Bethel, Mt. Vernon. 3rd - Jacob Clark, Avon. 4th - Trace Thomas, Greencastle

    160: Our next Lock is at 160, Center Grove Junior Gleason Mappes brings a 35-1 record into Evansville. This weight features 4 other state ranked grapplers who hope to break this lock; Monrovia’s Ethan Stock, Princeton’s Chase Wilson, Avon’s Carson Brewer, and Castle’s Jacob Farmer will be in line looking for a SS title.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Jaylen Adkins is a 3x SSQ, his last two trips he’s ran into eventual SS champs. That’s either a really good sign for DeShawn Buford, or a real bad sign for Buford. This has us on a 4 over 1 upset alert.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Chase Wilson appeared to be on his way to State a year ago when his ticket round match went south at the hands of Floyd Central’s Tyler Crowl. Wilson lost and exciting 12-8 match. This year he will have Carson Brewer, 5 losses between the 2. Does Wilson, coached by former Madison Cub Mike Duckworth (cheap plug) use that loss to get him over the top or does Brewer’s year's of experience propel him? Regardless Charles is none too happy… Turrrrriiibbbllleeee

    The Dab - Chase Wilson, get some dab son, you got some votes but just not enough

    Ford Tough Lock - Gleason Mappes continues this middleweight run of LOCKS!!

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Gleason Mappes, Center Grove. 2nd - Ethan Stock, Monrovia. 3rd - Carson Brewer, Avon. 4th Jacob “Hasn’t he been around forever” Farmer

    170: Loaded, 7 ranked studs here. Burk Vanhorn, returning state runner up was on a tear and seemed destined to be a lock then he ran into a Stock. Eli Stock put Indiana 170lbers on notice at Sectionals when he defeated Vanhorn. Last week at regionals Vanhorn pulled a victory out in OT and now he’s been named a LOCK in a field full of ranked wrestlers.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #18 Stock vs. #20 Micah Keller will get this weight class going early. They have 4 losses between them and the winner probably gets Greco City’s Kameron Fuller. Man that sounds like a

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Kameron Fuller and Aaron Mosley has had a great series this year and with them both being juniors hopefully for us we will get to see them go at it for another year, unfortunately both are victims of some terrible draws. Mosley will get Vanhorn and Fuller will get Stock. Mosley could be the true odd man out here as his loss last week had New Albany fans in an uproar. This draw won’t help calm them down at all.

    The Dab - Kameron Fuller, Conner Brown, and Joe Creasy will be looking to prove the voters wrong as they all received votes to advance to Bankers Life.

    Ford Tough Lock - Burk Vanhorn of Franklin will look to navigate a tough field and bring Bob Hasseman’s Franklin squad another SS championship

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Burk Vanhorn, Franklin. 2nd - Jonah Hays, Center Grove. 3rd - Eli Stock, Monrovia. 4th - Tony “Nick’s kid” Cicciarelli

    182: Brownsburg’s Nathan Walton is ranked #1 in the state, defending SS champ, and a 2 time state medalists. He certainly has the credentials to be a lock, but NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! In a match dubbed - The ChinWhip vs. The HeadLock on the IndianaMat hangout this rematch of last year’s SS semi final match ( won by Walton 3-0) has some saying Terre Haute’s Thomas Dull could get the win. This bracket is another great one with 7 (including the #1, #2, and #5 ranked wrestlers) ranked grapplers vying for 4 tickets to Indianapolis!

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Keep an eye out for Camryn Smith vs. #12 Jacob Hendrich. Also Floyd Central’s Karl Hauser and #11 Kiave Guerrier of Evansville Central should be a great match.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Both Tecumseh’s Jeremy McKinley and Franklin’s Jake Moore has had great seasons, but only one can advance come Saturday. Also #12 and returning state qualifer will take on New Albany’s #5 Jaden Sonner. Sonner was a victim of turrrrrible draw a year ago, can the Bulldog punch that ticket or will Hendrich’s experience in ticket round matches be enough for the Northview Knight?

    The Dab: While Hendrich and McKinley have the tools to advance, the voters settled on their opponents.

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Nathan Walton, Brownsburg. 2nd - Jaden Sonner, New Albany. 3rd - Thomas Dull, Terre Haute North. 4th - Jake Moore, Franklin.

    195: In the following 3 weights the Mooresville Regional will attempt to apply a strangle hold and advance all 12 wrestlers. Will any other wrestler be able to rep their schools and regionals? 4 returning state qualifiers shine at 195 and all are ranked 5-8th in the state. Can Evansville’s own Kurtis Wilderman break up the Mooresville Regionals dominance?

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Whiteland’s Ryan Hammond was a rare upper weight Freshman state qualifier 2 years ago, he sat out last year with an injury. Evansville Memorial’s Holden Abshier has quietly put together a solid year. They will meet first round in hopes of becoming a state qualifier.

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Floyd Central’s Brady Philpott will by far have the best mustache at Evansville, but he’s a victim of 2 years worth of turrrible draws. This year he will have Ryan Hammond, can the Highlander shake the bad draws off and advance? Also Southridge Senior Jack Michel has put together a stellar season at 44-2 and his reward is returning state qualifier Indian Creek’s Grant Goforth, not fair says Charles!

    The Dab - Brady Philpott, this HHC fan will be rooting for you, but according to the voters Hammond gets the nod

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Kurtis Wilderman, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Ryan Hammond, Whiteland. 3rd - Kyle Shaffer, South Putnam. 4th - Grant Goforth, Indian Creek

    220: Avon’s Gunnar Larson has put together a stellar career. He’s currently a 3 State Qualifier w/ 2 medals and a 2x SS champ. The Oriole is our last Lock of the year as he looks to add a third SS championship to his impressive career. Mooresville Regional was pretty crazy at this weight and they will look to send all 4 to state.

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - How about winning regionals as a senior with hopes of going to state and then see your draw is the #3 wrestler in the state. Awful. Terre Haute South’s Abel Rivera and #3 Clayton Scroggs of Martinsville will lock up in rd 1. That’s a turrrrrrrrrrilbe draw!

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Monrovia’s Garrison Lee and Evansville Mater Dei’s Michael Boots both lost heart breakers last year in the ticket round. This year they have each other. While it’s the best draw either could have gotten, it’s still a turrrible draw!

    The Dab - Regional Champ Austin Sheckles of Columbus East and Lee will look to punch their tickets Saturday but neither got great draws, best of luck!

    Ford Tough Lock - #TheCounty will get to see Gunnar Larson ride off to Indy with one last SS championship!

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Gunnar Larson, Avon. 2nd - Michael Boots, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Clayton Scroggs, Martinsville. 4th Isaac McCormick, Brownsburg.

    285: What’s TripleB’s favorite weight?!?!? I can’t hear you?!?!?!?! The big boys, 2-8-5! Don’t you dare leave early! Like The New Days says “SHAME” if you cut out! Watch the top quarter bracket as 3 of the 4 wrestlers got votes, there will also be some great ticket round matches here also!

    Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Here’s a great idea, let’s have the #3 and #4 state ranked guys go at it in the first round, said no one ever! Why?!?!? Avon’s Brett Henson appears banged up and he gets Mt. Vernon’s Wade Ripple. I guess Henson’s injury could have a Ripple effect on the entire weight class and team race? Bad joke?!?!?

    Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - See above, really?!?!? Also Regional champ Harley Hillenburg from Bloomington South get’s a former state qualifier in Jennings County’s Brendan Sutton. The winner gets returning Center Grove grappler Cory Henrichs. Ouch.

    The Dab - Floyd Central’s Ty Sorg (TripleB picked you btw), Center Grove’s Cory Heinrichs (another TripleB pick) and Evansville Memorial’s Alex Lichlyter all got votes.

    Ford Fab 4 -
    1st - Wade Ripple, Mt. Vernon. 2nd - Rickie “Juicy Lucy” Clark, Brownsburg. 3rd - Bryce Biddle (TripleB’s pick to win), Plainfield. 4th - Brendan Sutton, Jennings County.

    Annnnnnnd that’s a wrap folks! Enjoy Evansville! As of now Trips will be missing is first semi-state in over 10 years!! But I’ll be at Bankers Life next week, feel free to buy me a cold one, or give me a sweet suite ticket. I take bribes!!!

    • 02/08/2017
    • by Y2CJ41